Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hope for Philippine Music Industry

I'm losing my hope everytime I hear a remake.

It seems like everyone can come out with an album these days. Name it, from an actor, actress who wants to sing for a change, a has been celebrity, TV host, almost anyone especially those who can't even carry a tune.

This is what I imagine on how they make their instant album
1. find a willing singer/actor, host, celebrity who wants to sing for a change or use their face in the CD cover
2. signs a record deal,
3. choose his or her 12 favorite songs,
4. records it
5. and viola! We have an instant album!

Then we have this talented reality singing show winners who does steps 2-5! I mean, it feels like nobody cares/dares to come up with anything original these days.

The hard part is it will haunt you when you forgot your reliable iPod or mp3 player because most radio stations will happily play these songs. Imagine being stuck in traffic riding a taxi who tunes in a radio station that played the Tagalog version of Low, Bleeding Love, Umbrella, one after another. It felt like the driver owes me money and I don't have to pay at all!

-end rant mode-

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