Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brgy Ginebra Kings are Back in the Finals

95-82.I went to mass earlier so I failed to catch the first half of the game but when I got home my dad was watching another show. That's a sign that Ginebra is not playing well. LOL. They started the third quarter, down by 15 points but the guards, Cortez, Caguioa, Tubid and Miller made up for the rare lackluster performance of import Nate Brumfield. Great passing, defense and teamwork helped the Kings clinch the third win on the best of 5 semifinals series against Smart Gilas.

2008. The last year that Barangay Ginebra Kings reigned on PBA with the help of super import Chris Alexander.

2009. Ginebra had a finals stint, Jayjay Helterbrand was named MVP but San Miguel got the crown.

2010. Injuries plagued the team.

2011. After falling short in the All Filipino Cup, Ginebra is finally 4 games away for another championship in the Commisioner's Cup. The Kings finished 5-4 in the eliminations to get the 4th seed. They swept Rain or Shine on the quarterfinals and tonight they ended Smart Gilas' campaign in the PBA. They won 2 straight games on the best of 5 semifinals series but the nationals outshined them on the third game. I'm a Ginebra fan but somehow I dont want them to sweep the series with Gilas. Of course I want to see the national team fight hard, especially since Fiba Asia is a month away.

Happiness. Im so excited! I know TalknText is a tough team but I really hope that Ginebra will get the championship as the last hurray for Caguioa era. Reality bites, they are getting old and I really want them to get this one since its within reach - 4 games away!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Code Blue, Engine Start-o

If it can be treated one second earlier, the heart might start beating again. If there is one extra helicopter, another life in danger may be saved. If one more life can be saved, the Japanese medical community may regain trust. There are more lives in this country that can be saved. The "Doctor Helicopter" system was legalized in Japan in June 2007. A medical team is dispatched to the patients on a helicopter to provide medical care in the field as soon as possible. One day, four young physicians are assigned to this latest medical system. The doctors experience traumatic medical situations, deal with personal ambitions, witness the fragility of life, and they grow personally and professionally. --Fuji TV

Engine Start-o. In the first episode of Code Blue Season 1, there were 2 amputations so I was warned that this will be a bloody series. What I didnt forsee was I would cry so much while watching this medical drama.

Experience is the best teacher. Aside from providing faster rescue to emergency patiensts, Doctor Heli was established to provide experience to new doctors. Four new interns, fight t

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It Sucks to be Loyal to Globe

Yes. This is an irate post from a globe postpaid subscriber for almost 8 years!

I've been eyeing iPhone4 for quite sometime now but I remained patient because I know by April, my plan will expire. And just like the past years, i will rely on the Globe loyalty program to get a new phone.

So I inquired on how to get the 16gb iPhone4, I was informed that I need to pay the cash out of 25,000. Then i'll retain my monthly plan of 800. I was happy with the deal because I know the phone still costs 43,000+. Then i searched online for Globe postpaid plans and found out that plan999 has a cash out of 23,000+. There's no plan 800 so after my computation, it seems that I didnt save anything for being loyal to Globe! I can get the same deal when I apply for a new postpaid line. Pftt!!! Globe's loyalty perk is keeping my existing number. That was it!

Forget about iPhone4, I just settled for downgrading my line to 299. I'll stop being materialistic and stick to my iPhone 3gs. I'll just probably spend my cash out money on something better..and probably switch to better telecom company!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Proposal Daisakusen: Hallelujah Chance!

Generally, movies, tv series or stories with happy endings stop at "And they lived happily ever after" or something similar to that. But what happens after?

In the Japanese TV series Proposal Daisakusen, Iwase Ken (Yamashita Tomohisa) have been secretly loving his childhood friend Yoshida Rei (Nagasawa Masami). On the day of Rei's wedding, Ken met a man fairy who gave him a second chance to redo everything in the past to win Rei's heart. Rei ended up ditching her wedding and runaway with Ken.

Proposal Daisakusen SP. One year after, their friend Eri did not show up on her wedding ceremony with their other friend Tsuru. Consequently, a year passed since Rei ditched her own wedding and she is still uncertain with her relationsip with Ken.

And then the fairy showed up once more. Ken took this chance to go back in time to help his dear friends Eri and Tsuru avoid the misunderstandings that will lead to Eri's wedding jitters. Ken also remembered that he promised to make Rei the happiest girl but he failed to do so. He started by facing Rei's parents and apologized for the commotion that he caused.

Note to self: Most of the time we want to get this something and when we finally have it, we take it forgranted. Dont forget how you got everything that you have now.

Yogilates for Inner Peace

Inhale, exhale!

It is funny to be stuck on traffic, argue with a receptionist then without a choice, completely immerse on a yogilates class.

It was the first day of our Gold's Gym 10 sessions of any class and we decided to try Yogilates - an exercise that combines Yoga and Pilates, duh! We arrived late on our 6:30pm class at InterCon because we had to fill out some forms on the receptionist. As we entered the cold, quiet room, everyone was on their yoga mat, a soothing music was playing on the background and the instructor easily established a commanding presence. He's not thin or fat, he has a bulky built so it was amazing how he manuevered from one floor exercise position to another.

Inhale. I joined the class with the goal in mind - find inner peace. Well i still havent found it -but for an hour i felt free. Free to move and feel my movements. Free from the rushhour traffic outside. I momentarily escaped the thoughts that have been bugging me. For that moment, i just felt the trembling in my body while i tried so hard to follow instructions without any warm up. Then I learned to relax and improvise the positions so that I wont overwork my body.

Exhale. The one hour yogilates ended in a breeze. I was really concious of my posture and seeing myself through the mirrors reminded me how bad i look lol.

Namaste. I dont know why but after every exercise, I end up pigging out. I didnt even sweat on the session but i ate 6' inch sandwich, seafood pasta and bacon macaroni plus i bought pastries for dessert.

The next day I woke up later than I expected and I experienced bodyaches. That means I did something right, right? :)

This is the preview of our next class, Street Dance!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Taguig City Day Tour

One fine satuday afternoon, I was invited my by friend Joni to eat brunch at Mercato with his boyfriend and friends. Actually it was her casual way to introduce me to his bf's guy friend but that's another story :)

1st stop, Mercato.I've heard Mercato from friends and I knew that its a weekend market where independent or small-business-cook-chefs gather to sell their stuff.

Mercato is located at the Fort and I'm unfamiliar with this area since I live on the north area. As I imagined, Mercato is like a high end version of Banchetto. It has food stalls that offer wide variety of food and items. There's a wide parking space and an area of tables and chairs to eat. There's even an airconditioned portalets for the guests. I think its open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 2pm and on midnight.

I was intimidated to take photos because the place is kinda sosyal lol. But actually the prices are reasonable, I bought a baked fish meal for P100 and watermelon juice for P50. Not bad!

2nd stop, Myth of the Human Body Exhibit. After enjoying great food and conversation on a windy setup, we decided to visit the Myth of the Human Body exhibit at Neobabylon building still in Taguig. I was hesitant but of course my curiousity won over me. Its not everyday that I can visit a museum - a museum that showcases real human specimens.

It was a surreal feeling to look on actual bone structures, skeletons, fetus because I can still see their human form minus the skin. The guide said most of them were Chinese and Europeans but they were mummified in a modern way with permission. It was an educational experience because for an hour, the mystery of human life, the process of how people come to life, age, die of illnesses were uncovered. My favorite part is when they show the difference between a good organ and a bad organ then the guide provides a lecture of what we should eat and what we should avoid. It made me more aware of my organs and how I should take care of my entire body.

We're not allowed to take photos and I respect that because after all they are still human.


Saturday, April 02, 2011

Banchetto Food Trip

My high school barkada and I thought of trying something new to celebrate Tin's birthday. Instead of the usual drinking/bet all/videoke session, we decided to go to Banchetto at Emerald Avenue, Ortigas.

"Banchetto" is an Italian word that means feast. And the atmosphere on a Saturday midnight do not disapppoint. A certain area of Emerald avenue is closed and food stalls were lined up. The food choices can cater to almost anything that you crave for.

Whether its street food

Cebu lechon
Baked seafoods
Pastries and cakes!

kimchi and other Korean dishes
The prices were reasonable that's why you should expect a huge crowd on a Banchetto night out. Another setback is there's no setup for tables and chairs, fortunately we found an empty table on a 7/11 store nearby. I think we spent less that 2k for isaws, baked seafoods and lots of desserts. Happy tummy and great food trip experience with friends!

Friday, April 01, 2011

31 days of March 2011

I started the month in zombie style, this time there's no alcohol involved. I was on a plane then on my desk in a span of an hour. What a way to cap off a perfect weekend!

Highs and Lows. Rant #1. The endless MRT and LRT dilemna haunted me. If only Caloocan City was placed more strategically within the metro! Rant #2. I had to allot an entire weekend to restore and update my iPhone. I still dont know how to remove the photos from Places that takes up a lot of internal phone memory! Rant #3. Ctrl c + Ctrl v is not fun!

Then one friday afternoon, nature reminded me to enjoy life and focus on the good things that I have instead of ranting. Seeing the effects of the earthquake and tsunami on Japan taught me to live for the moment because everything and everyone can be literally washed out in an instant. After that realization, I googled if my favorite Japanese actors are ok. :)

Baronesa/Nagger. Fun guys bonding times are the weekly updates a.k.a asaran time and the ironically called yosi break (we dont smoke)which means eating siomai or any street food. Two perfect ways to de-stress.

Revisiting old time favorites. Dined at Sbarro with family, at Hawkers and Yellow Cab with friends. Old places need not to be boring, the trick is trying out new dishes. In the case of Ambers, it became my parent's favorite take out of the month, favorite turned umay!

Movies/TV Series. I didnt watch as much as I did last month but Nodame Cantabile movies are really entertaining. I also watched another series by Chiaki, Love Shuffle. And at last I found 4 episodes of Mike He's Marry Me!! That was after 3 years of waiting and failing! Now, I'm currently hooked on "Outsourced" which is about an American struggling to live and make a living as a call center manager in India. Its hilarous, bordering to racist but still very entertaining.

Something New..Hmm Mostly Food. This month, I tried (1) Camping - My Nagsasa Beach Experience was amazing! (2) the yummy cheeseburger at CBD, Ayala Triangle (3) tasted Paella Marinara at Las Paellas during tyang Emy's birthday treat (4) during my dad's birthday celebration at Little Asia, I finished my lengua before knowing what it is (5) the newly discovered sulit meryenda, Carl Carbonara pasta wrap (6) Quezon's delicacies from Bryan "yema cake" and buko tart (7) Rode a Monumento FX and Jeep with aircon (8) Makeup crazy! I searched for Maybeline minerals foundation all week and I got a Shu Eumura eye shadow from my brother.

Balls. Ginebra kings had a 4 game winning streak, there's a reason why I adore Mark Caguioa! The Azkals advance to AFC, I was "watching" their 3 games on twitter.

To do list, check! Finally bought new glasses and hard drive which I've been delaying for too long.

Itineraries. My May 2011 is booked! I've spent countless hours online, to search for the perfect place for my parent's wedding anniversary, for my birthday getaway and barkada's Baguio trip :)

Inspired by Junior Master Chef. The funny thing was, I wanted to write my March entry 4 days before the month ends but I decided not to. I dont know if its a subconcious thing but I suddenly felt the need to do something productive and significant on the remaining days of March, hence I learned to cook a dish. Knowing my cooking record, it was a feat to produce something edible and satisfactory for my sister and dad. Yay panda!