Saturday, March 05, 2011

My February 2011 in Photos

February came by soooo fast!

I lived vicarously through movies and tv series
<3 Inception, 127 hours, Kurosagi, Crazy thing called love, Nodame Cantabile Remember me, Letters to Juliet, Despicable Me & Love and Other Drugs

Tried Something new
Kanin Club "One more chancee" dinner
Matt's despedida at Momo Cafe
Farm trip
Chai tea, fail!
1st time to ride an airplane

Cabiao reunion weekend
Trip to Cebu and Bohol, outside of Luzon trip, check!
Lolo lou visits!
Tita Anne's birthday
Azkals vs Mongolia
Small world: current vs ex sa lrt
Valentine's lunch with friends
Shakeys family day with Bruno
Watched the boy's basketball game

Something blue
Zones out with Good Times with Mo Podcast
When all else fail, retail therapy
Cheese sticks
Got sick and felt like a kid again

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