Friday, October 17, 2008

Between being broke & having a FAT bank account

I've been broke.

I've been through tough money times when I'll just have 100 or 200 pesos on the day before the salary comes. That could've happened 4-5 times especially during the time that I have 2 credit card bills to pay. I finally came to a realization that this could not be happening since

A. I live with my parents
B. I get to keep my whole salary, I only chip in for broadband bill, which is a luxury
C. I'll end up empty handed when I suddenly get fired or something
D. My parents expect me to have a FAT bank account since they don't meddle with my money

Then I thought , where have I spent my money?

After graduating college, I opened a bank account and saved the money my parents gave me for my birthday but I ended up maxing it all. I didn't went to a shopping spree but I used it while job hunting and to survive 3 months of low paying but enjoyable training.

When I transferred to another company, my first six months is a drought. I have to contribute monthly for the car and automatic savings that I'll get after resignation – with night outs in between. By June 07, I have credit card bill for the laptop that I purchased, thank goodness my parents helped me in paying for it. By October 07, I got myself another monthly bill for my braces & broadband service. By January 2008, 2 months before I finish paying for my laptop, I got another credit card bill for my iPod. By July I finished my credit card obligations leaving me with broadband service, braces, cellphone postpaid monthly bills.

Another reason why I can't save up much is my attitude. I have the tendency to shop for little things every now and then, mostly on food, trips to salon, gimik expenses toiletries, clothes, shoes or bags. If I'll add up my daily little expenses, i could say that I splurge at least 3 grand a month on random things. It doesn't help that I had to pass Galleria or Megamall to reach my bus stop.

Then I though I should stop and save up for bigger things and uh the future. Skipping my frappe, eating lunch at home can really save me money in the long run. I want a proper balance because I don't want to deprive myself NOW for a better FUTURE. There should be a thin line that I have to avoid crossing to have a hefty savings and a pretty good lifestyle.

On the 24th month that I'm working, technically 27th but I don't count my 3 months web designer stint, I finally came into my senses and opened a new bank account.

I started REALLY saving up on August but I ended up using it for all the expenses for getting my passport. For September I saved enough for my supposedly first trip abroad but I canceled it thinking that I don't like the thought hat I'll be able to do that, splurge abroad and be broke afterwards.

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