Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

Cordon Bleu is a classic French food but dont be too intimidated, in layman's term it is simply rolled chicken with ham and cheese inside.

I've read different recipes online, some are baked or even marinated in white wine but as a begginer in cooking I opted for the easy way.
Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

2 skinless and boneless chicken breast
2 slices of cheese
2 slices of ham
3 tablespoons chicken breading
1 egg
cooking oil
3 tablespoons salt

1. Beat the egg on a small bowl, spread the breading on a separate plate and set aside.
2. Brush salt on both sides of the chicken breast but do it in moderation.
3. Place cheese and ham on top of the chicken breast. Roll and fold it then secure with toothpicks.
4. Coat the chicken with egg then with chicken breading.
5. Deep fry the chicken until its brown.
6. Remove the toothpicks and place on a platter with tissues to help absorb the extra oil.
7. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Nagsasa Beach Cove, Capones, Pandaquit Experience

Date was set. By the end of January, the girls and I have synchronized our schedules. We set March 18-19 as the weekend for our beach trip. The first option was LaLuz in Batangas but the resort was already fully booked for the entire summer!

So we brainstormed.. Then agreed when Tyni suggested a Nagsasa Cove trip. It was actually a 3 Zambales island trip and we need to pay P2500 (10-15 pax) for a 2 days 1 night camping. It will cover the van, boat fees, camping tents, drinking water, 3 meals (lunch, breakfast and dinner) - sounds like a great deal! We texted the contact person, to confirm the reservation we needed to deposit P1k/pax.

Saturday. By 2am, we were picked up by the van and we met our 2 tour guides and driver. We tried to sleep the entire trip and by 5:30 am we were at Zambales. We had hot pandesal while waiting for carinderias to open. The power breakfast (rice and ulam) that I ordered costs less than P100.

Pandaquit. After an hour, we arrived at Pandaquit. It reminded me of Puerto Galera with the lined resorts and boats waiting on the shore.

Capones. Our second destination after 30 minutes boat ride from Pandaquit. We're supposed to have a 30 minutes hike but were too sleepy and girly (?). We ended up taking pictures on the rock formations instead.

Touchdown, Nagsasa Cove, after an hour of boat ride while enjoying the view trying and failing to stay dry and away from big waves. We arrived by 11am, after setting up our tents and things we decided to sleep first. We had our siesta while our tour guides cooks our lunch as part of the package. By 3pm, we all freshened up and toured the island. We waited until its cool enough to swim. Our goal is to be NegRita Avila so we enjoyed the beach as much as we can but we have to clean up before it get darks because there's no electricity and it will be hard to take a bath.
Smores. After dinner, our guide setup the bonfire. It was a steady night with friends, beer and DIY smores made by Tiny! She actually tried to teach us how to make a Smores sandwich but were too lazy she ended up making 2 pieces for everyone :)

When we woke up the next day, yummy breakfast was waiting for us. We had few more hours to enjoy the beach before we return to Pandaquit.

When we first arrived at Nagsasa Cove, I was a little bit disappointed because I was expecting a virgin island. But come to think of it, it was already a struggle to take a bath on the CRs where the battle with frogs always ensue. So what more if its a virgin island as I imagined.

I Heart Discounts

Happiness is knowing that I got more value for my money. Maybe its a Filipino thing to be easily persuaded by discounts. It feels good to know how much I saved from a purchase, which I can use to buy another stuff LOL

So, last week, I've spent and saved on not 1 but 3 discounted items

1. H2o Hotel BayView Overnight Accommodation valued at P8,000, paid P4,500.
I wanted to book a nice hotel for my parent's 25th wedding anniversary. I had Ocean Park tour on their itinerary and its just practical - in terms of location, not price - for them to stay in H20 Hotel. My stylist by profession brother had a photo shoot on one of the aquarium rooms and he told me its really nice. I showed the room types to my dad and he chose the BayView room since he would already experience the aquarium feel in the Oceanarium.

Room type, check. Now, book the hotel! The keys to getting a good deal is patience
and allotting time. Planning and booking in advance really pays because usually last minute decisions cost more. I've spent at least 6 hours on my Friday night to compare hotel prices and it was worth it! I will let my parents experience H2o BayView Hotel but I got the best deal, almost 50% off :):):)
Photo from

2. Imation Venus Portable Hard Drive 500Gb valued at P3,300, paid P2,990.
I've been planning to buy an external hard drive for some time now but when I check the prices online, I end up putting this task on my low priority list. But after canvassing on a Tech Store, I compared the price and I can't pass on this deal! Check!! :)

3. 10 sessions (Yoga, Street Dance, Pilates) at any Golds Gym valued at P5,500 , paid P1,000.
I haven't played Badminton in a long time and it was a great idea to try something new. I can have 10 sessions with any type - Yoga, Street Dance, Pilates, etc - at any Gold's Gym. Wohoo 85% off!!! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cebu Experience

Budget trip. I was able to buy a Manila-Cebu round trip ticket for only P1,200(regular price is P2-3K), thanks to a Cebu Pacific local seat sale. Aside from the delayed flight to Cebu, I have nothing else to complain. The flight back to Manila was even faster than the estimated time, so good job! :)

Budget Accommodation Night 1 & 2. We booked 2 nights at Sampaguita Suites in Plaza Garcia for P700/pax. As its website boasts, its for the "travelers who seek value for their money." They even have a free shuttle who picked us up on the airport. It is an hour away from the airport but its strategically located near the pier for our Bohol tour. It is also just across the Magellan's Cross shrine, restaurants, Capitol and Sto Nino Basilica.

Our room is for 4 people with 2 comfy queen sized beds and bathroom with hot/cold shower. Sampaguita Suites is not your ordinary microtel because it offers free WiFi access and elevator with touchscreen panel! Overall, the micro-tel is simple but elegant in design and a perfect place to unwind after a day long city tour.

After checking in and freshening up, we took a cab to go to Larsians. It was a short trip to Fuente Osmena and costs P50. When you enter the gate, you will see a number of barbeque stands lined up and you will hear random voices urging you to eat at their store. Their selections are almost the same - chicken wings, thigh, isaw, chorizo, tocino, fish and "puso", the uniquely wrapped rice - you just have to find a cool near a fan area. Some offers free something usually soup in different forms as a marketing strategy. After 10-15 minutes, our food were cooked, served and finished by hungry travelers.

Sky Walk Fail. We finished dinner by 9:30pm and we're supposed to try the Edge Coaster and Sky Walk but we were too tired from the flight. We decided to go back to the hotel and rest to prepare for the long Day 1 is Bohol Day Tour

Touchdown Cebu by 8PM and dinner time at AA's Barbeque Cebu.

Cebu City Tour. I had a good night sleep on the second night, I even woke up earlier than the rest of the group. I went out to explore the Plaza Garcia area. I took pictures of Magellan's Cross and even watched the flag ceremony of local government employees at the Capitol. We rented a van for P2k for our city tour. We went to the Heritage Cebu Monument which features some of Cebu's important sites and events.

Beach! After visiting the Taoist temple, we went back to Mactan City. My friends and I booked an overnight stay Tambuli Beach Club which is 15 minutes away from the airport. We payed P800 per pax and this includes breakfast, a nice room (2 queen sized bed with bathrooms, Aircon, cable, the basics), white sand beach area and pool. I barely stayed on our room. Since its our last day, I did everything I can - played cards on our veranda overlooking the beach, swam on the beach and pool.
Food trip. We got to try Cebu's famous lechon at CnT, it was a lunch to remember as almost everyone got so full and felt dizzy (high blood!?) We also went to a factory to buy Cebu trip must have pasalubongs - Dried Mangoes and Squid.
My Cebu experience is my first out of Luzon trip and I can say that its really memorable with the places that I've been to and the people I traveled with ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Bohol Experience

Our trip was originally a Cebu tour but since Bohol is just 1 hour ferry boat ride away, we decided to include it in our itinerary. It was a great decision!

We woke up at around 4am to catch the first boat ride (6am). We bought a SuperCat roundtrip ticket for P1,040.- We rented a van from 8am to 5pm for P2,500 (so its really practical and more fun to come in big groups), our driver served as our tour guide. We went to Chocolate Hills first, which is the farthest destination from the Port of Tagbilaran.

For only P50.00 we experienced Chocolate Hills - the main tourist spot of Bohol and I'm convinced why. It was an amazing sight. According to kuya, our driver, there are 1,200+ uniformed grass covered hills that changes its color from chocolate brown to green depending on the season. Tourists may think that the hills are man made but its definitely natural at its finest!

We climbed 120+ steps to reach an area to enjoy the view and it was worth it. There's even a scandalous wishing well where you can of course make a wish, throw a coin and pull a loud ringing bell. There were many local and foreign visitors and on the way down, we bumped into Korean boys who asked us to take pictures with them, we gladly agreed.

Our next stop is the man made forest. Taking photos on this area feels like a scene out of Twilight but instead of wolves or vampires, we looked out for passing vehicles.

We had a quick stop at the Hanging Bridge

Then a late buffet lunch at Loboc River. The food quality and the variety is okay but P400.00 was worth it because of the experience of eating on a floating restaurant with an amazing view of Loboc River and entertainment from Loboc singers.

We decided to be adventurous by trying the Bohol Zipline and Cable Car. This costs P350 plus we got to have a CD of our aerial photos taken by their staff.

We were running out of time because we need to catch our 6pm boat ride to Cebu so we just decided to pick 2 more destinations. We literally just passed by "Sikatuna-Legaspi Blood Compact" site, Baclayon Church and Butterfly Conservation Garden. Of course, a Bohol trip wont be complete without Tarsier watching and then we visited the biggest Phyton I've seen. To be honest, I would rather face my fear of heights than deal with animals. I felt stressed being around them. The only thing left is souvineer shopping, peanut kisses is a must have pasalubong.

I can say that we made the most of the 8 hours that we spent at Bohol and wow I would definitely recommend a Bohol tour for a nature trip and adventure.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

My February 2011 in Photos

February came by soooo fast!

I lived vicarously through movies and tv series
<3 Inception, 127 hours, Kurosagi, Crazy thing called love, Nodame Cantabile Remember me, Letters to Juliet, Despicable Me & Love and Other Drugs

Tried Something new
Kanin Club "One more chancee" dinner
Matt's despedida at Momo Cafe
Farm trip
Chai tea, fail!
1st time to ride an airplane

Cabiao reunion weekend
Trip to Cebu and Bohol, outside of Luzon trip, check!
Lolo lou visits!
Tita Anne's birthday
Azkals vs Mongolia
Small world: current vs ex sa lrt
Valentine's lunch with friends
Shakeys family day with Bruno
Watched the boy's basketball game

Something blue
Zones out with Good Times with Mo Podcast
When all else fail, retail therapy
Cheese sticks
Got sick and felt like a kid again