Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I choose not to live in fear

With the recent carnapping incidents plus the bus blast yesterday, its easy to fall into the paranoid "trap". But what will be left of me if i live in fear of the unknown?

As my friend shared "the secret" is all about mentality. The truth is to live in fear because of these circumstances is the same as to stop living. Pardon my language but this shits happen and all I can do is be more vigilant and cautious not paranoid.

I choose not to live in fear, i should not harbor the fear of the unknown, i should only fear God.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sense and Sensibility

"Lose your heart and come to your senses"

For more than a year now, I've kept my Jane Austen books on my shelf. Unfortunately, I still cant muster the willpower to read both because of the "old book smell". I was contented on watching Pride and Prejudice's movie version but I cant seem to get my hands to a Sense and Sensibility VCD. I've been searching for this movie's VCD for a long time and I finally got it last night! I was buying Pupil's new album (that deserves a separate blog entry) and as usual, when I go to Music/Video stores, I ask if they have a copy of this. To my delight, they have 1 VCD and 2 DVD copies! I'm so glad to buy it on 2 for P175 deal because I was so desperate I was about to buy the DVD copy.

Sense and Sensibilty is a story of Elinor and Mariane Dashwood, sisters by blood but their characters are as opposite as night and day. Their comfortable suburban life changed after their father's death. Due to tradition and law, everything was left to their stepbrother, the son on the first marriage. Their mother and a younger sister Margaret were left in an unstable circumstance.

Simply put, the practical Elinor and romantic Mariane both fell in love but their lack of fortune have directly affected their marriageability. Its fun to watch how they both handled their unfortunate love situation. The sister with all sense and the other with sensibility each got her happy ending

I really enjoy period films, the production and costumes are eye candies. Im amused with the chivalry during that period when men and women had to be so cautious of their words, actions and how the society sees them. Maybe because this is a love story, but Im not comfortable with the idea portrayed that women's main goal at that time is to be married. Of course most women dreams of having their own family, regardless of generation but I cant remember any instance where they have zeroed in on the main character's careers. Maybe because that's not the focus of the film!? Its a must see for romance lovers like me, the story is not bounded by time. :)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

My Boss My Hero

If you can only watch 1 Japanese series, I will definitely recommend "My Boss, My Hero". My new favorite J-dorama so far<3

My friend was raving about it and now I understand why.

It is a school drama which revolves around Sakaki Makio (Nagase Tomoya), a 27 year old next Japanese gang boss. He is called the Tornado because of his fighting ability..but..a boss doesnt only need strength, he also needs skills that can be learned from school.

His father, the current gang boss, forced him to attend high school and pose as a 17 year old student. Makio needs to earn a diploma to be the next boss or his younger brother will take over.

It was a perfect mix of school, gang and romance but what stood out the most is the humor. It has funny characters and scenes from start to finish.

In no particular order my favorite scenes are
-Scare face - He used his yakuza intimidating face so that sensei's wont call him during class discussion lol
-Makio's cooking skills - girls were impressed by his ninja style chopping
-Basketball tournament - after winning he wanted a group hug with girl teammates but they were scared because his shorts fell off lol
-For the cultural presentation, his drums was totally off lol
-Makio's expression when he thinks of something "Hanya, I actually understand this question. The dwarf in my head is opening my brain" - during his make up test lol
-When his classmates were bullied he secretly helped them by wearing a Shaider-like uniform
-The quest for pudding lol
-He was complaining about the dwarf in his chest or the kilig he felt with Umemura :)
-After everything he's been through, he couldnt graduate :(
-Makio refers to Jun as Sakura-something haha
-Class 3A's graduation ceremony for Sakaki

Iyak tawa talaga!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 New Year's Resolution

"Thoughts become things" and "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions"

In 2011, I visualize myself as Mei who "Looks and Feels Good Inside & Out"

*Save moolah!
*Be Happy
*Be in Love
*Be healthy
*Have fun with friends
*Will live everyday with a goal