Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bravo! Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile is a Japanese romantic comedy series. It was set on a music university. Chiaki is a standout piano student but conducting is his real passion. When he was younger, he traveled in Europe and was exposed to classical music. He was even mentored by a famous conductor Sebastien Viera. He hopes to see him again but his trauma from riding an airplane is a big obstacble.

Noda Megumi or Nadame is a skilled but sloppy piano student - she is also the unbelievably messy neighbor of Chiaki.

Then..Food and music brought them together.

Wow! The quality of this tv series is just amazing. Every musical performance in each episode could've taken so much time to rehearse. I've learned so much about classical music from this series - Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Handel and more!

Tamaki Hiroshi who plays Sinichi Chiaki looks like a better version of Toma Ikuta on the otherhanueno Juri who plays Nodame looks like an anime character who came to life lol

Two things first..
1. Hmm why didnt i study any musical instrument? I play guitar!? When i was in grade 6 playing guitars was the thing. I recieved a guitar as a gift but it took 5 years for me to start plucking instead of just displaying it. I learned to play "Jeepney" by Spongecola and "You Belong to me" by Taylor Swift. Does that count?

2. I need to watch a musical or orchestra within this lifetime!

What i love about Nodame Cantabolile is the lead male Chiaki, is living the dream student life. He's rich, popular with girls and the top student on his piano class. Girls like him, boys want to be like him but beneath that he has this secret dream of being an orchestra conductor. I love how they showed that success can be gained after working hard.

I always believed in Mo Twister's delayed gratification but we need to do it in moderation. To be a good musician, you need to work hard during practice and at the same time remember to enjoy it. That can be applied to living, we need to do our best on daily endeavors and seize the moment :)

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