Saturday, January 31, 2009

SpongeCola's Closer You and I

Yey! I've been hearing Sponge Cola's Closer You and I version for Close Up all over radioland and I finally got to see the TVC, well I rarely watch TV nowadays but its on most of the time. I really like Sponge's version :)

*updated! Closer You and I - full song :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Radio countdowns and music elitist

Earlier, I was listening to magic 89.9's countdown where David Cook's Avalanche is number 1 and nu107's stairway to seven where Spongecola's Di Na MAbabawi placed third and Pupil's Teacher's Pet reigned supreme! I own the albums of the three artists and I loved those singles beforehand but it's a different exciting feeling to hear it in the radio and other people actually like it. I've never been one of those music elitist, who I still don't understand, why they have an ownership to a song to an extent that they don't like it when it was heard by the masses. I understand and know the feeling of outgrowing a song because it's overplayed never hated something because everyone else like it. Music should be enjoyed period.

Friday, January 02, 2009

PBA DVD Collection - Ginebra Fiesta Cup 2008

I was in the province - in my 5 days vacation at Cabiao - when I noticed the commercial plugs for the PBA DVD collection so I had to wait to come back to Manila to buy my copy.

I'm kinda disappointed when I read the back cover that its only the whole game 7 plus the bonus 4th quarter of the 3 other games that Ginebra won - 2008 Fiesta Cup Finals was a 7 game series. But fine, like a true blue fan, I bought it. It costs 299.00 but I'm willing to pay more if I could have the complete 7 games or even just the 4 games that they won lol

Another rant is, why did it have Homer Se and Mike Holper on the cover? I mean it feels like the one who did the cover have no idea on the main players, "the guys" who represents and carries the team. They're not even on the starting five.

Anyway, I'm just ranting but I might buy the Gordon's Gin DVD too and the other Ginebra DVDs that will come out.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

All Time Low

You know you hit an all time low in sulking on single blessedness when you've done a DVD marathon of romantic comedy films.

Wimbledon (Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst)
I love British accent! And I enjoy sports themed flicks. There are some over the top things in the plot that I have to fast forward the film a little bit but overall its a nice film. Cute, funny and romantic.

A Lot Like Love (Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet)
It started with a one flight stand. Yup, in the airplane! Its a love story 7 years in the making. Makes me wonder... never mind!

10 Things I Hate About You (Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger)
High school drama and love! I enjoyed the flick even though I think Julia Stiles looks like Eric Menk and my last memory of Heath Ledger is from Batman-> scary Joker!

Sigh! Well at least I bought original CDs (on sale)!

Christmas Presents and New Years Resolution

Death Note action figures collection

Yeah, I know I'm 23. I'm supposed to be mature and all but this is my favorite Christmas present so far, unless someone's got me a better belated gift or something. Its a Death Note action figures collection.

For whatever its worth, I'm not gonna play with it. I'll just display it like that and look at it once in a while.

Anyway, its surprising that I actually received a good sum of money this year - I haven't received any since I started working. So I just spent it back for everyone to enjoy.

My new year's resolutions are 1. save up and 2. stop slacking on the things that I need and want to do - Just do it! Now!. That will cover everything..

Looking forward for a better year ahead!