Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Only Vampire I Want is Edward Cullen

Another fangirl moment post? LOL

New Moon will be shown on November but they're promoting it as if it will be shown next week. OMG, I just saw the shirtless Rob Pattinson shots from Italy. I'm just annoyed that they make me this excited and its still monthsss away!

They say that toxic people are like vampires because they suck the hell out of you. I say "The Only Vampire I Want to Suck My Blood/Life is Edward Cullen".

We all know that life is not perfect, as much as we want it to be. So I try to be a type of person who would rather see the goodness in everything amidst the drama and complications because I choose to be HAPPY than dwell on those shortcomings especially if I don't have a control about it. But then I often come across with toxic people, who are they?


Basically, toxic people are bad news because all they do is spread negativity
We are who we are but we can be influenced by who we hang out with - so choose your friends.

"Be positive instead of negative
Be compassionate not angry
Be generous not greedy
Be patient not anxious
Be happy, not lonely."

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