Sunday, April 03, 2011

Taguig City Day Tour

One fine satuday afternoon, I was invited my by friend Joni to eat brunch at Mercato with his boyfriend and friends. Actually it was her casual way to introduce me to his bf's guy friend but that's another story :)

1st stop, Mercato.I've heard Mercato from friends and I knew that its a weekend market where independent or small-business-cook-chefs gather to sell their stuff.

Mercato is located at the Fort and I'm unfamiliar with this area since I live on the north area. As I imagined, Mercato is like a high end version of Banchetto. It has food stalls that offer wide variety of food and items. There's a wide parking space and an area of tables and chairs to eat. There's even an airconditioned portalets for the guests. I think its open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 2pm and on midnight.

I was intimidated to take photos because the place is kinda sosyal lol. But actually the prices are reasonable, I bought a baked fish meal for P100 and watermelon juice for P50. Not bad!

2nd stop, Myth of the Human Body Exhibit. After enjoying great food and conversation on a windy setup, we decided to visit the Myth of the Human Body exhibit at Neobabylon building still in Taguig. I was hesitant but of course my curiousity won over me. Its not everyday that I can visit a museum - a museum that showcases real human specimens.

It was a surreal feeling to look on actual bone structures, skeletons, fetus because I can still see their human form minus the skin. The guide said most of them were Chinese and Europeans but they were mummified in a modern way with permission. It was an educational experience because for an hour, the mystery of human life, the process of how people come to life, age, die of illnesses were uncovered. My favorite part is when they show the difference between a good organ and a bad organ then the guide provides a lecture of what we should eat and what we should avoid. It made me more aware of my organs and how I should take care of my entire body.

We're not allowed to take photos and I respect that because after all they are still human.


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