Friday, September 05, 2008

Eraserheads Fever All Over Again

My regrets are piling up these days.

I first failed to score a ticket for Ginebra's game 7 match where they were eventually named the champions. I watched it at the comfort of my own sofa.

Then due to family related circumstance, I didn't get to watch Eraserhead's reunion concert. I promise come what may, if there's a Part 2, I'll go even by myself!

I first read about the reunion on a blog and then I became a constant lurker an occasional poster at this PEX Eraserheads Reunion Concert thread which is the busiest before and after the concert.
This photo really made me smile, amidst everything, heart attack and all, the four great musicians found a way to play beautiful music again. Photo credit: from Ms Day's multiply (Pupil's manager)

Eraserheads Fever All Over Again

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