Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fangirl moment

After eating Korean Popsicles with my friends, I went straight to Galleria. I finally had the itch to check out the new store beabi. I checked out the items which were actually my kind of stuffs - organizers, kikay kits - and then when I looked sideways I was surprised to see Jayjay Helterbrand! *fan girl mode. I was like "oi jayjay, kakagulat ka naman!" lol first of all feeling close, second I was speaking in Tagalog (I think he understood because he kinda smiled). Then I looked around, there's only 3 people, my idol and the what the heck? I said, "kakahiya naman pero picture?"
After that I thanked him and said goodluck on their game on Friday. We proceeded to the cashier to pay and few fans saw him from the store window and asked for photos. He's so accomodating :) too bad I can't post our photo because my laptop is broken again.

From a very pleasant surprise - I had a not so pleasant experience on my way home - a school in our area caught fire. I didn't mind the traffic caused by that I'm just really scared of fire and it's consequences.

Staying in your local parlor for about 15 minutes is enough to give you an update of the neighborhhod's status :)

Alternatives for pinoy ballers - Ababou in Smart Gilas and Mirza in Philippine Patriots!

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