Sunday, September 14, 2008

Movie Review: Platonic Sex

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"Thank you for being born" - Toshi to Ai

Platonic Sex or Puratonikku sekkusu is a Japanese movie shown in 2001 based on the true to life story of Ai Iijima, played by Saki Kagami. If the whole movie was based on her life, I feel for her. A part of me wants to believe that most parts are just exxagerations or for the sake of adding artistic value. The film is based on Ai's best selling novel “Platonic Sex” where she shared her young life where she suffers one terrible ordeal to another. Ai is a strong woman but from time to time, she feels the urge to end her existence.

Ai was on the verge of a suicide when she recieved a text message from Toshi (Joe Odagiri), who is sending a birthday message to his dead sister. Though the text message was meant for someone else, Ai can relate to the message. It gave her a sense of hope and decided to give her life another chance.

Ai's life started the downhill when she was gang-raped by her "friends" on her 17th birthday but instead of getting sympathy from her family, they only cared on what the neighbors think. She decided to leave home and live in the street where she was spoted to be a club girl. She started earning money but she was in debt when she developed designer brand shopping addiction.

Ai then reluctantly accepts the advice of her manager (Taishu Kase) to enter the adult video business on her 18th birthday, she signed a 5 picture contract where she'll get paid 1 million yen per movie.

She still exchange messages with Toshi, a young guy who works as a bartender/club DJ.

They eventually met and got together, everything was good and sweet in their passionate love affair although Toshi is extremely conscious of what others think. Things got complicated when Toshi found out that she's porn star.

For all the other gory details see the film for yourself.

"Platonic Sex" showed that not all love story can have a happy ending. Ai and Toshi are drawn to each other but ironically Ai feels more alone when she’s with him maybe because they are both emotionally disturbed. Both are haunted by their past and they cant fully support each other because of their own dilemna. I think that they're dilemna are self inflicted because they have an option to go on with their life, but this is easier said than done.

It is a sad film because on what happened on the main characters and the society that they live in. Ai's life revolves on her "work", endless shopping and her phone conversation with her friend - Toshi. When she hooked up with Toshi, she felt secured that she is not alone. But this is just an illusion because she just wants to cling to him to continue her hope - to live happy.

Sad as it maybe, the movie also portayed characters which gives hope to people who are in not so good position. Ai's agent who secretly supports children and a coworker hostess who turned out to be a strong single mother. There's a scene where she said sometimes she have the urge to stranggle her baby but her love for him gets in the way.

Don't let the movie title scare you "Platonic Sex" is not entirely about sex, its a great story about two people who are in a crossroad, it shows that life isn't perfect so we have to deal with it and continue living to find our own happiness.

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