Monday, August 31, 2009

Disconnection Notice

Being disconnected online because of laptop and PC failure means being more productive!
For the past couple of weeks we've been bringing the PC to a shop much to my father's dismay because of video card failure and Trojan virus problem->extremely annoying! My twitter account which I use to follow celebs (lol) was hacked! And then my laptop had its problems too, after its warranty expired :( To fix the broken DVD drive, fan and loose screws costs me a new mini laptop but then its my first investment so I prefered to fix it rather than buy a new one.
So after DVDs, books marathons, friends and family bonding. I'm back online and guess what David Cook is finally on twitter! Lol, he never fails to mention that he dont want to join the craze but someone shoved it to his throat, maybe or maybe not!?
Its expensive to have blurred vision :(
Its so sad when I had an eye checkup and I cant see some slides,so now I have to wear corrective glasses and contacts (much to my nanay's dismay).

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