Friday, August 15, 2008

PBA Finals: Ginebra Kings vs Air 21 Game 5

Ginebra King's backs are against the wall on sunday as Air 21 Express now leads the series 3-2 via a 76-73 win. This is probably the most exciting game in this championship series too bad that I didn't get the ending that I and the whole Brgy Ginebra wanted!

The game was closely fought all throughout but the game turning point was with 40 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter, Ginebra had a chance to tie the game but Alexander was called for a travelling violation while attempting to score. Great defense by Arwind Santos on the Spark who was held down to 7 points output, a far cry from his 25 per game average in the finals. No solid contribution from other guards aside from Paul Artadi.
Its so sad to see Jayjay on the sideline, helplessly watching our team.

Game 6 on sunday will test if Ginebra still have the Never Say Die attitude that they're known for. Guess what, they've come from a 0-5 start, completed a 13 games winning streak and now that they're on the finals, I don't think they'll give up that easily! Never Say Die spirit of Ginebra Kings lives on!

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