Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fangirl moment

After eating Korean Popsicles with my friends, I went straight to Galleria. I finally had the itch to check out the new store beabi. I checked out the items which were actually my kind of stuffs - organizers, kikay kits - and then when I looked sideways I was surprised to see Jayjay Helterbrand! *fan girl mode. I was like "oi jayjay, kakagulat ka naman!" lol first of all feeling close, second I was speaking in Tagalog (I think he understood because he kinda smiled). Then I looked around, there's only 3 people, my idol and the what the heck? I said, "kakahiya naman pero picture?"
After that I thanked him and said goodluck on their game on Friday. We proceeded to the cashier to pay and few fans saw him from the store window and asked for photos. He's so accomodating :) too bad I can't post our photo because my laptop is broken again.

From a very pleasant surprise - I had a not so pleasant experience on my way home - a school in our area caught fire. I didn't mind the traffic caused by that I'm just really scared of fire and it's consequences.

Staying in your local parlor for about 15 minutes is enough to give you an update of the neighborhhod's status :)

Alternatives for pinoy ballers - Ababou in Smart Gilas and Mirza in Philippine Patriots!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My favorite love-team is back

I'm happy to watch Ginebra's vintage trio Mark Caguioa, Jayjay Helterbrand and Eric Menk winning a game together. The kings have won their first game against San Miguel 98-86. SMB started hot but BGK's fast game took over from 2nd quarter onwards. The kings had a great defensive night with steals, blocks and hussle plays -plus Tubid's mind games- that dictated the tempo.
It's jayjay's birthday and he said his wish is to play with Mark. LOL sobrang cheesy!
After sitting out for one whole season, MC scored 17 pts with 7/12 FG, not bad for someone who claims to feel like a rookie.
Good off season acquisitions done by the management, Celino Cruz is a good and stable back up pointguard plus big men - enrico villanueva and rich Alvarez can beef up the front line. It's not as much compared to other team's front line but I think it can complement Cyrus Baguio & JC Intal who are both very athletic.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dylan Ababou MVP :)

This is old news since it was announced last Monday but the awarding ceremony is on a finals game. Dylan Ababou, the king (UST) tiger was named as UAAP Season 72 Men's Basketball's MVP. He deserves it after his consistent double doubles per game, he led the statistical points race and more importantly brought the team back on final four. Prize rookie, Jeric Teng also bagged the ROY award, which Dylan failed to get on his rookie year because he spent his first year in UST's team B.

UST will face Ateneo on Sunday on a do or die game, the eagles have the twice to beat advantage. I hope Dylan and the rest of the team can put up a W and live for another game.

Or else I'll just settle to 2009 as the year of individual awards for my basketball teams.
Helterbrand of Ginebra - 2009 PBA MVP
Ababou of UST - 2009 UAAP Men's Senior Basketball MVP

2006 will still remain as the best basketball fan year for me with both teams winning a championship and players getting individual awards.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Disconnection Notice

Being disconnected online because of laptop and PC failure means being more productive!
For the past couple of weeks we've been bringing the PC to a shop much to my father's dismay because of video card failure and Trojan virus problem->extremely annoying! My twitter account which I use to follow celebs (lol) was hacked! And then my laptop had its problems too, after its warranty expired :( To fix the broken DVD drive, fan and loose screws costs me a new mini laptop but then its my first investment so I prefered to fix it rather than buy a new one.
So after DVDs, books marathons, friends and family bonding. I'm back online and guess what David Cook is finally on twitter! Lol, he never fails to mention that he dont want to join the craze but someone shoved it to his throat, maybe or maybe not!?
Its expensive to have blurred vision :(
Its so sad when I had an eye checkup and I cant see some slides,so now I have to wear corrective glasses and contacts (much to my nanay's dismay).

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cyrus Baguio Fangirl Post

Photo credit:

I just finished watching Team Pilipinas' game against South Korea where the latter team won 69-56. Both teams entered the game with flawless record of 2-0. Team Pilipinas won a blow out game - 80 points +- against Sri Lanka and had a tight contest with Japan yesterday. In tonight's game (morning in China), I was worried because South Korea is a powerhouse team and Filipino basketball fans have a collective bad memory with the team that snatched a dream away. *wipes tears lol

Team Pilipinas have played catch up all game long but they failed. They had the opportunity but they were shooting poorly on the free throws and on the long range shots. As several basketball experts declared, you need potent outside shooting as part of your arsenal to succeed on international games. Genetics is not on our side, we are not as tall or built wide like the Europeans or Americans so outside shooting is very vital to our campaign.

On tonight's game surprisingly, the team got it's points inside through Cyrus Baguio and Jared Dillinger's daredevil drives and Asi had his moments too. But as we can see on the game's outcome (53-69) Team Pilipinas cannot live by that alone, we are not lucky enough to convert inside on every possession especially when the Korean Bonel Balingit look a like is waiting for you. He's big and cannot be ignored.

The game's outcome would've favored our way if only.. If only.. I can think of many reasons but that still doesn't count because it didn't happen.

I'm still satisfied because the team can compete at Korea's level it's just too bad.. no more excuses.

As Cyrus Baguio's fan, I'm really happy that he's part on the national team and on the past three games he has proven his worth. I can only speak about his FIBA Asia stint because I haven't watched the Jones Cup at all.

I'm lucky enough to watch Cyrus play for the UST Tigers. He played his late year in UAAP when I was a freshman, the year before that coach Aric chose to sit him out. It was the first and only season, on my 4 years at UST that the Men's basketball team made it to the Final Four. (Of course they had to win a championship the following year after I graduated!). As a big basketball fan, its amazing to watch Cyrus, an athletic 6'l lanky player who displays his swagger through his dunks or hang time moves. During that season, we might not win a game but I bet he had a highlight play or two.

I also watched his stint on the PBL where he played in Kutitap and other teams owned by Lamoiyan Corporation. I think with Peter June Simon, they led a team to a championship. I remembered convincing my bestfriend to stay up late to watch his games.

When he joined the PBA draft in 2003, I wished that Ginebra will take him but I'm still happy that he was drafted by RebBull surprisingly on the second round, 14th overall. PBA's 2003 rookie class is amazing by the way but the pick was too low.

Of course, the usual rookie route is to sit out on the bench until the coach trusts you. Luckily, he had Coach Yeng as his mentor, he was given a support role and he made the best out of it IMO. When the team's main men like Villanueva, Penissi, Tugade, Miller, etc were traded Cyrus had his moment to prove his worth. He became the team's main offensive option and became a bonafide all star. In 2004 I was happy to watch Cyrus play in a championship series, too bad he was playing against my favorite team, Ginebra who eventually won the Fiesta cup.

In 2008 Baguio was traded to Air 21 Express together with his then Red bull teammate Celino Cruz. I'm not sure if he also played against the Gin kings on the 2008 finals - which Ginebra won:) In the same year, he was also named as part of the Team Pilipinas.

Fast forward to 2009, more than 5 years in the making, Cyrus Baguio is now on Ginebra's roster via a trade with his second team Air 21. He was a late addition in the king's campaign and sadly no notable contributions on the 2009 Fiesta Cup Finals - where Ginebra lost to San Miguel. But I can imagine the possibilities of Mark Caguioa, Jayjay Helterbrand and Cyrus Baguio on one team.

Honestly, I've just watched the highlights of Team Pilipinas' game versus Sri Lanka so I can't personally have a strong opinion on those but I've read on forum, news and my dad told me that he was a focal point of the first game. On the otherhand, I've watched the game versus Japan and Korea I observed that Cyrus have the right confidence to play, he's slashing inside when he have an opportunity but he's not forcing his shots. Plus he gracefully made hard shots to evade defenders or finished fastbreaks amazingly which I bet impressed even the opponents.

I'm just proud of him, like a mother lol Not because of age, he's older than me, but because I've watched his growth as a player. He used to be a fancy highlight making collegiate player but Coach Yeng Guiao have developed him a complete player, adding defense and perimeter shots in his arsenal. But of course he cant help to make beautiful sky walking shots, it just comes out naturally :P

I wish Team Pilipinas goodluck, good health, better decision making for the coaches, better shot selection and percentage for the players. Prayers, that's all I, we can give.

Game Schedule:
Aug 10 4PM Vs. Chinese Taipei
Aug 11 11AM vs. Iran
Aug 12 9AM vs. Kuwait

God bless Team Pilipinas!

UST Tigers End 1st Round with 4-3 Record

The UST Tigers played a game on every UAAP game day this week since Sunday against the Green archers, Thursday against FEU Tamaraws and today against UP Maroons.

They have lost back to back on the early part of the week but had a come from behind win against the Maroons, 95-85. UP started the game hot leaving the Tigers to play catch up until the tail end of the 3rd quarter.

UST's regular 1-2 punch or the "Yum Doubles Duo", Ababou and Mirza, got a big lift from rookie Jeric Teng who scored 22 points with 8 rebounds spread on the earlier part of the game. Dylan Ababou is back with 22 points and 8 rebounds coming from a disappointing game against FEU. He's been consistent on 6 out of 7 games, scoring in double digits and leading the young UST team.

Khasim Mirza only had 3 points on the first half but had an explosive 2nd half. He scored 22 points and grabbed 7 rebounds. He also shot the dagger 3 pointer that was sooo far from the regular three point line. I saw the relief in his face maybe because a.Dylan already fouled out at that point b. the Maroons were threatening to comeback c. he just had a crucial turnover or d. all of the above. What a dramatic way to redeem himself! Props to Fortuna and Camus for their silent but consistent contributions.

On the start of the season, UST was tagged as a dark horse and perceived to win only against the 3 lower ranked teams. With this in mind, I could say that they overachieved so far but for that's not an excuse to be overconfident. I think the formula is to have Ababou and Mirza score big time consistently and have a 3rd, 4th or even 5th guy to step up. Both can score but not enough to beat the powerhouse teams. The second round is another ball game and hopefully the team can improve and peek at the right time.

Its St. Dominic's feast day today. Viva Sto Tomas!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Breakfast With Tiffany's, a Classic!

I've only seen Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast with Tiffanys but with her beauty, grace and acting skills no wonder she's 60's IT girl!

Audrey Hepburn plays Holly Golightly, a gold digger who establishes a friendship with Paul Varjak (George Peppard ), a struggling writer slash socialite's "kept" man. This unique friendship between different individuals soon blossomed to true love but Holly's eyes is set on marrying a rich man, so is there a hope between the two?

I really appreciate old Hollywood glamor as shown by Audrey Hepburn's character. There's one time she wore a white shapeless shirt but she's still gorgeous!

Audrey as Holly is very natural and sophisticated at the same time.

New York is a character itself, the city is so alive in day or night scenes!

Breakfast with Tiffany's is a classic film not because of its antiquity but because of its strong identifiable characters and plot.

Rob Pattinson in How to Be

Before Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson played, Arthur in an indie film How to Be where he won a best actor award on Strasbourg Film Festival Award.

Art is a twentysomething young man suffering in life crisis. His girlfriend broke up with him, he sucks in his job, he can't even finish his composed song. Then he found himself moving back to his parent's house.

To get out of his unhappy state, he turned to self help books and hired a life guru - who is not the ordinary therapist because Dr. Elvis lived with Art and his parents for a week in their quest to figure out how to heal his soul.

I love the ideals from How To Be. Our happiness depends on 3 things family, friends - the family you choose and our self.

I love this film because it showed Robert's musical side, his character Art is a struggling musician who plays acoustic guitar with his techno digital instruments playing bandmates/friends . Overall, its an entertaining, super funny film! Plus I got to hear Rob Pattinson's talking and speaking in his to die for British accent for more that 80 minutes.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whats Next For Joo Ji Hoon

I'm so late on the news!

Only today that I've learned my favorite korean actor of Goong, The Devil, Antique Bakery and Naked Kitch fame, Joo Ji Hoon's drug scandal. He was apparently busted for drug use, ecstacy and another drug. Its so sad since in South Korea this is such a big taboo which can certainly equate to his career's downfall.

He already pleaded guilty and received his sentence. Apart from that he can kiss his role for Tokyo Tower goodbye and any other roles for that matter :( He was also banned by KBS. No excuses Joo Ji Hoon, you need to face the consequences.

What's Next For Joo Ji Hoon?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

UST Tigers Bounce Back Via Win Against UE

Photo credit Balls
After a sorry loss to defending champs Ateneo Blue Eagles, UST Tigers bounced back by winning againsts UE Warriors. The Tigers' 1-2 punch Dylan Ababou and Khasim Mirza led the team to this victory. Mirza waxed hot on the first quarter, scoring 8 of his 20 points while team captain Ababou scored 28 points. He scored the crucial points needed on the last quarter and even had the steal that capped the victory.

The first quarter ended with both teams scoring 24 all. On the second quarter, the Tigers held the Warriors to 12 points but they bounced back scoring 35 on the third. The fourth quarter was a see saw battle but when the Tigers got the lead back, they were poised to get their third win. UST's Ababou-Mirza combo, who scored 48 of the total score 92, got enough help from Allen Maliksi, Chris Camus and rookie Jeric Teng.

Final score was 92-88.The Tigers improved their standings to 3-1 and ties with FEU Tamarraws for the second place on the UAAP Men's basketball team standings.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Highs and Lows

Erik Menk and Jayjay Helterbrand accepting the 2nd place award.
I'm writing this with less than one minute remaining on game 7 of PBA Fiesta conference. Ginebra lost to SMB but I have to salute 2009 MVP Jayjay Helterbrand for being the lone bright spot amidst his hamstring injury. If only we can present the award again to Jayjay.

Still proud of the team because they overachieved with their depleted line up. Be well ASAP Caguioa!


It was in 1999 since the UST Tigers have had a 2-0 start. Now the Tigers are off on a blazing start after defeating NU and Adamson via the 1-2 punch of Dylan Ababou and Khasim Mirza. But next sunday will be the real test as they go against the defending champs Ateneo.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mirza Helps Tigers Get First Win

The duel between UST Tigers and Adamson Falcons was the first offering for UAAP Men's basketball's opening day. Khasim Mirza led the tigers to an 86-85 victory through a game long inside and outside shooting with 9/19, almost 50% field goal shooting. Mirza was a promising rookie who experieced a sophomore jinx last year, I hope he can be consistent this season. Dylan Ababou, who contributed 10 points, will need all the help he can get especially with the departure of key players former MVP Jervy Cruz, starting pontguard Japs Cuan and athletic wingmen Canlas, Taylor and Allera.
This year, the Tigers lost an inside threat and a stable guard, I hope this game was just a bad game for Jeric Fortuna because he needs to step up big time!
It was an exciting game, the Tigers led all game long until the last minutes wherein the Falcons almost catched up.
I'm loving the paws but we need better killer instinct! Go USTe!!!

Kikay and Pamper Kit

While having a coffee, my friend and I touched up on the topic of toiletries and how much girls - like us - spend on it. A regular guy, we thought, just needs shampoo, soap and deo. I've audited my pamper kit and here it goes
For hair:
Must have shampoo: Palmolive white pearls
conditioner: L'oreal Gloss or ever reliable cream silk blue
leave on: L'oreal anti frizz
For face:
cleanser: Olay or Body Shop Aloe cleanser
toner: Body shop aloe toner or Celeteque toner
moisturizer: Celeteque moisturizer
For Body
Victoria secret or Dove body wash, my new favorite Body shop strawberry polish and body butter!

Let's not even get into make-up. Oh well, back in the days, I can live by soap and shampoo but as I grew older, hopefully wiser, I've learned about these products that can really pamper and nourish me in different ways. Love your body, its the only one you've got.

Hooked on True Blood

Vampires will never go out of style!

After my Twilight mania,I've learned about another interesting show and I finally got a hold of my True Blood DVD. It is a sexy and addictive series from HBO. It has a unique plot wherein human coexist with vampires, it was still the early stage so there are various civil and political issues mostly centered on equal rights and public safety. The Japanese have discovered a synthetic blood that's why vamps can now go "mainstream".

The lead character is Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Pacquin), who like Twilight's Edward Cullen can read or hear people's minds. She tries not to use this "gift" to everyone especially to people dear to her but it takes a lot of effort. That's why it was a breath of fresh air when she met Bill Compton, a brooding vampire that she can't hear.

It was hard for Bill to fit in a small town expecially when succeeding killings happened. Sookie has been alarmed since the first 2 killed were her friends and at one point were dated by his hot but gullible brother Jason.

The next tragedy was when the Stachhouse' grandmother, the one who raised the sibblings was found dead on their kitchen. Bill was the suspect while Jason and the townfolks have another thing in their minds. They thought that that was supposed to be Sookie since all of the girls associated with the vampires were killed.

I'm off to watch the rest of the episodes!

I love the soundtrack and the subplots. I'm excited to watch Eric, the Vulture like vampire.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

JayJay Heltebrand 2009 PBA MVP

Time flies, a year ago Jayjay Helterbrand and Mark Caguioa proved to be the team's best backcourt tandem and last night after literaly carrying the Brgy Ginebra team on his back, Mr Fast was awarded as the Most Valuable Player - he is the 2nd player next to Eric Menk to win this most coveted award for the Ginebra franchise. I've read that he had 3000+ statistical points and the Arwind Santos trails by a big margin, he had 700+ points.

The Menk-Helterbrand-Caguioa era of Ginebra is probably the most successful batch as they have garnered
4 championships

2004 Fiesta Conference
2004 Philippine Cup
2006 Philippine Cup
2008 Fiesta Cup

and is currently vying for their 5th, with the 2009 Fiesta cup series tied 2 all

MVP awards

Menk 2004-2005
Helterbrand 2008-2009

Best Player of the Conference
Menk 2004 Fiesta, 2005 Philippine Cup
Helterbrand 2008,2009 Fiesta Cup
Caguioa 2006 Philippine Cup

along the way. Here's to hoping that Mark's turn to become MVP will be next year :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ginebra Lives & Dies with Threes and Defense

For the 2009 Fiesta cup the barometors for Ginebra Kings' chances in winning is their good defense and prolific three points scoring. That was the key factors on their Game 1 & 3 wins and the missing link on their game 2 loss.
Coach Jong Uichico have combined his defense oriented style and Ginebra's good old run and gun plus outside shooting to make the kings evolve into a very potent team vying to defend their crown.
Here's to hoping for better outside shooting, great defense on the next two games! *crossing my fingers

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ginebra Kings back in the Finals

Brgy. Ginebra kings are back in the finals to defend their Fiesta cup crown. The kings was down 1-2 in the series but managed to win three straight games against the young Rain or Shine team.

Game 4 86 - 70
Game 5 96 - 85
Game 6 108 - 100


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Juno and Nanny Diaries

A friend once asked me why do I even bother buying original VCDs, well its discounted and why not?

I bought 2 CDs on sale for my Saturday weekend marathon.

CD#1 Nanny Diaries.
My Nanny Diaries book have been on my bookshelf and pending item on must read list for a while now and after seeing the movie adaptation, I think I finally have the urge to read it. Scarlette Johansen stars as Annie, who is fresh from college with an Anthropology degree. She finds herself immersing on a nanny job for the "X" family.

Lesson Learned: Don't confuse your career with your life.

CD #2 Juno
Juno is a critically acclaimed movie and definitely not your ordinary teen movie. The story revolves on Juno, a funny, snarky teenage girl who deals with "unwanted" teen pregnancy. It has a fun exchange of dialogues but it manages to send the message accross to be pro life without being preachy.
Lesson Learned: Be chaste or be safe. We always have a choice and we should stand by it.

Definetely a steal for 2 for P151 deal!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ginebra Kings back in the Game, Ties Series

I was out of town this weekend so I only had the game updates from the SMS of my dad, Ginebra won last friday to tie the semifinals series 1-1 and last Sunday Rain or Shine bounced back for a 2-1 lead. Tonight was the king's time to bounce back and tie the series to 2-2 via a 86-60 win.

The kings started slow with import Noel relying on low percentage shots and nothing brilliant happening on the court. But on the third quarter Jayjay Helterbrand and Ronald Tubid fired up the offense and that started their intensity defensive wise. The king's lead ballooned upto 20+ points and they eventually maintained it upto to last second of the game. Its back to square one, don't ever give up on the kings!

Oh my, MC47 is in the house! Actually he's been there, watching the live games with Jayjay's daughter since Friday, but I've been living in rock and I only knew this today. He's back in town, in cheerleader mode. That's a good start rather than no MC at all.

Anyway, here's Mark Caguioa's interview clip from Rob4Ginebra.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Book Ban!

I was walking aimlessly at Galleria today and I found a bookstore, National Bookstore's bestseller at the 4th level. Its a bookworm's haven, with a wide range of books and atmosphere comparable to Fully Booked and Powerbooks.

For my chick lit fix, I bought a new book from Cosmo, "My Imaginary Ex" and as brain food I bought Ricky Lee's "Para kay B".

Last thursday, I just bought the last book on Sophie Kinsella's Shopahollic series, "Shopaholllic and a Baby" and "Manhunting" by Jenniffer Cruisie on a thrift bookstore.
With 3 pending books on queue to read, I am officially on a book ban and should be meters away from bookstores.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Say No To Nukes!

GreenPeace Philippines have sent its message across to the Congress and its loud and clear - Say NO to nuclear power.!

According to Amalie Hamoy Obusan, Climate and Energy Campaigner, it started with an online petition then a protest ride from Morong, Bataan, the site of the controversial Bataan Nuclear Power Plant up to the Philippine Congress at Batasang Pambansa. The last stop is installing pinwheels (symbolizing renewable energy), at the front gates of Congress for all to see - the names of all the petitioners were included. *yes, I'm nodding at everyone who signed and participated.

Each congressmen were given an information pack where "thousands of concerned Filipinos have sent a clear message to the House of Representatives to reject any proposal for nuclear power in the country and instead enable massive uptake of renewable energy."

Many have abandoned their support for the bill but we know how things work in our country, we still need to be vigilant to ensure that this won't be signed behind our backs.

600 Pesos Can Change Lives

If your way to school or work is EDSA then you might be familiar with Sam Milby's billboard for World Vision where he was photographed with a kid.

World Vision Philippines has a Child Sponsorship program wherein you can help make a difference on a child's life. It only takes P20 a day, P600, $6 a month to take a little boy or girl back to school.

It pains me to see children, who are the future of this country, living on the streets. They are homeless and hungry. Having access to proper education, being able to eat, live in a child safe environment should be every children's right but in the Philippines its a priviledge.

Set aside P600 a month and bring a child back to school!

Check out World Vision's website or call 372-7777 :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Only Vampire I Want is Edward Cullen

Another fangirl moment post? LOL

New Moon will be shown on November but they're promoting it as if it will be shown next week. OMG, I just saw the shirtless Rob Pattinson shots from Italy. I'm just annoyed that they make me this excited and its still monthsss away!

They say that toxic people are like vampires because they suck the hell out of you. I say "The Only Vampire I Want to Suck My Blood/Life is Edward Cullen".

We all know that life is not perfect, as much as we want it to be. So I try to be a type of person who would rather see the goodness in everything amidst the drama and complications because I choose to be HAPPY than dwell on those shortcomings especially if I don't have a control about it. But then I often come across with toxic people, who are they?


Basically, toxic people are bad news because all they do is spread negativity
We are who we are but we can be influenced by who we hang out with - so choose your friends.

"Be positive instead of negative
Be compassionate not angry
Be generous not greedy
Be patient not anxious
Be happy, not lonely."

Don't Laugh at My Romance

I've been waiting for months to finally watch Kenichi Matsuyama's indie film "Don't Laugh at my Romance" or "Sex is not a Laughing Matter". Its so hard to find because a. its a foreign/Japanese film and b. its an indie film. Anyway, the long wait is over.

I first watched Kenichi Matsuyama from the Death Note series where he had an iconic role as L. So my initial reaction was "L in sexy scenes?" Then I got a chance to Zeni Geba TV series where he is a heartless money loving boy, and there's the funny Kenichi ni Sexy, Voice Robo. So its a breath of fresh air for him to act dopey-in-love type but not the J-idol over romantic mushy roles.

The film is about a May-December affair of Mirume (Kenichi Matsuyama), a 19 year old college student who falls in love with his 20 years older teacher Yuri (Hiromi Nagasaku). Yuri is not your ordinary college teacher because she's funny and sexy thus she was able to subtly seduce his student. Seduction, adultery, lies, innocent love and more complications brought by sex was delivered in this film.

The film is light but sincere, from the title you might expect presence of sex, but it only features suggestive scenes - before and after the act. But its still for the mature audience - I'm not sure about the Death Note fans - because of its central theme, a forbidden affair. Overall, Don't Laugh at My Romance is an enjoyable film, superb acting from the leads, good execution of the scenes and a chance to watch Kenichi having a close to normal guy role (If you have seen his other movies, you know what I mean *wink).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

David Cook in Manila - The Experience

Last week, May 12-17, 2009, was not the same. Its far from ordinary.

I don't know where to start, but last week, is so far the best week for the Cookistas - David Cook's Pinoy fans. Visit David Cook's Pinoyexchange thread!

After David Cook was crowned as the 7th Season American Idol, he had the AI tour and somewhere along the way he announced that he'll have his concert in the Philippines last January - but it didn't materialized.

Then, there was Jomari Yllana, an actor turned producer (Fearless Productions) announcing that he would bring the 2 Davids in Manila. At first, I was hessitant on the idea because it was like having a back to back concert of an extremely pop star and a rock n roll dude (Which how I felt the real concert turned out)

Tuesday, I was ecstatic because David has arrived (in the building!) I was in the bus when GMA had a flash report about his arrival. No cookie sighting after that upto wednesday, it turned out that he had video conferences fo Malaysia, China, Singapore and other Asian countries c/o Sony, his record label.

Thursday, he had a short but funny interview on Magic 89.9 with DJ Mo Twister. He learned about "Salamat" by this time - which will be very useful on the entire visit (Filipino word for Thank you). I had an annoying story about this, I was excited the whole day for this 2 minutes interview and then when it was Cook's time, I was inside a noisy tricyle, I couldn't understand a thing. But I trust the Cookistas to record it.

After the interview, David went to SM North Edsa for a Meet and Greet. I didn't even try to go there because I got off the office very late and I had to run some errands - of all the days! Anyway, lots of Cookie crumbs from those who went there.

I'm so happy for the Cookistas of PEX who organized the gifts for Cookies -> read the story behind the "The cookistas slept here" shirt, customized guitar, sneakers and the banner!

Friday, another big Cookie day
AM: Fancon on Magic 89.9 with DJ Mo, Mojo & Grace Lee. More than 30 minutes of fangirl moments, great questions and a lot of laugh out moments!
MID: I missed Cook's live performance at Eat Bulaga but of course, there are crumbs when I got home. David sang an acoustic version of Always be my baby!!! The first time he sang after his epic top 7 performance!!
NIGHT: To cause more excitement for tomorrow night's concert, the 2 Davids had a live interview at 24 oras. Me wonders, why do we always force visitors to eat balut lol.

Saturday, an amazing concert (after all the bruhaha -LBM - eww I know, LRT technical failure, overpriced cab fare)!! David Archuleta started the show - only sang along to the 2 songs that I know but I have to say he has a good voice. There were moments that I just stared to hotness known as Jomari Yllana who was standing across lol

After Archie's set, there's a beautiful fireworks display to distract us - of course Dave and his band need to set up.

David rose through the stage through a hydraulics, amidst the darkness with a spotlight and his reliable AC guitar. He silenced the crowd with "The World I Know"- Collective Soul cover and one of is 3 songs for AI 7 finals. Actually I had a mental blackout - I can't remember what the heck was that song - I can't process that David was THERE - feet away from me - well SEVERAL feet, I was on the 9th row gold section. "Mabuhay" - the first Filipino word of the night.

The second song is "Heroes" followed by "Mr Sensitive".
Before he sang "Declaration", Cookie greeted the 40,000+ crowd with "Magandang Gabi" (read as Good evening). I love the pre song banters!! Cookie said that the next song "Life on the Moon" described how his life has been after winning AI last year.

Then he sang the cookified version of "Always be my baby" - this was the first time he'll have a full band accompanying him - that's according to Cookie himself and its part of the special Manila set list :) FYI, Cook's "Always be my baby" was the #1 song on Magic 89.9's year end countdown and other stations as well. You know its a hit song when you walk to busy Quiapo and all the speakers play that song.

David asked if we have the his record, yes! and if we listen until the end of the song because they'll perform "Kiss on the neck". SexXay!

Aside from his amazing voice, you can see and feel through his interaction, banters with the audience that he is a seasoned performer - a Rock god! David - you're born to do this!! In the middle of "Straight Ahead" a song from his Analog heart album, he went to the crowd, and went to take picture of the crowd and himself. He went back to stage with a manly giggle before picking up where he left of. The next song played was "Make Me" from his former band Midwest kings. I learned just yesterday that in the setlist it was supposed to be "Lie", I almost heard "Lie live" :( Another reason why Cook should come back to Manila!

Then he spoke about how he had no expectations when he released his album and then he found out that songs like "Avalanche" was played and did well in Manila. This song is awesome when played live. They did another cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Little Lies", I'm kinda familiar with this because of the Declaration Tour crumbs.
Before he sang "Come back to me", there was a banter with the memorable line "Salamat po so much" and David spotted a girl carrying a "Marry Me Neal poster". He dedicated the song to the "newlyweds". CBTM now stands for Come Back to Manila!
David and the EEB (Easy on the Eyes band) does an encore of "Light On", OMG live Bar-ba-sol where there were 40,000 heads bobbing and an epic ending with "A Daily Anthem". Just a side note, ADAm is a song written for David's brother who recently succumbed to Brain cancer so it was really an emotional song for him - he haven't been singing this song on his Declaration tour.
"Will you sing along Manila?"
I was just happy for him because he wrote this song pre-idol and that night 40,000 people from the other side of the world was singing along with him :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Almost But Not Quite

When you experience a major setback, I learned that you have to talk about it because the more you open up about the issue with your friends or even enemies, it will give you a wider perspective.

You will be able to hear the opinions of people who matters, the "outsiders" and more importantly, you will be able to HEAR YOURSELF and realize how pathetic the situation. Then you'll come around with the truth - that the answer was there all along.

Its CLEAR now BUT I'm giving myself until this weekend to mop around. You'll probably ask why not start now? Well, I'm just being realistic, I need to cry it all out and then I'll be fine - good as new - ready for another battle.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ginebra, PBA's Only King

Ginebra Kings paraded 3 new players, 2 of which had major contributions on their win over Burger King. The newly added players are the import Noel - who had a triple double performance but I still forgot his first name lol. He's quick, have an outside shot, positions himself well, shares the ball *cough Nealy *cough and shows Chris Alexander-esque brilliance.
The 2 other players added on the kings roster are Cyrus Baguio and Homer Se - who I think will replace Alex Crisano's role, and displays a Wilmer Ong-esque style.
I just love the crisp passing, unselfish basketball showed. Baranggay Ginebra Kings sealed their third straight win. Eric Menk and Jayjay Helterbrand had another solid game to boot.
Its all about peaking at the right time, I can't wait for MC to come back :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Spark of Never Say Die Ginebra Spirit

Undermanned, Caguioa-Salvacion-Valenzuela and import less but Baranggay Ginebra kings managed to out hustle Rain or Shine for a 94-89 victory last night. The Fiesta conference defending champs managed to push their first back to back win and improve their team standings to 3-5 for the 7th place.

Major pain Eric Menk, PBA's one time MVP, scored 24 points with 9 rebounds to seal his major comeback from an injury. Jayjay Helterbrand is back on doing what he does best, sharing the ball (now that Nealy is out of the picture), at one point on the game, Mr Fast had more assists than the entire ROS team. JC Intal, Artadi and Tubid also had their contributions but there were instances that as a Ginebra fan, you will miss the big scoring and overall game intensity, a hole made because of Mark Caguioa's absence. He was rumored to get back after holy week but that remains to be a rumor until now.

I hope that the kings will get their major players back and peak at the right time to defend their crown!

Saturday, April 04, 2009


It's sad, annoying and utterly disappointing when you are both supposed to be geared on a common goal and you see and feel that he is not as passionate as you are. Of course you cannot, or maybe you can push a person to work or try harder but it will all depend on their motivation. Do you really have the same goal? The same vision? Or do you simply have different ways of working your way to reach the goal? I'd better sleep that be restless of these bs. Sleep is a good temporary escape.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Name NASA Node 3 as Eraserheads

Why not Name NASA Node 3 as Eraserheads?

1,000,000 Filipinos to Make Francis M a National Artist


In a tribute to Francis M, we want him to be a National Artist for Music posthumously. Francis M is an urban patriot whose music helped us to be proud Filipinos. Join this is saying that we want Francis M's legacy be preserved for all Filipinos.

"Every color and every hue is represented by me and you" - From "Kaleidoscope World" - Francis M.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Korea's Boys Over Flowers

Korea's Boys Over Flowers photo credit: crunchyroll

According to Wikipedia, I know a completely unreliable source, Hana Yori Dango is the best selling manga. This one I got to believe Wiki. The best proof is that the manga has been done in TV and movie in three different productions & countries.

First of course is the unforgettable, Taiwan's Meteor Garden 1 & 2 that launched F4 to Asian fame. The first season is epic, the fun bickering of Shan Cai & Dao Ming Si while the second season is kinda dragging although that's where Hua Tse Lei got his chance to be with Shan Cai. Next is the short and sweet Japan's Hana Yori 1 & 2 and now I'm starting to watch Korea's Boys Before Flowers.

In the three versions so far, I've got to say their choice to play Makino is always perfect - they always get adorable yet fiesty actresses.
Korea's salon FTW! Dao Ming Si's pineapple hair is funny, Domyoji Tsukasa's perm is funnier while Goo Joon Pyo's perm is acceptable.
I'm always rooting for the sensitive Hua Ze Lei, Hanazawa Rui & Yun Ji Hoo!
I almost forgot about the OST! I hope Korea's version lives up to its predecessor's cool soundtrack selections.
Its the same addictive plot, in different setting, culture and subtitle lol. F4 Fever FTW!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

SpongeCola's Closer You and I

Yey! I've been hearing Sponge Cola's Closer You and I version for Close Up all over radioland and I finally got to see the TVC, well I rarely watch TV nowadays but its on most of the time. I really like Sponge's version :)

*updated! Closer You and I - full song :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Radio countdowns and music elitist

Earlier, I was listening to magic 89.9's countdown where David Cook's Avalanche is number 1 and nu107's stairway to seven where Spongecola's Di Na MAbabawi placed third and Pupil's Teacher's Pet reigned supreme! I own the albums of the three artists and I loved those singles beforehand but it's a different exciting feeling to hear it in the radio and other people actually like it. I've never been one of those music elitist, who I still don't understand, why they have an ownership to a song to an extent that they don't like it when it was heard by the masses. I understand and know the feeling of outgrowing a song because it's overplayed never hated something because everyone else like it. Music should be enjoyed period.

Friday, January 02, 2009

PBA DVD Collection - Ginebra Fiesta Cup 2008

I was in the province - in my 5 days vacation at Cabiao - when I noticed the commercial plugs for the PBA DVD collection so I had to wait to come back to Manila to buy my copy.

I'm kinda disappointed when I read the back cover that its only the whole game 7 plus the bonus 4th quarter of the 3 other games that Ginebra won - 2008 Fiesta Cup Finals was a 7 game series. But fine, like a true blue fan, I bought it. It costs 299.00 but I'm willing to pay more if I could have the complete 7 games or even just the 4 games that they won lol

Another rant is, why did it have Homer Se and Mike Holper on the cover? I mean it feels like the one who did the cover have no idea on the main players, "the guys" who represents and carries the team. They're not even on the starting five.

Anyway, I'm just ranting but I might buy the Gordon's Gin DVD too and the other Ginebra DVDs that will come out.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

All Time Low

You know you hit an all time low in sulking on single blessedness when you've done a DVD marathon of romantic comedy films.

Wimbledon (Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst)
I love British accent! And I enjoy sports themed flicks. There are some over the top things in the plot that I have to fast forward the film a little bit but overall its a nice film. Cute, funny and romantic.

A Lot Like Love (Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet)
It started with a one flight stand. Yup, in the airplane! Its a love story 7 years in the making. Makes me wonder... never mind!

10 Things I Hate About You (Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger)
High school drama and love! I enjoyed the flick even though I think Julia Stiles looks like Eric Menk and my last memory of Heath Ledger is from Batman-> scary Joker!

Sigh! Well at least I bought original CDs (on sale)!

Christmas Presents and New Years Resolution

Death Note action figures collection

Yeah, I know I'm 23. I'm supposed to be mature and all but this is my favorite Christmas present so far, unless someone's got me a better belated gift or something. Its a Death Note action figures collection.

For whatever its worth, I'm not gonna play with it. I'll just display it like that and look at it once in a while.

Anyway, its surprising that I actually received a good sum of money this year - I haven't received any since I started working. So I just spent it back for everyone to enjoy.

My new year's resolutions are 1. save up and 2. stop slacking on the things that I need and want to do - Just do it! Now!. That will cover everything..

Looking forward for a better year ahead!