Friday, January 02, 2009

PBA DVD Collection - Ginebra Fiesta Cup 2008

I was in the province - in my 5 days vacation at Cabiao - when I noticed the commercial plugs for the PBA DVD collection so I had to wait to come back to Manila to buy my copy.

I'm kinda disappointed when I read the back cover that its only the whole game 7 plus the bonus 4th quarter of the 3 other games that Ginebra won - 2008 Fiesta Cup Finals was a 7 game series. But fine, like a true blue fan, I bought it. It costs 299.00 but I'm willing to pay more if I could have the complete 7 games or even just the 4 games that they won lol

Another rant is, why did it have Homer Se and Mike Holper on the cover? I mean it feels like the one who did the cover have no idea on the main players, "the guys" who represents and carries the team. They're not even on the starting five.

Anyway, I'm just ranting but I might buy the Gordon's Gin DVD too and the other Ginebra DVDs that will come out.

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