Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Only You and Pet Peeves

Last Tuesday my friend and I was too early for our dinner get together with our other girl friends so we decided to watch a movie. She let me choose and I selected My Only You. It was going well, it was actually funny and I found myself enjoying Vhong and Tony's antics until the film is into the climax, where revelations are unveiled, I love you's are exchanged. The usual, I can guess what's going to happen but an old lady had her phone ringing, received the call and talked like nothing, no one mattered! I know its a cliché scene but I paid 130 to see all of it! She managed to annoy everyone, for crying out loud its Glorietta theater so a. its relatively small b. I expect better crowd.

The only positive thing that came out of that is I was inspired to blog about my pet peeves – things, people that annoys or frustrates me.

1.People talking at the movies or concerts
2.People complaining that its noisy at basketball games/concerts
3.Crying bratty kids
4.People talking really loud on their cell phones right next to me...My mother lol
5.Aggressive motorcycle drivers
6.Government office that holds my phone call FOREVER!
7.People that takes the photo at NBI clearance that don't give any notice or signal
8.People smoking and blowing it directly to me – note most of my friends smoke.
9.People who talk too much crap
10.People who cut in line
11.People who are late and not sorry about it
12.People who text a lot while you're with them. Bad effects of technology.
13.Pets poop
14.People who think they know everything - Done it all & tells you about it.
15.Negative people
16.Men who say they will call....then don't.
17.Corrupt MMDA officers that stops the bus I'm riding on a daily basis
19. People who leave irrelevant links on my guestbooks.
20. People who say harsh things for the sake of being a B and expects you to respect it because its their opinion.

So far its a great day! =)

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