Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back to Back Wins for Ginebra

Barangay Ginebra Kings scored their second straight via 93-81 victory against All Filipino cup defending champion Sta. Lucia Realtors. The kings improved their record to 5-6 climbing into the middle of the team standings, behind Alaska's 9-3, San Miguel's 7-4, Sta. Lucia, Air21 & Rain or Shine's 6-5.

On last sunday's win against Purefoods Giants, Jayjay Helterbrand stepped up big time on the final quarter. Tonight, against the Realtors, Sunday Salvacion finished with 22 points, scattered on the first and last quarters.

Kudos on Paul Artadi who have been an efficient guard and pesky defender to other team's guards, SLR's Mendoza and Miranda both committed a flagrant foul.
Update on Mark Caguioa: On an interview Coach Jong mentioned that the Spark might miss out the entire conference because of his injured knees. He is still recuperating in the US. Be well ASAP Mark!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twist and Turns on David Cook's Album

Actually I have yet to hear those twist and turns promised in David Cook's first major record album, fresh from his American Idol stint.
I got my copy at Astrovision in Robinson's Galleria because that particular Oddesey branch don't have their copy as of today.

I'll try to come up with an unbiased album review, as soon as I can. Ugh, I'm not sure about the unbiased part.

By the way, I love the album layout, me thinks David is somehow involved in this. Just a hunch since I've read that he's a graphics artist before the life on the Moon started =)
Its halfway on the month of November and I've accumulated too much music related expenses.
^Eraserheads' album
^Chris Brown + Rihanna concert
^David Cook's album
It costs a lot to be a legal music lover!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rihanna and Chris Brown Experience

Rihanna and Chris Brown Experience concert in manila Photo credit to diego_baliw of PEX, who was in the Platinum area, sosyal!

Silver audience Point of View:

We went in two hours early to get a better spot. I guess this goes for the entire open field, it was packed, SRO, its hot. Great decision on wearing flats.

Generally, I enjoyed the concert proper (let's not get into the before and after concert part). The concert started on time, 8 pm, some intro then Chris Brown performed first.

Chris Brown is a superb performer, he makes up on his paos voice through his energy filled dance moves. My favorite parts are when he sang Never A Right Time to Say Goodbye, Forever and With You.

Good set for Rihanna, and great thing that during her performace she was elevated or on the stairs. At least I got to watch her on stage rather than on the projector, which I entirely did on Chris Brown's part. Rihanna said "I didn't expect this crowd to be this quiet, I can't hear you! * crowd screams a bit. "I can't, f*cking hear you!" LMAO. Rihanna have great song, great voice, good interaction with the crowd and she's charming. I found myself quiet, listening to her sing and do her stuff.

In the Silver area, our crowd is mostly composed of fashionistas clad in backless tops and high heeled shoes. I felt overdressed LMAO. I had fun listening to gays who knew all Riri's songs by heart - she's such a gay icon.

The perfect ending is the Umbrella duet between the on and off stage partners. I got kilig actually.

I don't know if I would want to watch a concert on an open field concert, for now. I'm still suffering from body and foot ache.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hilarious Hana Kimi SP

Wow, I've been waiting for the Hana Kimi special for a long time that I almost forgot about it. Then I've seen a heads up from a forum that its finally out. It took me almost one day for the whole thing to load and I got to watch it online last saturday. Yey!

Hana Kimi Special episode, is 1 hour and 49 minutes of hilarious antics from the boys and Ashiya. It started on Osaka Gakuen's Valentines day event where Sano and Nakatsu reflect on the final week of their last summer vacation. This is actually refered as episode 7.5. Nakatsu (I heart Toma Ikuta!) was trying to figure out when Sano (Oguri Shun) fell in love with Ashiya (Maki Horikita). This episode also includes the graduation scene and solidify the love relationship between Mizuki and Sano.

Well what can I say? My sister and I was just laughing all the way until the ending. I miss Hana Kimi!

My favorite scenes aka Hana Kimi Special spoilers (read at your own risk)
- I love Nakatsu's monologues plus they even segue Toma Ikuta's new role in Mauo - detective Nakatsu.
- A new character was introduced, Julia, Mizuki's childhood friend who wants to take her back to America and ended up playing as her girlfriend to the shock of Nakatsu but no threat for Sano.
-Its hilarious how Julia crawled in Nakatsu's bed.
- It also highlighted Nakatsu's bad relationship with her mother who don't believe that he can be a professional football player because he never finishes what he started.
-This also feature an arranged marriage for the dogs lol
- Sano & Kagurazaka's confrontation after the "kiss"
- Sano's singing scene when he found out he's in love. "Love me tender, love me sweet" LMAO
- Mizuki drowns
- Crazy Soccer game for Nakatsu
- Graduation ceremony - too long

Great thing Nakatsu's character have a lot of highlight, he might not end up with Ashiya Mizuki as I wanted to but at least he had all those funny parts. His character is vital to this whole Hana Kimi series, it makes up for few annoying parts by Sano and Mizuki. I know they're the lead characters lol but I'm for team Nakatsu!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

There's Always Room for Desserts

There's Always Room for Desserts
My friends and I had a late lunch last friday but after a big meal, one suggested a trip to the coffee shop. Well, I could'nt argue because there's always a room for desserts =)

I love watching and drooling over cooking/baking shows at Lifestyle channel or on local shows on QTV like Chef Rob's and True Confections.

We headed to Seattle's best and I'm skipping caffeine these days so I opted for my strawberry milkshake and oatmeal cookie. These desserts certainly looks and tastes good.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

At last a win for Ginebra Kings!

Brgy Ginebra Kings finally ended their 5 game losing streak, 2 of which are almost won ball games, via 81-78 finish against Coca Cola Tigers! They now improve their team standings to 3-5 and end up in a three way tie with Coca Cola and Talk and Text

Jayjay Helterbrand started cold but finished strong with 28 big points, 4 assists and 2 steals. In the crucial fourth quarter he took over the game by socring pivotal and acrobatic shots, making up for firepower usually provided by injured Mark Caguioa and Junthy Valenzuela. At last the kings finished strong, unlike on their previous games against Red Bull Barakos and Rain or Shine where they collapsed on the end game.

Pacana had a good 1st quarter, scoring against almost everyone. Alex Crisano got Asi Taulava commit 3 personal fouls in the first half. Both look animated throughout the game to the delight of the crowd.

I hope Ginebra can continue to win ballgames to keep up with everyone in the team standings even with the depleted line up, its sweeter to win through Never Say Die attitude against all beefed up teams. *cough

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Only You and Pet Peeves

Last Tuesday my friend and I was too early for our dinner get together with our other girl friends so we decided to watch a movie. She let me choose and I selected My Only You. It was going well, it was actually funny and I found myself enjoying Vhong and Tony's antics until the film is into the climax, where revelations are unveiled, I love you's are exchanged. The usual, I can guess what's going to happen but an old lady had her phone ringing, received the call and talked like nothing, no one mattered! I know its a cliché scene but I paid 130 to see all of it! She managed to annoy everyone, for crying out loud its Glorietta theater so a. its relatively small b. I expect better crowd.

The only positive thing that came out of that is I was inspired to blog about my pet peeves – things, people that annoys or frustrates me.

1.People talking at the movies or concerts
2.People complaining that its noisy at basketball games/concerts
3.Crying bratty kids
4.People talking really loud on their cell phones right next to me...My mother lol
5.Aggressive motorcycle drivers
6.Government office that holds my phone call FOREVER!
7.People that takes the photo at NBI clearance that don't give any notice or signal
8.People smoking and blowing it directly to me – note most of my friends smoke.
9.People who talk too much crap
10.People who cut in line
11.People who are late and not sorry about it
12.People who text a lot while you're with them. Bad effects of technology.
13.Pets poop
14.People who think they know everything - Done it all & tells you about it.
15.Negative people
16.Men who say they will call....then don't.
17.Corrupt MMDA officers that stops the bus I'm riding on a daily basis
19. People who leave irrelevant links on my guestbooks.
20. People who say harsh things for the sake of being a B and expects you to respect it because its their opinion.

So far its a great day! =)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fab Laptop bags from Lap Dance Tech Gear

Fab Laptop bags from lap dance tech gear
image credit:

I received an email from that they have branch at Trinoma, specifically at the First Floor of the Mindanao Avenue Wing, near National Bookstore.

I visit the site and this Caren style that comes in limited edition pink is my favorite! Its great that finally there's a local store that offers fab laptop bags. This particular bag is actually made from Manmade Calf / Manmade Crocodile Leather combination but the selling point for me is it was designed like a ladies Tote Bag. Its not like my other bags that are screaming "hey I brought a laptop with me!"

It costs P2,595.00 so I have to save up for this =( And another problem is it only comes in 12 - 13 in. I have a 14 inch ASUS.

I still have to check out the product at Trinoma and ask around.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Got My Eraserheads Reunion Concert CD!

Got My Eraserheads Reunion Concert CD!

Yesterday, after work I rushed to Odyssey at Robinson's Galleria to get my copy, I even panicked when the saleslady told me that there's no stock left. Luckily there's still three precious CD on the counter.

I'm now wondering is having goosebumps often, harmful? Because I've been listening to the 15 tracks of Eraserheads reunion concert album and I can't help but feel cold. Ely Buendia described the album in his mailing list message as "it was like capturing lightning in a bottle" or something to that effect.

Relive Aug 30, 2008 when certainly stars & miracles fell down in heaven. =)