Sunday, December 11, 2011

Geek but Sweet Wedding Proposal: Abi Please Say Yes

As a hopeless romantic, I got so kilig but confused when my friend Titony asked me to be a part of his wedding proposal to his long term girlfriend Abi. Hmm, I dont know how to sing or play piano so what could be my possible contribution?

Then he opened his macbook and showed me a website, the domain name says it all

My contribution? He asked me to check the page, proofread and help spread the word on the night of his proposal. I was laughing real hard even if Titony was busy adding me on the wordpress account. What a geek thing to do, but very sweet indeed.

I've known them for a year and a half so I'm really happy to be part of this surprise. One of the most memorable time with them was early this year, we were walking on Meralco Avenue in Ortigas to look for Banchetto. It was my fault, I wasn't informed that it was transferred to another venue, fortunately they gamely walked on the empty street with me. Such a nice couple, I wish you both the best! For now, Abi, please say yes!!!

Credits to:
Lou for the graphics
Pau for deleting the screenshot ;)


Monday, December 05, 2011

HongKong Experience: Winter, Trains and Walkathon

It was our first time to travel abroad together and this trip was 1 year in the making - my brother and I bought a piso sale from CebuPacific =)

I arranged the itinerary with SL travel agency, we paid at least 12k each for our 4days/3nights accommodation, airport and hotel transfer, City tour, Disneyland and Ocean park pass. The trip served as my sister's 18th birthday celebration, good thing she chose to push through with this instead of a debut party

We arrived at the airport by 10:30 PM but due to long lines on the immigration, we went to the tourist pick up place by 11:30. Fortunately, my contact was not a scam LOL. We waited for other passengers and arrived on Rambler Garden Hotel by 12:30am. We were so hungry so we decided to take a cab to look for a resto, unfortunately people dont really speak English on that area. We headed back to the hotel, still hungry.
Day 2. We were expecting a buffet but our package only included a sandwich and coffee breakfast. Anyway, we are in HongKong so there's no room for bad vibes.

Our tourist shuttle arrived by 8am, we had a tour guide who gave trivias about the city. We had a quick stop on Avenue of the Stars, midlevel of Victoria Peak and we even rode a boat for additional PHP600/100HKD. It was also the time that I bought pasalubongs like pens, mirrors and bottle openers. I spent at least $500HKD or PHP3,000 on these pasalubongs, the bottle openers are such a hit to my male buddies.

My mom's favorite stop was the tour at the Jewelry Factory. She only bought 1 item but the price is equivalent to everything that I spent! I had a "bibo" moment when I joined a trivia contest during the orientation, I even won an emerald stone. It turned out to be a trap because I need to pay PHP500 so that it can be made into a pendant. Anyway, that was a fun experience!

By 1:30, we were famished and finally dropped to Disneyland. As expected it was magical, I felt like a kid again. Everyone should experience the magic of Disney. Unfortunately, my dad was so tired and it was not his thing so he decided to sleep LOL
We immediately looked for a resto! We first saw the Corner Cafe and my dad said forget the price, lets go inside! So we ordered a 3 course meal - salad, steak, ice cream - and when we got the bill, surprise PHP12k! I told my mom, the money we saved last night is added to our lunch bill LOL. I actually promised to treat them for lunch but I passed on this one.

After an expensive meal, we now had the energy to shop and explore Disneyland! We caught the parade and I honestly teared up. But it was happy tears, it took me 26 years to experience it :) We rode the carousel, took photos with the Disney gang, road the train and capped the tiring day with the fireworks show.

We went back to the hotel by 10pm and we were too exhausted to go to the night market. We only had 1 meal for that day, looking for restos is not an option based on last night's experience. Fortunately, we discovered the 7/11 store on the hotel!

Day 3. We explored the Ocean Park. It was winter and I was wearing the wrong clothes LOL. The Ocean park was set in 2 islands which added on the coldness *brrrr.

The Ocean Park is so big!! We rode the Tower and we saw how vast the are is. I think we only explored 1/4 of the place, you will need at least 2 days to enjoy everything. The highlights for me are riding the cable car and seeing a Panda!!!
We ate at the Panda Cafe which is more affordable compared to Disneyland's restos. A rice meal with 2 viands and Haagen Daz ice cream costs PHP500 or $90HKD.

By 5:00PM, we went back to Olympic City to shop. By 11PM we officially dropped, I begged off to look for that Mongkok Night Market. My foot already hurt so bad from a walkathon on 2 malls. 3 train stations earlier, were back to the hotel to pack our things. We tried to sleep and catch our 8am flight.
A funny anecdote is that we were stuffed with caffeine on the entire trip although we were famished most of the times.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Remember November 2011

November is always a memorable month and this year is not an exception!

All Souls Day. Nothing beats eating breakfast with the entire family at Cabiao then the traditional visit at the cemetery - where time is so slow. It was a great bonding time minus the stress from the "puppy" and the expected NLEX holiday traffic.

Ironic. Im usually a morning person but when I'm required to be early, its an automatic snoozefest.

Single Girl. Taken Prospect. I want a "real" lovelife!

Vouchers. Its time to claim the vouchers! Batangas getaway for my parents, a new watch for me and my sister plus paper guitars for inaanaks!

One Thing. It was a fun way to get to know each other through the "tell us something that people don't know about you" game.

Movies! This month, I watched 3 blockbuster films, "No other woman", "Praybeyt Benjamin" and finally, "Breaking Dawn"! Still on the vampire theme, I watched "Interview With the Vampire" and the live action movie for Beck!

Fail Whales. The day I decided to wash my clothes, it rained real hard. Then the horror experience to get a Cignal Cable.:(

Lee Min Ho!! I'm hooked to "City Hunter", the 3rd Lee Min Ho series that I've watched.

Docu. I've watched Shark docus to snipers and Steve Jobs life.

Yey! Christmas commitee = free lunch.

Cuebs. It was great to catch up with Cuebs, even if it meant going home at 11pm after his dinner treat with so much wedding preparation/condo stories.

Its the hair. Hello again nice hair! Kevin's cut is the best hahaha

Birthdays. This month we celebrated my mom and sibbling's birthday. We finally tried dining at Yakimix, it was a sulit food trip. We paid 750 per pax for a wide selection of Japanese food and desserts. We also had a "cake" fest day for Lou bear!

Bucket List. I can now check watching a musical!

Nomnom. Sinangag express is the best place for cheap but yummy tapsilog meal but be sure to beat the lunch time! A great find is the Omurice from Kim'n'Chi at G4. For 10pesos per pax we had a fun pancit canton party.

Sweet. Got a pasalubong from Joni's Korea trip and random sweet gift from Jobelle.

Hoarding. Bought 4 Korean starbucks planner for myself and my cousins! <3

Art attack for the room design contest!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Want A Filipino Beck!!

I wasnt a big anime fan but back in the days, I watched "Beck" from AXN because my college days crush Yael Yuzon of SpongeCola, along with Rico Blanco dubbed the rock themed anime.

When I learned about Beck Live Action, I made sure to watch it ASAP and it was a blast! It was funny, entertaining and inspiring all at the same time, and I should mention that the actors spoke English very well. I really hope to have a Filipino "Beck" in terms of talent and passion.

Spoiler Alert: My favorite Beck Moments

As Ray said, great bands dont just need skilled members. Chemistry is also important. It was by chance that their band was formed and together they explored where music can take them.

Of course, every band needs a name. They got their name from Ray's "pet"..Beck!

Koyuki was an ordinary teenager but his life changed when he met Ryusuke
and his sister Maho

to be continued

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Suessical the Musical" Experience

Another voucher claimed for a new experience - Repertory Children Theater's Suessical the Musical.

Its on my bucket list to watch a musical and/or a play. I was happy to stumble upon - hmm actually, I check my voucher sites everyday - a P180 instead of P300 balcony seats deal for the 2:30pm show at OnStage Greenbelt.

Why Suessical? The musical by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty is based from Dr. Suess' books. According to the booklet, which I bought separately for P60, he wrote 46 books for children but Suessical is an adaptation of "Horton Hatches the Egg" and "Horton Hears a Who".

"Seussical begins with a little kid (Jojo) discovering a strange hat which has been left on the empty stage. He wonders about the hat, picks it up, an up pops a cat wearing the hat (the Cat) who convinces him that it is wonderful to think. The two of them proceed to think up characters and create a story. The characters and the story cone alive onstage."
Certainly its a play for the kids and the kids at heart, like me. The characters the stood out are
Jojo the imaginative kid, The cat in the hat, who encourages Jojo to create and to dream, Horton the elephant, Gertrude the bird with one feather tail, Mayzie la bird, Mr & Mrs Mayor and the people of Whoville.

Although the characters are supposed to be animals, the costumes are not literal. Instead , they used representations on their costumes and the corresponding animal gesture. It was very lively and colorful, such a wonderful experience. My other favorite part is the surprise representations for "Solla Sollew".

Experience it yourself, Suessical the Musical will run until December 2011. =)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lego's Christmas City - Landmarks

My sister and I was way too early for the Breaking Dawn screening, fortunately we saw Lego's Christmas City exhibit at SM North EDSA's The Block. My favorite set are the famous landmarks made from, guess what, Lego blocks!

The Eiffel Tower! I hope I can see the real tower within this lifetime =)
The real Petronas Twin Tower doesn't have the "Please do not touch" sign =P

Thailand's Bank of Asia
Our very own Luneta Park

China's Tienanmen's Square
Taipei 101
Japan's Tokyo Tower

The Great Wall of China!
Singapore's Merlion

If you're in my past, please stay there!

I don't know what's with this month but for some reason I received a drunk call and unwanted SMS from people from my past. I don't want to sound so bitter but there's a reason why they are in my past and they should just stay there.

#NowListening to Eraserheads' With a Smile to bring back the good vibes=)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Love-Hate Relationship with Vouchers


I love discounts!!!

So I am the perfect "target market" of these online coupon/voucher sites. Its so easy to do, I can browse the deal sites on my phone and in a minute I can be on the checkout page, entering my credit card details.

I've pampered myself in a considerable budget as I used discounted coupons for "diamond peel", "body scrub", and "hair treatments!" I've experienced budget "Gold's gym membership",
"paintball" and "musical play".
I've started my online Christmas shopping last September, I've completed my gifts for my godsons and goddaughters. I just need to wait for the claim date.

I've bought birthday gifts for my mom and siblings. After a very satisfactory Davao experience from Metrodeal, I've bought several travel deals for the family, a HongKong trip and Boracay vacation for March 2012. If you are the type of person who can "wait" for the claim date, then these promos are also for you=)


I don't like having debts and I plan to be debt free by January 2012!

I really need to swipe wisely!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Octoberfest 2011

I've spent the first two days of this month in lovely Davao and it was a big sign that a great month is coming up!

Pampered myself! "There are no ugly girls just lazy" and "I want to dress up how I imagined myself to look like at 26!" These are my two motto for October.

Simple Joys. Sometimes we can get so caught up with life but we need to catch up with family and friends. I'm happy to be there for them thru text and skype, small meaningful chitchat about their storm experience, or shared stories over dinner or booze night!

Surprise! Its always great to throw surprise birthday and send off parties for friends!

Love & Hate relationships.
Vouchers and Empires & Allies. Enough said!

Sports fan! 2 amazing games from Ginebra and the best is yet to come because it could be the Fast and the Furious' final conference together. I'm so happy to watch Dylan Ababou play great in the PBA. Also, what a final game of the year(?) for the Azkals!

Something new.
I'm hooked to Pitz' Guyabano Tanduay Ice, if only I could remember to drink it moderately.
I tried paintball with friends and I got 2 remarkable pasa! What a remembrance =)
I love the new update, IOS5 is worth it!
We dressed up as the angels of death for Halloween \m/

Something blue.
Hello again, Lee Min Ho! City Hunter <3
1 dark chocolate a day, makes the sleepiness go away =)
I heart tumblr!
Whew, Heart of Mine is a good read! Its been six months since I last finished a book!

Nomnom. Yema cake, Indian snacks, panda candies, pancit canton, countless pizza and Amber's feeding program! Thank you Lord for my fast metabolism.

DIY projects. Worked on my Scrapbook again and the endless DIY HK itinerary!

It was a very productive month indeed.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Heart Halloween Parties

I enjoy Halloween parties simply because you can dress and glam up to pretend as someone for a a night! Last year, I dressed up as "meisha", a modern geisha. Witty no? I rented the entire geisha costume with knife and bamboo sandals from my friend, Tyni Bebols. This year, the theme is for group costumes. We were supposed to be the navy themed, dangkal shorts clad KPop group"Girls Generation".

photo credit:

Unfortunately, we had a hard time contacting cosplayers who would allow us to rent their costumes. Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise because we super enjoyed dressing up as angels of death and my pasa from paintball wouldn't fit that costume!

Actually, I already bought a white trench coat out of excitement so when we changed our theme my goal is to have a "Less than PHP500 budget for DIY Angel of Death Costume".
my peg!
PHP150.00 - Black dress from UkayUkay
PHP170.00- White wings
PHP50.00 - black paint and brush
PHP40.00 - Christmas ornament turned hair accessory

Goal completed! =) As for my white trench coat, I'll use it on my HK trip <3

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Classic Never Say Die Ginebra Kings

Watch how Ginebra managed to snatch a win from Powerade Tigers!

With 14 seconds remaining, Jayjay Helterbrand passed the ball to Mark Caguioa who scored a basket and cut the lead to 1 point.

Mark was having a bad shooting night. It can be Jayjay's last conference. So at that moment, win or lose, I was just happy to see a rare The Fast & The Furious connection.

On Powerade's possesion, Gary David was fouled and fortunately he missed both freethrows.

With 12 seconds left, Ginebra was down by 1 point, 71-72.

Jayjay Helterbrand successfully crossed the half court and decided to take the winning shot. He missed the layup but Mark's follow up saved the day!

My dad and I screamed like crazy as we watch the Ginebra kings pile up to Mark and Jayjay who were laying on the floor. It felt like we won a championship!

In reality, the kings improved their record to 2-2 but I still think we badly need a big man! I also believe in coach Siot's strategy of giving a chance to the younger players because the future should start now!


Who would've thought that 4 days after, Ginebra Kings will again erase a 5 point lead. But this time, they needed extra 5 minutes to win the game against Shopinas. The never say die attitude lives on!\m/

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sulit Alert: Chef Laudico's BFast Buffet

Life can really get so toxic so Im grateful to have friends around. My college barkada and I planned to see each other at least once or twice a month. For a year now we've been trying out different restos while we catch up with each other's lives.

This week we decided to eat at Chef Laudico's BFast in Ayala Triangle, it was actually our third time to eat there. I was set to have my Angus tapa silog fix but I was offered to try the buffet=) It didnt take a lot to convince me because it was a sulit deal - PHP288 for the selection of BFast menu + bottomless iced tea.

My first plate: Fried rice, Pork Sisig, Angus Tapa and Special Beef Stew

2nd plate: Another cheesy bacon pasta and green pasta.

3rd plate: Rice cake and to die for Brownies

If i wasnt so full i would like to try the burger but there's a p100 fee for not finishing your plate.

I heard they offer it on lunch or dinner. Its definitely a must try =)

5 Reasons to Update to IOS5

On the day of the release of IOS5, my geek friends were giddy to complete the OS update. I, on the otherhand, scheduled it on a lazy sunday, after my DIY yoga and church time. The thing with Apple update is its almost always a long process!

After 5 hours, I finally finished updating to IOS5. Good thing Apple still included 3gs phones on this update. Thank you Apple!

It is evident that the latest update is more on improving the efficiency rather than the flashy side. Here are the top five reasons why its worth updating into ios5

1. iMessage
Hmm everyone loves freebies! iMessage allows you to send an SMS or MMS for Free a long as your iphone is connected to a wifi network or 3G.

2.Yey to discrete notifications!
No more disruptive alert messages. Those were the days when I was playing Tilt To Live and in the middle of an intense run, a text message interrupts the game and when you go back to the game. Boom! Game over.

3. Additional Camera button
Ok so no need to blindly guess where is that capture icon =)

4. Instant edit
3GS' camera specs are not the best out there so its really handy!

5. To do/ reminder's list
I'm the type who loves making lists. I think its a good way to keep track of what i need to do and the priorities. So this app is one cool addition

Must check:

*Videos - The videos are now segregated. Hmm I haven't tried it because I've been loyal to Azul, a paid app for videos

Good job Apple!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Global Gutz Paintball Experience

I always wanted to try something new, so when I saw a paintball deal I happily bought it! It was a good deal, we paid PHP199 instead of PHP500 for an all day pass to any Global Gutz. That included the full gear, equipment and 20 bullets.

My friends and cousins agreed to try the Global Gutz branch at Lamesa Eco park because we wanted to try rapelling and zipline as well. We reserved the 3-6 pm slot on a Saturday afternoon but we turned up at around quarter to 4 =)

We were late but the people from Global Gutz are still accommodating, thank you guys! We had to pay additional PHP50/pax for the Eco park entrance fee and PhP2.50 each for extra paint balls. The paintball area have a good setup and it automatically triggered our adrenalin.

Tips and tricks. One good tip is, wear the proper attire to complement your gear. It should be color black or dark brown or anything that can blend on nature - no orange or yellow please. You should also wear the right shoes so that you'll concentrate on the game rather than on slipping or losing your slippers. And don't wear shorts especially if you have fair complexion - or you'll end up like me, an easy target! I have salonpas and bruises to support that statement! To be fair, I thought the gear included pants as seen on the promotional photo =) That's my excuse!

Girls 2- Boys 1. Anyway, each round lasted for 15 minutes and it was the longest 15 minutes everrrr! The 3rd and last round was held around quarter to 6pm so it was very dark and we cant see anything! Also, it turned out that 20 bullets wasnt enough for trigger happy first timers so we gladly paid for 75 bullets more per person.

Everyone should try it! We sweat a lot for 45 minutes of paintball action, its a great exercise and builds a different bond with family and friends! Its definitively something that I'll try again!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Super Ababou sa PBA

The only time that Im not disappointed with a Ginebra Kings loss is when it was because of a breakout game of a former UST King Tiger (Cyrus Baguio, Jojo Duncil, Jervy Cruz, Dylan Ababou and Allein Maliksi.

I think Im biased to say that he is the most underrated rookie. I sighed as teams passed on him, he was picked #10 in the first round of this year's PBA draft. He had a good stint at Smart Gilas Pilipinas national team but was overshadowed by other players in the same position, Lutz-Lassiter-Hontiveros (I think).

His breakout game last Wednesday against Ginebra is a great reminder that Dylan Ababou was part of the 2006 UST Tigers champion team, he was cited as the 6th man awardee. Three years later, he dominated the UAAP and became the 2009 Senior MBT MVP.

I don't know if its a blessing or a curse that he is in a so-so PBA team but I really hope that he can show everyone how talented he is. He deserves it, I think even non-Thomasians will agree with me on that;)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Budget Davao Experience

Fortunately, our too-good-to-be-true travel promo from was not a scam! We love you MetroDeal!!!! It was a budget Davao trip, we bought a voucher for P3750 for accomodations, breakfast and van transfers and discounted CebuPac tickets for P2800!

I just completed one of my goals in my bucket list, visit at least one place in Visayas (Cebu, Bohol) and Mindanao(Davao)!

Day 1: Touchdown Davao, Nature Trip!

We landed on Davao International Airport by 2pm, we rented a van that took us to Davao Crown Regency. We were surprised to see that the daily rate for our room is P3k!!! After checking in and freshening up, the hotel van brought us to Davao Crocodile Farm, we learned that the Zipline is is only until 4pm so we rented a cab to go to Zip City.

Although it was my 3rd time to try a ZipLine ride, I got scared because we had to do it solo! We had an early dinner at Dencio's Kabayan, we learned that it was their last day as a resto because it will be converted into a hotel. Anyway after that we headed back to Crocodile Farm, it was weird experience to have a nature tour at night! We saw the different life stages of crocodiles! We missed the butterfly house and Tribu K' Minadnawan Cultural Village because of time constraint.

Day 2: Buwis buhay - White Water Rafting!!!

The scheduled activity for our 2nd day is only Wild Water Adventure and I now understand why. Our hotel van drove us back to Crocodile Farm for briefing then we had a more than an hour jeepney ride to Davao River. Thanks to our amazing guide, kuya Johnny. It was an unforgettable experience!

Day 3: Amazing race!

Our last day on Davao is also the busiest! We checked out of the hotel and went to the port. We went island hopping and snorkeling at Samal Island and Maxima Waterpark. We even tried Crocodile BBQ for lunch. By 5pm, we went back to Crown Regency to get our things, rushed to airport for our 7:10pm flight. We even managed to buy pasalubongs along the way.

All in all, I spent less than 10k for this awesome action packed Davao trip!Thank you MetroDeal and CebuPac!!!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

It Poured in September 2011

"When it rains, it pours"

Some people dont like routines, but I do. I like having a fixed gym and sleeping time or weekly dinner for friends. But of course change is inevitable so I, like anybody else should deal with it.

Relapse. After I went through my diary, I finally realized how much time I spent on playing Facebook's Empires and Allies game. I thought I was over this game..but no!!

Mat Pilates. One good lesson I learned is that, its not a good idea to have a 30 minutes brisk walking before a pilates class. You(I) will end up having shaky legs and you wont be able to finish the second half of the class.

Wee Nam Kee. Unfortunately, the Thursdays with Tupi group only managed one meetup for this month.

Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi.
For our family bonding, we watched Toni Gonzaga and Eugene Domingo's funny flick about wedding and marriage. It was a blast!

. A month that ends with 'ber' signifies that Christmas season is here. That reason was enough for me to start my Christmas shopping! I have this idea that if I start early, I can really think about my gift. =)

Confessions of a Shopaholic.
Aside from early Christmas gifts, I bought A LOT of Gold's Gym vouchers for me and my friends. I also bought paintball vouchers, my friends and I will try this activity in October. P199 instead of P500 for an all day pass, sweet deal!

I really really love discounts! So when my sister told me about this unlimited coffee and cake deal, we tried it ASAP!

It took a while before "Modern Family" and "Mr Brain" grow on me but now, I'm a big big fan!

Yeeey! My friend have developed a crush to our common friend, and when I told her that he'll be joining our LaMesa Dam trip, she squeeled a big "YEEEEY!" I was dumbfounded and wished to feel that awesome feeling again!

Ninang Mei. So after how many years, I finally claimed that Eman is my inaanak. I went to his baptism and then to his 7th birthday. What a gap, because he was one jeep away from where I live. The funny story behind that was, Eman and his family dont go to our ancestral house during holidays so I forgot that I was his godmother =)

Amanda. It was my inaanak Amanda's 1st birthday at KFC Libis. Wow, it was a total effort to go there! As expected it turned out to be a reunion among my mid friends, it was fun seeing them
with their kids, until the inevitable question came up.. "When are you getting married?" *nervous smile.

Bruno's birthday. My dear cousin Bruno is obssesed with birthdays hahaha. When there's a candle or someone's preparing a meal, he'll assume that its for his birthday. =) He was kinda cranky during his party because he wants to open the gifts. So, he had two cakes and blew the candle twice to make him happy.

Change is inevitable. I miss Romzkee, the other giggling girl.

A test of commitment and I passed.

Pedring and Quiel.
I often rant that our house is too far from anywhere but now I appreciate that wer'e not flood prone. My hear goes to all who suffered :(Thank you Lord for keeping us safe, if its not too much to ask I also pray that our neighbors will be more civilized =)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Japanese Drama: Mr Brain

Kimura Takuya plays Tsukumo Ryusuke, the brain of IPS. He has a weird background, he was a gigolo who had a freak accident that suppressed his sexual urges. That triggered him to study Brain Science because he wants to know the complexity of the human brain and understand what happened to him. Meanwhile, on IPS he was viewed as weird "Mr Brain" with the maniac laugh and banana obsession, who uses different experiments to help solve a crime.
This series had some gruesome and scary scenes that made me sleep with lights on. =) Beneath all the bloody scenes, Mr Brain is entertaining and educational. I rarely watch police or mystery based tv series but I enjoyed this one. This is also educational because they touched on complicated matters of the brains but used cartoons to simplify the explanation. Did you know that Kimura gave my limbic system a happy time ;)

Mr Brain focused on the crime solving process thus leaving no in depth development on the character's. It was an eye candy because of the eleborate IPS lab, cool gadgets, CGI effects, etc but it left me hanging for some reason. Mr Brain's assistant and love interest (?), Yuri was played by Ayase Haruka is confusing. How did she even pass as assistant if she's totally clueless most of the time?
Overall, Mr Brain is not an iconic drama for Kimura Takuya but it would be fun to watch him play a weird science nerd guy solving crimes with all the flashy effects!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yay! Unli Coffee & Cake at TCB

My baby sister was in a sad mood because she just got her class cards, so when she told me about a coffee and cake "buffet" for only P150.00 I gladly offered to treat her. Coincidentally, it was featured at "Kapuso Mo: Jessica Soho" on the same night. So, its a date!
Fortunately, there's a branch near us so the next day we went to TCB at West Ave.
On the TV feature and on the menu there was a wide variety of cakes to choose from but on that TCB branch, they only offer 3 but who am I to complain, we got more than what we paid for ;)
My first order was iced coffee and Double Chocolate cake, while my sister had iced coffee and Ube Sans Rival. Both cakes are to die for!

After 10 minutes, we finished the first set so we pretended to read the magazines for few minutes LOL. On our next order I had my second serving of decaf iced coffee & Devil's cake (chocolate, caramel and icing) while my sister had Cafe Americano and our second serving of Double Chocolate!

Cake and coffee lovers must try this amazing SULIT deal on a TCB near you!