Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rob Pattinson in How to Be

Before Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson played, Arthur in an indie film How to Be where he won a best actor award on Strasbourg Film Festival Award.

Art is a twentysomething young man suffering in life crisis. His girlfriend broke up with him, he sucks in his job, he can't even finish his composed song. Then he found himself moving back to his parent's house.

To get out of his unhappy state, he turned to self help books and hired a life guru - who is not the ordinary therapist because Dr. Elvis lived with Art and his parents for a week in their quest to figure out how to heal his soul.

I love the ideals from How To Be. Our happiness depends on 3 things family, friends - the family you choose and our self.

I love this film because it showed Robert's musical side, his character Art is a struggling musician who plays acoustic guitar with his techno digital instruments playing bandmates/friends . Overall, its an entertaining, super funny film! Plus I got to hear Rob Pattinson's talking and speaking in his to die for British accent for more that 80 minutes.

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