Friday, August 06, 2010

Isn't it ironic, don't you think

Sometimes series of events have its weird way of unfolding to make us realize what matters.

She parted ways with someone whom she thought was the one and it was a bad ending. She was devastated, she blamed him for neglecting what she has done for him. She was angry because of the promises that he broke, for not standing by her side when she needed him most. She was hurt because he made her come to a point that she had to threw everything away.

Months later, after buckets of tears and beers she found herself in an ironic situation.

She became the friend who had to join a pal in drowning his sorrow because he fought with his girlfriend. She was the friend who see's her guy friend's crumbling relationship and she's unsure if she would advice him to go try and fix it. Now, she's the friend of a guy who wants to jump in a new relationship even if it's barely a week that they broke up. She's suddenly a bystander in a familiar scenario and odd as it seems she understands how he could just throw their years together without solid second thoughts.

She found it funny to be part of the same situation because she was once the girlfriend who was hurt because her boyfriend was busy hanging out with her girl best friend while they have an unresolved issue. She was the girlfriend who wanted to talk things through to save what they have even though she knew they'll end up fighting. She was the ex girlfriend who felt numb when she found out that he already had someone new although it was barely a month that they broke up.

What a twist of fate! She was sad to see another couple go through the same experience but at least a lesson was learned. She has now accepted that she too had her share of mistakes. She can now smile and remember their great times together instead of dwelling on how they drifted apart. And now when someone asks what happened between her and the boy she used to love, she can now say that it was meant to be but maybe it was never meant to last.

Cyrus Baguio, UST Tigers, PBA Finals

Balls post.

Cyrus Baguio's defensive stance against Eric Menk ended Brgy. Ginebra's season and his end game steal sealed Alaska's finals stint much to TNT & MVP's dismay.

Earlier this season he was traded from Ginebra to Aalaska. What a sweet revenge to eliminate your former team and lead your new team to a possible championship. I'm a Ginebra fan but on this upcoming finals match between Alaska Aces and San Miguel Beermen, I'm rooting for the former. Sure, I had bad memories of Alaska team in my childhood -they were Ginebra's rival - but I like Tim Cone's system over the beermen's all star ladden line up.


UST Tigers are exceeding expectations with 3-3 record, quota na! To think that they were ranked 8th by experts because of several valid points - veterans Ababou & Mirza graduated and the team opted out on preseason tournaments.

The UAAP's MBT 1st round is about to end and UST's remaining game is against FEU Tamarraws, the number 1 team whose proven that they're not only strong in papers. Its gonna be a tough game for the tigers but who knows if it rains enough 3's to give FEU their first loss. Aside from school spirit blah blah I really want the tigers to win just to watch coach Pido's humble, highlarious post game interviews.