Thursday, October 16, 2008

101st post - Realizations over a Mocha Frappe

A girls got to indulge on a her Mocha frappe fix right? A trip to Starbucks to read a book over a venti of coffee is also a great time to observe other people who walk in and out of the store.

Sometimes I tend to zone out myself from the surroundings, taking time to notice everything. I live a busy life with all my to do list, schedule, work, books to read, family and friends get together, basketball games or TV series to watch. Busy people like me have a tendency to do things by schedule and just realize the days or months that have passed by without getting to do what we wanted to do. We are not robots so its not a sin to breathe and notice what a lovely weather it is, scan the sea of faces as we cross the street or to simply smile to people around us.

Being monotonous and acting by a schedule is like sleepwalking through the day. I see life as a journey and every day makes up this journey so it wouldn't hurt to indulge in little delights around us and the road that we take.

It doesn't have tro be a big drastic change, it could be as simple as changing your routine to go to work, trying out different foods or ordering a different coffee

Take time today and stop and smell your frappe.

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