Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Only Vampire I Want is Edward Cullen

Another fangirl moment post? LOL

New Moon will be shown on November but they're promoting it as if it will be shown next week. OMG, I just saw the shirtless Rob Pattinson shots from Italy. I'm just annoyed that they make me this excited and its still monthsss away!

They say that toxic people are like vampires because they suck the hell out of you. I say "The Only Vampire I Want to Suck My Blood/Life is Edward Cullen".

We all know that life is not perfect, as much as we want it to be. So I try to be a type of person who would rather see the goodness in everything amidst the drama and complications because I choose to be HAPPY than dwell on those shortcomings especially if I don't have a control about it. But then I often come across with toxic people, who are they?


Basically, toxic people are bad news because all they do is spread negativity
We are who we are but we can be influenced by who we hang out with - so choose your friends.

"Be positive instead of negative
Be compassionate not angry
Be generous not greedy
Be patient not anxious
Be happy, not lonely."

Don't Laugh at My Romance

I've been waiting for months to finally watch Kenichi Matsuyama's indie film "Don't Laugh at my Romance" or "Sex is not a Laughing Matter". Its so hard to find because a. its a foreign/Japanese film and b. its an indie film. Anyway, the long wait is over.

I first watched Kenichi Matsuyama from the Death Note series where he had an iconic role as L. So my initial reaction was "L in sexy scenes?" Then I got a chance to Zeni Geba TV series where he is a heartless money loving boy, and there's the funny Kenichi ni Sexy, Voice Robo. So its a breath of fresh air for him to act dopey-in-love type but not the J-idol over romantic mushy roles.

The film is about a May-December affair of Mirume (Kenichi Matsuyama), a 19 year old college student who falls in love with his 20 years older teacher Yuri (Hiromi Nagasaku). Yuri is not your ordinary college teacher because she's funny and sexy thus she was able to subtly seduce his student. Seduction, adultery, lies, innocent love and more complications brought by sex was delivered in this film.

The film is light but sincere, from the title you might expect presence of sex, but it only features suggestive scenes - before and after the act. But its still for the mature audience - I'm not sure about the Death Note fans - because of its central theme, a forbidden affair. Overall, Don't Laugh at My Romance is an enjoyable film, superb acting from the leads, good execution of the scenes and a chance to watch Kenichi having a close to normal guy role (If you have seen his other movies, you know what I mean *wink).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

David Cook in Manila - The Experience

Last week, May 12-17, 2009, was not the same. Its far from ordinary.

I don't know where to start, but last week, is so far the best week for the Cookistas - David Cook's Pinoy fans. Visit David Cook's Pinoyexchange thread!

After David Cook was crowned as the 7th Season American Idol, he had the AI tour and somewhere along the way he announced that he'll have his concert in the Philippines last January - but it didn't materialized.

Then, there was Jomari Yllana, an actor turned producer (Fearless Productions) announcing that he would bring the 2 Davids in Manila. At first, I was hessitant on the idea because it was like having a back to back concert of an extremely pop star and a rock n roll dude (Which how I felt the real concert turned out)

Tuesday, I was ecstatic because David has arrived (in the building!) I was in the bus when GMA had a flash report about his arrival. No cookie sighting after that upto wednesday, it turned out that he had video conferences fo Malaysia, China, Singapore and other Asian countries c/o Sony, his record label.

Thursday, he had a short but funny interview on Magic 89.9 with DJ Mo Twister. He learned about "Salamat" by this time - which will be very useful on the entire visit (Filipino word for Thank you). I had an annoying story about this, I was excited the whole day for this 2 minutes interview and then when it was Cook's time, I was inside a noisy tricyle, I couldn't understand a thing. But I trust the Cookistas to record it.

After the interview, David went to SM North Edsa for a Meet and Greet. I didn't even try to go there because I got off the office very late and I had to run some errands - of all the days! Anyway, lots of Cookie crumbs from those who went there.

I'm so happy for the Cookistas of PEX who organized the gifts for Cookies -> read the story behind the "The cookistas slept here" shirt, customized guitar, sneakers and the banner!

Friday, another big Cookie day
AM: Fancon on Magic 89.9 with DJ Mo, Mojo & Grace Lee. More than 30 minutes of fangirl moments, great questions and a lot of laugh out moments!
MID: I missed Cook's live performance at Eat Bulaga but of course, there are crumbs when I got home. David sang an acoustic version of Always be my baby!!! The first time he sang after his epic top 7 performance!!
NIGHT: To cause more excitement for tomorrow night's concert, the 2 Davids had a live interview at 24 oras. Me wonders, why do we always force visitors to eat balut lol.

Saturday, an amazing concert (after all the bruhaha -LBM - eww I know, LRT technical failure, overpriced cab fare)!! David Archuleta started the show - only sang along to the 2 songs that I know but I have to say he has a good voice. There were moments that I just stared to hotness known as Jomari Yllana who was standing across lol

After Archie's set, there's a beautiful fireworks display to distract us - of course Dave and his band need to set up.

David rose through the stage through a hydraulics, amidst the darkness with a spotlight and his reliable AC guitar. He silenced the crowd with "The World I Know"- Collective Soul cover and one of is 3 songs for AI 7 finals. Actually I had a mental blackout - I can't remember what the heck was that song - I can't process that David was THERE - feet away from me - well SEVERAL feet, I was on the 9th row gold section. "Mabuhay" - the first Filipino word of the night.

The second song is "Heroes" followed by "Mr Sensitive".
Before he sang "Declaration", Cookie greeted the 40,000+ crowd with "Magandang Gabi" (read as Good evening). I love the pre song banters!! Cookie said that the next song "Life on the Moon" described how his life has been after winning AI last year.

Then he sang the cookified version of "Always be my baby" - this was the first time he'll have a full band accompanying him - that's according to Cookie himself and its part of the special Manila set list :) FYI, Cook's "Always be my baby" was the #1 song on Magic 89.9's year end countdown and other stations as well. You know its a hit song when you walk to busy Quiapo and all the speakers play that song.

David asked if we have the his record, yes! and if we listen until the end of the song because they'll perform "Kiss on the neck". SexXay!

Aside from his amazing voice, you can see and feel through his interaction, banters with the audience that he is a seasoned performer - a Rock god! David - you're born to do this!! In the middle of "Straight Ahead" a song from his Analog heart album, he went to the crowd, and went to take picture of the crowd and himself. He went back to stage with a manly giggle before picking up where he left of. The next song played was "Make Me" from his former band Midwest kings. I learned just yesterday that in the setlist it was supposed to be "Lie", I almost heard "Lie live" :( Another reason why Cook should come back to Manila!

Then he spoke about how he had no expectations when he released his album and then he found out that songs like "Avalanche" was played and did well in Manila. This song is awesome when played live. They did another cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Little Lies", I'm kinda familiar with this because of the Declaration Tour crumbs.
Before he sang "Come back to me", there was a banter with the memorable line "Salamat po so much" and David spotted a girl carrying a "Marry Me Neal poster". He dedicated the song to the "newlyweds". CBTM now stands for Come Back to Manila!
David and the EEB (Easy on the Eyes band) does an encore of "Light On", OMG live Bar-ba-sol where there were 40,000 heads bobbing and an epic ending with "A Daily Anthem". Just a side note, ADAm is a song written for David's brother who recently succumbed to Brain cancer so it was really an emotional song for him - he haven't been singing this song on his Declaration tour.
"Will you sing along Manila?"
I was just happy for him because he wrote this song pre-idol and that night 40,000 people from the other side of the world was singing along with him :)