Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Nagsasa Beach Cove, Capones, Pandaquit Experience

Date was set. By the end of January, the girls and I have synchronized our schedules. We set March 18-19 as the weekend for our beach trip. The first option was LaLuz in Batangas but the resort was already fully booked for the entire summer!

So we brainstormed.. Then agreed when Tyni suggested a Nagsasa Cove trip. It was actually a 3 Zambales island trip and we need to pay P2500 (10-15 pax) for a 2 days 1 night camping. It will cover the van, boat fees, camping tents, drinking water, 3 meals (lunch, breakfast and dinner) - sounds like a great deal! We texted the contact person, to confirm the reservation we needed to deposit P1k/pax.

Saturday. By 2am, we were picked up by the van and we met our 2 tour guides and driver. We tried to sleep the entire trip and by 5:30 am we were at Zambales. We had hot pandesal while waiting for carinderias to open. The power breakfast (rice and ulam) that I ordered costs less than P100.

Pandaquit. After an hour, we arrived at Pandaquit. It reminded me of Puerto Galera with the lined resorts and boats waiting on the shore.

Capones. Our second destination after 30 minutes boat ride from Pandaquit. We're supposed to have a 30 minutes hike but were too sleepy and girly (?). We ended up taking pictures on the rock formations instead.

Touchdown, Nagsasa Cove, after an hour of boat ride while enjoying the view trying and failing to stay dry and away from big waves. We arrived by 11am, after setting up our tents and things we decided to sleep first. We had our siesta while our tour guides cooks our lunch as part of the package. By 3pm, we all freshened up and toured the island. We waited until its cool enough to swim. Our goal is to be NegRita Avila so we enjoyed the beach as much as we can but we have to clean up before it get darks because there's no electricity and it will be hard to take a bath.
Smores. After dinner, our guide setup the bonfire. It was a steady night with friends, beer and DIY smores made by Tiny! She actually tried to teach us how to make a Smores sandwich but were too lazy she ended up making 2 pieces for everyone :)

When we woke up the next day, yummy breakfast was waiting for us. We had few more hours to enjoy the beach before we return to Pandaquit.

When we first arrived at Nagsasa Cove, I was a little bit disappointed because I was expecting a virgin island. But come to think of it, it was already a struggle to take a bath on the CRs where the battle with frogs always ensue. So what more if its a virgin island as I imagined.

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