Saturday, April 25, 2009

Almost But Not Quite

When you experience a major setback, I learned that you have to talk about it because the more you open up about the issue with your friends or even enemies, it will give you a wider perspective.

You will be able to hear the opinions of people who matters, the "outsiders" and more importantly, you will be able to HEAR YOURSELF and realize how pathetic the situation. Then you'll come around with the truth - that the answer was there all along.

Its CLEAR now BUT I'm giving myself until this weekend to mop around. You'll probably ask why not start now? Well, I'm just being realistic, I need to cry it all out and then I'll be fine - good as new - ready for another battle.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ginebra, PBA's Only King

Ginebra Kings paraded 3 new players, 2 of which had major contributions on their win over Burger King. The newly added players are the import Noel - who had a triple double performance but I still forgot his first name lol. He's quick, have an outside shot, positions himself well, shares the ball *cough Nealy *cough and shows Chris Alexander-esque brilliance.
The 2 other players added on the kings roster are Cyrus Baguio and Homer Se - who I think will replace Alex Crisano's role, and displays a Wilmer Ong-esque style.
I just love the crisp passing, unselfish basketball showed. Baranggay Ginebra Kings sealed their third straight win. Eric Menk and Jayjay Helterbrand had another solid game to boot.
Its all about peaking at the right time, I can't wait for MC to come back :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Spark of Never Say Die Ginebra Spirit

Undermanned, Caguioa-Salvacion-Valenzuela and import less but Baranggay Ginebra kings managed to out hustle Rain or Shine for a 94-89 victory last night. The Fiesta conference defending champs managed to push their first back to back win and improve their team standings to 3-5 for the 7th place.

Major pain Eric Menk, PBA's one time MVP, scored 24 points with 9 rebounds to seal his major comeback from an injury. Jayjay Helterbrand is back on doing what he does best, sharing the ball (now that Nealy is out of the picture), at one point on the game, Mr Fast had more assists than the entire ROS team. JC Intal, Artadi and Tubid also had their contributions but there were instances that as a Ginebra fan, you will miss the big scoring and overall game intensity, a hole made because of Mark Caguioa's absence. He was rumored to get back after holy week but that remains to be a rumor until now.

I hope that the kings will get their major players back and peak at the right time to defend their crown!

Saturday, April 04, 2009


It's sad, annoying and utterly disappointing when you are both supposed to be geared on a common goal and you see and feel that he is not as passionate as you are. Of course you cannot, or maybe you can push a person to work or try harder but it will all depend on their motivation. Do you really have the same goal? The same vision? Or do you simply have different ways of working your way to reach the goal? I'd better sleep that be restless of these bs. Sleep is a good temporary escape.