Friday, September 12, 2008

What I Bought THIS Week

Its just friday but I feel like, I've single handedly given the economy a boost due to my shopping extravaganza for this week. Whatever happened to saving for an out of the country trip?
-Winnie the Pooh baby bib *gift for my friend's niece
-CDs for my brother
-Platowarps Tuna
-cute top *gift for Ninang
-pouch bag *for Nanay's medicines
-Sbarro Baked Ziti *pasalubong which I ended up eating
-KFC Chicken Alfredo
-Olay facial wash
-Liquid eyeliner
-Petroleum Jelly
*Thursday^ payday
-chic Fossil watch
-bathrobe like Japanese inspired top
-hair cut from Bench Fix Salon
*Friday^next day after payday
-Erik Menk Accel Jersey *for daddy, he already have the white Mark Caguioa so he requested for red jersey
-Denim trench coat
-Hoodie jacket for my sister
I'm overspending<-thats an understatement.
I don't even want to record my expenses but I don't feel very guilty since most of the stuffs I've bought are for my family.
Here are some of the things that I could've bought, good thing I resisted the urge. Just to assure myself that I still have self control.
-first pair of Haviannas * still couldn't convince myself that its worth it.
-iPod Touch *I convinced myself that I love my Classic and I don't need another iPod.
-skinny jeans *that I'm sure would look great on me
-several cute tops * I should detour in Galleria and be 100 meters away from 50th Avenue
-denim belt in Bayo *I dont like the additional detail, too bad there were no stocks for the basic denim belt
-hooded jacket *I reminded myself that I don't like hoods
-hardbound Twilight book * I reminded myself that I have'nt finished the last book I bought
-semi pointed shoes *Its perfect but it would be worn out by the rainy season
-80 pesos headband *I then found a cute 10 pesos headband in an MRT stall=)
-100 peso Death Note keychain * reminded myself that I don't need it

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