Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whats Next For Joo Ji Hoon

I'm so late on the news!

Only today that I've learned my favorite korean actor of Goong, The Devil, Antique Bakery and Naked Kitch fame, Joo Ji Hoon's drug scandal. He was apparently busted for drug use, ecstacy and another drug. Its so sad since in South Korea this is such a big taboo which can certainly equate to his career's downfall.

He already pleaded guilty and received his sentence. Apart from that he can kiss his role for Tokyo Tower goodbye and any other roles for that matter :( He was also banned by KBS. No excuses Joo Ji Hoon, you need to face the consequences.

What's Next For Joo Ji Hoon?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

UST Tigers Bounce Back Via Win Against UE

Photo credit Balls
After a sorry loss to defending champs Ateneo Blue Eagles, UST Tigers bounced back by winning againsts UE Warriors. The Tigers' 1-2 punch Dylan Ababou and Khasim Mirza led the team to this victory. Mirza waxed hot on the first quarter, scoring 8 of his 20 points while team captain Ababou scored 28 points. He scored the crucial points needed on the last quarter and even had the steal that capped the victory.

The first quarter ended with both teams scoring 24 all. On the second quarter, the Tigers held the Warriors to 12 points but they bounced back scoring 35 on the third. The fourth quarter was a see saw battle but when the Tigers got the lead back, they were poised to get their third win. UST's Ababou-Mirza combo, who scored 48 of the total score 92, got enough help from Allen Maliksi, Chris Camus and rookie Jeric Teng.

Final score was 92-88.The Tigers improved their standings to 3-1 and ties with FEU Tamarraws for the second place on the UAAP Men's basketball team standings.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Highs and Lows

Erik Menk and Jayjay Helterbrand accepting the 2nd place award.
I'm writing this with less than one minute remaining on game 7 of PBA Fiesta conference. Ginebra lost to SMB but I have to salute 2009 MVP Jayjay Helterbrand for being the lone bright spot amidst his hamstring injury. If only we can present the award again to Jayjay.

Still proud of the team because they overachieved with their depleted line up. Be well ASAP Caguioa!


It was in 1999 since the UST Tigers have had a 2-0 start. Now the Tigers are off on a blazing start after defeating NU and Adamson via the 1-2 punch of Dylan Ababou and Khasim Mirza. But next sunday will be the real test as they go against the defending champs Ateneo.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mirza Helps Tigers Get First Win

The duel between UST Tigers and Adamson Falcons was the first offering for UAAP Men's basketball's opening day. Khasim Mirza led the tigers to an 86-85 victory through a game long inside and outside shooting with 9/19, almost 50% field goal shooting. Mirza was a promising rookie who experieced a sophomore jinx last year, I hope he can be consistent this season. Dylan Ababou, who contributed 10 points, will need all the help he can get especially with the departure of key players former MVP Jervy Cruz, starting pontguard Japs Cuan and athletic wingmen Canlas, Taylor and Allera.
This year, the Tigers lost an inside threat and a stable guard, I hope this game was just a bad game for Jeric Fortuna because he needs to step up big time!
It was an exciting game, the Tigers led all game long until the last minutes wherein the Falcons almost catched up.
I'm loving the paws but we need better killer instinct! Go USTe!!!

Kikay and Pamper Kit

While having a coffee, my friend and I touched up on the topic of toiletries and how much girls - like us - spend on it. A regular guy, we thought, just needs shampoo, soap and deo. I've audited my pamper kit and here it goes
For hair:
Must have shampoo: Palmolive white pearls
conditioner: L'oreal Gloss or ever reliable cream silk blue
leave on: L'oreal anti frizz
For face:
cleanser: Olay or Body Shop Aloe cleanser
toner: Body shop aloe toner or Celeteque toner
moisturizer: Celeteque moisturizer
For Body
Victoria secret or Dove body wash, my new favorite Body shop strawberry polish and body butter!

Let's not even get into make-up. Oh well, back in the days, I can live by soap and shampoo but as I grew older, hopefully wiser, I've learned about these products that can really pamper and nourish me in different ways. Love your body, its the only one you've got.

Hooked on True Blood

Vampires will never go out of style!

After my Twilight mania,I've learned about another interesting show and I finally got a hold of my True Blood DVD. It is a sexy and addictive series from HBO. It has a unique plot wherein human coexist with vampires, it was still the early stage so there are various civil and political issues mostly centered on equal rights and public safety. The Japanese have discovered a synthetic blood that's why vamps can now go "mainstream".

The lead character is Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Pacquin), who like Twilight's Edward Cullen can read or hear people's minds. She tries not to use this "gift" to everyone especially to people dear to her but it takes a lot of effort. That's why it was a breath of fresh air when she met Bill Compton, a brooding vampire that she can't hear.

It was hard for Bill to fit in a small town expecially when succeeding killings happened. Sookie has been alarmed since the first 2 killed were her friends and at one point were dated by his hot but gullible brother Jason.

The next tragedy was when the Stachhouse' grandmother, the one who raised the sibblings was found dead on their kitchen. Bill was the suspect while Jason and the townfolks have another thing in their minds. They thought that that was supposed to be Sookie since all of the girls associated with the vampires were killed.

I'm off to watch the rest of the episodes!

I love the soundtrack and the subplots. I'm excited to watch Eric, the Vulture like vampire.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

JayJay Heltebrand 2009 PBA MVP

Time flies, a year ago Jayjay Helterbrand and Mark Caguioa proved to be the team's best backcourt tandem and last night after literaly carrying the Brgy Ginebra team on his back, Mr Fast was awarded as the Most Valuable Player - he is the 2nd player next to Eric Menk to win this most coveted award for the Ginebra franchise. I've read that he had 3000+ statistical points and the Arwind Santos trails by a big margin, he had 700+ points.

The Menk-Helterbrand-Caguioa era of Ginebra is probably the most successful batch as they have garnered
4 championships

2004 Fiesta Conference
2004 Philippine Cup
2006 Philippine Cup
2008 Fiesta Cup

and is currently vying for their 5th, with the 2009 Fiesta cup series tied 2 all

MVP awards

Menk 2004-2005
Helterbrand 2008-2009

Best Player of the Conference
Menk 2004 Fiesta, 2005 Philippine Cup
Helterbrand 2008,2009 Fiesta Cup
Caguioa 2006 Philippine Cup

along the way. Here's to hoping that Mark's turn to become MVP will be next year :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ginebra Lives & Dies with Threes and Defense

For the 2009 Fiesta cup the barometors for Ginebra Kings' chances in winning is their good defense and prolific three points scoring. That was the key factors on their Game 1 & 3 wins and the missing link on their game 2 loss.
Coach Jong Uichico have combined his defense oriented style and Ginebra's good old run and gun plus outside shooting to make the kings evolve into a very potent team vying to defend their crown.
Here's to hoping for better outside shooting, great defense on the next two games! *crossing my fingers