Thursday, May 26, 2011

When I Was 25

When I was 25, (I think..)I survived a quarter life crisis. The first days was a struggle because I was broken hearted. To add to my drama, I finally faced my fear of starting over. In the end it prompted me to live more and take life one day at a time.

When I was 25, I had overlapping hangovers...BUT I always reach home before passing out ;)

When I was 25, I lived vicariously through books, movies and tv series. I've bought and read a lot of good books, but of course “good” is relative. By good I mean chick lit and some classics. I watched a lot of -Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, British, American,Thai - movies and tv series. –In short, I bummed around.

When I was 25, I traveled and discovered my love for beaches!

When I was 25, I kept my old and gained new friends. Thanks to Facebook, I've kept in touch with my friends from elementary. I now have a semi-annual meetup with my “mid” friends, monthly get together with berks, weekly dinner with my favorite (power) boys and gels.

When I was 25, I saved money. Its about time!

When I was 25, I could have saved more because still dont follow my self imposed retail therapy ban.

When I was 25, I indulged in capturing moments through photos. Hello, Polariod & LomoLomo.

When I was 25, I spent quality time with family. We eat out on weekends and go to our favorite mall of all time, SM North EDSA lol. Usually, my dad will give us an hour to shop, I know! 1 hour!!! So, I had to make a strategy before stepping into the mall, I plan out which shops to go first. Its kinda stressful but its a good way to save.

When I was 25, I liked a few guys and did crazy things. I also had funny date moments hahaha. Hello Mr Right, naligaw ka ba?

When I was 25, I finished my scrapbook.

When I was 25, I had 2 new inaanak from people close to me :)

When I was 25, I finally gained weight and signed up for yoga & street dance class!

When I was 25, I proved that my BFF curse is still alive. They always go abroad! I miss you Jel..pati ikaw Pam! Nikki and Fating, see you soon :)

When I was 25, I learned to cook my favorite dishes – Cordon bleu, BeefSteak & Adobo (pampadami lang haha)

When I was 25, I discovered the wonders of eyeliner LOL thanks Tyni.

When I was 25, I learned, earned and lost money from Bet All!!!

When I was 25, I convinced and helped a friend organize our HS reunion! Yay, I did the AVP and ticket layout.

When I was 25, I went back to Eastwood. I partied like i did in college, met a guy;), got drunk with my best kada and realized that, THAT WAS TOTALLY NOT OUR SCENE.

When I was 25, I think I grew up a little :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Better Late Than Never, My April 2011

Its only the 4th month and I'm struggling on my blog lol *sigh

My April 2011

Pampered. I think April is by far my health and wellness month. I diligently went to the gym for yoga or street dance class and finally had time for facial and body scrub. Its not bad to invest in wellness! *that's my excuse ;)

Something New turned Blue. Tyni introduced me to Army Navy, I've been hearing it before but I didnt get a chance to eat there. And then one Friday afternoon Tyni and I decided to have a late lunch there. It is actually famous for burgers but she ordered the burritto and I had the quesadilla. I can say that I enjoyed the just right spicy flavor and big serving because I had to eat it again with my family and another time with my teammates.

Something Blue. Overlapping gimiks, drinks at Grilla then off to Banchetto for Tin's birthday! Hangover-ed the next day0.0

Something New. I enjoyed a sumptous brunch at Mercato and went to Myth of the Human Body Museum a.k.a Taguig City Day Tour! For the Thurdays with Runie, we went to BFast and I loved the overpriced tapa meal lol.

Hooked. I got hooked to watching Todd and the rest of his "Outsourced" crew. I also got addicted to a new iPhone App, "Tilt to Live". It's the best game ever, I even bought it even if its $2.99 Or roughly PP150.-! I made sure to milk all the money's worth, I didnt stop playng until I scored 8M. Yeah!\m/

Speaking of hooked, I finished 2 seasons of Japanese medical drama, Code Blue in 2 weeks!! Yamapi, ikaw na ang laging bida!

Something Spontaneous. After crossing the street, the optiona are should I go home or indulge for a bottle of Tanduay Ice. I picked the latter, it was a long overdue Central visit -.-

"Why are you so attached to it?". When you feel dedicated to something, you can pull an alnighter even if no one is requiring you. :)

Cooking Mama. I successfully cooked Bistek Tagalog and Adobo, but keep in mind that success is relative lol.

Ginebra!!! This month is an exciting time for a Ginebra fan, well they had a good run in the eliminations, won against Rain or Shine on the quarterfinals, bested the Philippine team, Smart Gilas on the semis and entered the PBA finals :)

More Splurge. I bought 7 books in 1 trip to the bookstore and stayed overnight in a hotel with my sibblings(no occassions to celebrate but it was too hot in our house!). Yeah, whatever happened to saving 0.0

Holy Week. I was supposed to spend the Holy Week with my high school barkada at Vigan but things happened but its all good. Its a good feeling to continue traditions like staying on our ancestral house at Cabiao, watching the penitensya and just enjoying being with the whole family. :)

Health is Wealth. I spent the last weekend of April on Philippine Heart Center because I had to accompany my grandmother who needs a blood transfussion. It wasnt that alarming. I ended up watching my stock videos on my phone but the bad news was I caught colds. All is well because my nanay got out of the hospital by Monday :)