Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yogilates for Inner Peace

Inhale, exhale!

It is funny to be stuck on traffic, argue with a receptionist then without a choice, completely immerse on a yogilates class.

It was the first day of our Gold's Gym 10 sessions of any class and we decided to try Yogilates - an exercise that combines Yoga and Pilates, duh! We arrived late on our 6:30pm class at InterCon because we had to fill out some forms on the receptionist. As we entered the cold, quiet room, everyone was on their yoga mat, a soothing music was playing on the background and the instructor easily established a commanding presence. He's not thin or fat, he has a bulky built so it was amazing how he manuevered from one floor exercise position to another.

Inhale. I joined the class with the goal in mind - find inner peace. Well i still havent found it -but for an hour i felt free. Free to move and feel my movements. Free from the rushhour traffic outside. I momentarily escaped the thoughts that have been bugging me. For that moment, i just felt the trembling in my body while i tried so hard to follow instructions without any warm up. Then I learned to relax and improvise the positions so that I wont overwork my body.

Exhale. The one hour yogilates ended in a breeze. I was really concious of my posture and seeing myself through the mirrors reminded me how bad i look lol.

Namaste. I dont know why but after every exercise, I end up pigging out. I didnt even sweat on the session but i ate 6' inch sandwich, seafood pasta and bacon macaroni plus i bought pastries for dessert.

The next day I woke up later than I expected and I experienced bodyaches. That means I did something right, right? :)

This is the preview of our next class, Street Dance!

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