Saturday, April 02, 2011

Banchetto Food Trip

My high school barkada and I thought of trying something new to celebrate Tin's birthday. Instead of the usual drinking/bet all/videoke session, we decided to go to Banchetto at Emerald Avenue, Ortigas.

"Banchetto" is an Italian word that means feast. And the atmosphere on a Saturday midnight do not disapppoint. A certain area of Emerald avenue is closed and food stalls were lined up. The food choices can cater to almost anything that you crave for.

Whether its street food

Cebu lechon
Baked seafoods
Pastries and cakes!

kimchi and other Korean dishes
The prices were reasonable that's why you should expect a huge crowd on a Banchetto night out. Another setback is there's no setup for tables and chairs, fortunately we found an empty table on a 7/11 store nearby. I think we spent less that 2k for isaws, baked seafoods and lots of desserts. Happy tummy and great food trip experience with friends!

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