Monday, August 31, 2009

Disconnection Notice

Being disconnected online because of laptop and PC failure means being more productive!
For the past couple of weeks we've been bringing the PC to a shop much to my father's dismay because of video card failure and Trojan virus problem->extremely annoying! My twitter account which I use to follow celebs (lol) was hacked! And then my laptop had its problems too, after its warranty expired :( To fix the broken DVD drive, fan and loose screws costs me a new mini laptop but then its my first investment so I prefered to fix it rather than buy a new one.
So after DVDs, books marathons, friends and family bonding. I'm back online and guess what David Cook is finally on twitter! Lol, he never fails to mention that he dont want to join the craze but someone shoved it to his throat, maybe or maybe not!?
Its expensive to have blurred vision :(
Its so sad when I had an eye checkup and I cant see some slides,so now I have to wear corrective glasses and contacts (much to my nanay's dismay).

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cyrus Baguio Fangirl Post

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I just finished watching Team Pilipinas' game against South Korea where the latter team won 69-56. Both teams entered the game with flawless record of 2-0. Team Pilipinas won a blow out game - 80 points +- against Sri Lanka and had a tight contest with Japan yesterday. In tonight's game (morning in China), I was worried because South Korea is a powerhouse team and Filipino basketball fans have a collective bad memory with the team that snatched a dream away. *wipes tears lol

Team Pilipinas have played catch up all game long but they failed. They had the opportunity but they were shooting poorly on the free throws and on the long range shots. As several basketball experts declared, you need potent outside shooting as part of your arsenal to succeed on international games. Genetics is not on our side, we are not as tall or built wide like the Europeans or Americans so outside shooting is very vital to our campaign.

On tonight's game surprisingly, the team got it's points inside through Cyrus Baguio and Jared Dillinger's daredevil drives and Asi had his moments too. But as we can see on the game's outcome (53-69) Team Pilipinas cannot live by that alone, we are not lucky enough to convert inside on every possession especially when the Korean Bonel Balingit look a like is waiting for you. He's big and cannot be ignored.

The game's outcome would've favored our way if only.. If only.. I can think of many reasons but that still doesn't count because it didn't happen.

I'm still satisfied because the team can compete at Korea's level it's just too bad.. no more excuses.

As Cyrus Baguio's fan, I'm really happy that he's part on the national team and on the past three games he has proven his worth. I can only speak about his FIBA Asia stint because I haven't watched the Jones Cup at all.

I'm lucky enough to watch Cyrus play for the UST Tigers. He played his late year in UAAP when I was a freshman, the year before that coach Aric chose to sit him out. It was the first and only season, on my 4 years at UST that the Men's basketball team made it to the Final Four. (Of course they had to win a championship the following year after I graduated!). As a big basketball fan, its amazing to watch Cyrus, an athletic 6'l lanky player who displays his swagger through his dunks or hang time moves. During that season, we might not win a game but I bet he had a highlight play or two.

I also watched his stint on the PBL where he played in Kutitap and other teams owned by Lamoiyan Corporation. I think with Peter June Simon, they led a team to a championship. I remembered convincing my bestfriend to stay up late to watch his games.

When he joined the PBA draft in 2003, I wished that Ginebra will take him but I'm still happy that he was drafted by RebBull surprisingly on the second round, 14th overall. PBA's 2003 rookie class is amazing by the way but the pick was too low.

Of course, the usual rookie route is to sit out on the bench until the coach trusts you. Luckily, he had Coach Yeng as his mentor, he was given a support role and he made the best out of it IMO. When the team's main men like Villanueva, Penissi, Tugade, Miller, etc were traded Cyrus had his moment to prove his worth. He became the team's main offensive option and became a bonafide all star. In 2004 I was happy to watch Cyrus play in a championship series, too bad he was playing against my favorite team, Ginebra who eventually won the Fiesta cup.

In 2008 Baguio was traded to Air 21 Express together with his then Red bull teammate Celino Cruz. I'm not sure if he also played against the Gin kings on the 2008 finals - which Ginebra won:) In the same year, he was also named as part of the Team Pilipinas.

Fast forward to 2009, more than 5 years in the making, Cyrus Baguio is now on Ginebra's roster via a trade with his second team Air 21. He was a late addition in the king's campaign and sadly no notable contributions on the 2009 Fiesta Cup Finals - where Ginebra lost to San Miguel. But I can imagine the possibilities of Mark Caguioa, Jayjay Helterbrand and Cyrus Baguio on one team.

Honestly, I've just watched the highlights of Team Pilipinas' game versus Sri Lanka so I can't personally have a strong opinion on those but I've read on forum, news and my dad told me that he was a focal point of the first game. On the otherhand, I've watched the game versus Japan and Korea I observed that Cyrus have the right confidence to play, he's slashing inside when he have an opportunity but he's not forcing his shots. Plus he gracefully made hard shots to evade defenders or finished fastbreaks amazingly which I bet impressed even the opponents.

I'm just proud of him, like a mother lol Not because of age, he's older than me, but because I've watched his growth as a player. He used to be a fancy highlight making collegiate player but Coach Yeng Guiao have developed him a complete player, adding defense and perimeter shots in his arsenal. But of course he cant help to make beautiful sky walking shots, it just comes out naturally :P

I wish Team Pilipinas goodluck, good health, better decision making for the coaches, better shot selection and percentage for the players. Prayers, that's all I, we can give.

Game Schedule:
Aug 10 4PM Vs. Chinese Taipei
Aug 11 11AM vs. Iran
Aug 12 9AM vs. Kuwait

God bless Team Pilipinas!

UST Tigers End 1st Round with 4-3 Record

The UST Tigers played a game on every UAAP game day this week since Sunday against the Green archers, Thursday against FEU Tamaraws and today against UP Maroons.

They have lost back to back on the early part of the week but had a come from behind win against the Maroons, 95-85. UP started the game hot leaving the Tigers to play catch up until the tail end of the 3rd quarter.

UST's regular 1-2 punch or the "Yum Doubles Duo", Ababou and Mirza, got a big lift from rookie Jeric Teng who scored 22 points with 8 rebounds spread on the earlier part of the game. Dylan Ababou is back with 22 points and 8 rebounds coming from a disappointing game against FEU. He's been consistent on 6 out of 7 games, scoring in double digits and leading the young UST team.

Khasim Mirza only had 3 points on the first half but had an explosive 2nd half. He scored 22 points and grabbed 7 rebounds. He also shot the dagger 3 pointer that was sooo far from the regular three point line. I saw the relief in his face maybe because a.Dylan already fouled out at that point b. the Maroons were threatening to comeback c. he just had a crucial turnover or d. all of the above. What a dramatic way to redeem himself! Props to Fortuna and Camus for their silent but consistent contributions.

On the start of the season, UST was tagged as a dark horse and perceived to win only against the 3 lower ranked teams. With this in mind, I could say that they overachieved so far but for that's not an excuse to be overconfident. I think the formula is to have Ababou and Mirza score big time consistently and have a 3rd, 4th or even 5th guy to step up. Both can score but not enough to beat the powerhouse teams. The second round is another ball game and hopefully the team can improve and peek at the right time.

Its St. Dominic's feast day today. Viva Sto Tomas!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Breakfast With Tiffany's, a Classic!

I've only seen Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast with Tiffanys but with her beauty, grace and acting skills no wonder she's 60's IT girl!

Audrey Hepburn plays Holly Golightly, a gold digger who establishes a friendship with Paul Varjak (George Peppard ), a struggling writer slash socialite's "kept" man. This unique friendship between different individuals soon blossomed to true love but Holly's eyes is set on marrying a rich man, so is there a hope between the two?

I really appreciate old Hollywood glamor as shown by Audrey Hepburn's character. There's one time she wore a white shapeless shirt but she's still gorgeous!

Audrey as Holly is very natural and sophisticated at the same time.

New York is a character itself, the city is so alive in day or night scenes!

Breakfast with Tiffany's is a classic film not because of its antiquity but because of its strong identifiable characters and plot.

Rob Pattinson in How to Be

Before Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson played, Arthur in an indie film How to Be where he won a best actor award on Strasbourg Film Festival Award.

Art is a twentysomething young man suffering in life crisis. His girlfriend broke up with him, he sucks in his job, he can't even finish his composed song. Then he found himself moving back to his parent's house.

To get out of his unhappy state, he turned to self help books and hired a life guru - who is not the ordinary therapist because Dr. Elvis lived with Art and his parents for a week in their quest to figure out how to heal his soul.

I love the ideals from How To Be. Our happiness depends on 3 things family, friends - the family you choose and our self.

I love this film because it showed Robert's musical side, his character Art is a struggling musician who plays acoustic guitar with his techno digital instruments playing bandmates/friends . Overall, its an entertaining, super funny film! Plus I got to hear Rob Pattinson's talking and speaking in his to die for British accent for more that 80 minutes.