Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ginebra Kings back in the Finals

Brgy. Ginebra kings are back in the finals to defend their Fiesta cup crown. The kings was down 1-2 in the series but managed to win three straight games against the young Rain or Shine team.

Game 4 86 - 70
Game 5 96 - 85
Game 6 108 - 100


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Juno and Nanny Diaries

A friend once asked me why do I even bother buying original VCDs, well its discounted and why not?

I bought 2 CDs on sale for my Saturday weekend marathon.

CD#1 Nanny Diaries.
My Nanny Diaries book have been on my bookshelf and pending item on must read list for a while now and after seeing the movie adaptation, I think I finally have the urge to read it. Scarlette Johansen stars as Annie, who is fresh from college with an Anthropology degree. She finds herself immersing on a nanny job for the "X" family.

Lesson Learned: Don't confuse your career with your life.

CD #2 Juno
Juno is a critically acclaimed movie and definitely not your ordinary teen movie. The story revolves on Juno, a funny, snarky teenage girl who deals with "unwanted" teen pregnancy. It has a fun exchange of dialogues but it manages to send the message accross to be pro life without being preachy.
Lesson Learned: Be chaste or be safe. We always have a choice and we should stand by it.

Definetely a steal for 2 for P151 deal!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ginebra Kings back in the Game, Ties Series

I was out of town this weekend so I only had the game updates from the SMS of my dad, Ginebra won last friday to tie the semifinals series 1-1 and last Sunday Rain or Shine bounced back for a 2-1 lead. Tonight was the king's time to bounce back and tie the series to 2-2 via a 86-60 win.

The kings started slow with import Noel relying on low percentage shots and nothing brilliant happening on the court. But on the third quarter Jayjay Helterbrand and Ronald Tubid fired up the offense and that started their intensity defensive wise. The king's lead ballooned upto 20+ points and they eventually maintained it upto to last second of the game. Its back to square one, don't ever give up on the kings!

Oh my, MC47 is in the house! Actually he's been there, watching the live games with Jayjay's daughter since Friday, but I've been living in rock and I only knew this today. He's back in town, in cheerleader mode. That's a good start rather than no MC at all.

Anyway, here's Mark Caguioa's interview clip from Rob4Ginebra.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Book Ban!

I was walking aimlessly at Galleria today and I found a bookstore, National Bookstore's bestseller at the 4th level. Its a bookworm's haven, with a wide range of books and atmosphere comparable to Fully Booked and Powerbooks.

For my chick lit fix, I bought a new book from Cosmo, "My Imaginary Ex" and as brain food I bought Ricky Lee's "Para kay B".

Last thursday, I just bought the last book on Sophie Kinsella's Shopahollic series, "Shopaholllic and a Baby" and "Manhunting" by Jenniffer Cruisie on a thrift bookstore.
With 3 pending books on queue to read, I am officially on a book ban and should be meters away from bookstores.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Say No To Nukes!

GreenPeace Philippines have sent its message across to the Congress and its loud and clear - Say NO to nuclear power.!

According to Amalie Hamoy Obusan, Climate and Energy Campaigner, it started with an online petition then a protest ride from Morong, Bataan, the site of the controversial Bataan Nuclear Power Plant up to the Philippine Congress at Batasang Pambansa. The last stop is installing pinwheels (symbolizing renewable energy), at the front gates of Congress for all to see - the names of all the petitioners were included. *yes, I'm nodding at everyone who signed and participated.

Each congressmen were given an information pack where "thousands of concerned Filipinos have sent a clear message to the House of Representatives to reject any proposal for nuclear power in the country and instead enable massive uptake of renewable energy."

Many have abandoned their support for the bill but we know how things work in our country, we still need to be vigilant to ensure that this won't be signed behind our backs.

600 Pesos Can Change Lives

If your way to school or work is EDSA then you might be familiar with Sam Milby's billboard for World Vision where he was photographed with a kid.

World Vision Philippines has a Child Sponsorship program wherein you can help make a difference on a child's life. It only takes P20 a day, P600, $6 a month to take a little boy or girl back to school.

It pains me to see children, who are the future of this country, living on the streets. They are homeless and hungry. Having access to proper education, being able to eat, live in a child safe environment should be every children's right but in the Philippines its a priviledge.

Set aside P600 a month and bring a child back to school!

Check out World Vision's website or call 372-7777 :)