Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My Birthday Month - May 2011

Going Sosyal! Spent most of the time at home because I was sick and because of technical reasons ;) I really appreciated the wonders of social media - facebook, twitter and uh, Skype made keeping in touch really easy.

Something new.
*Little Black book marathon. As always, I have my self imposed book ban so I have to finish my chicklits before the next trip to the bookstore.
*It was a torture to finally graduate into wearing retainers!
*Goodbye, Central! Hello Gilidans and Isla. We found a new hangout with cheap beer, videoke and fire dancer!
*Wow, I went to a movie house twice this month. LOL. "Thor" movie date with daddy and Yoyin then "Something Borrowed" with my girlfriends.
*Thursdays with Tupi at Amici

*Mother's day slash sports day. NBA Playoffs for breakfast, Pacman's fight for lunch and Ginebra's game during our Pizza Pasta feast for Nanay, Mommy, Tita Anne and Tita Jinky.
*Keenan and Tin's wedding. Wedding weekend at Lipa Batangas, I'm so happy for the couple. After the wedding we had our team building where I showed my "competitiveness" in videoke and billiards lol.
*I felt the love on my birthday month :) Party at Isla, family getaway at Tagaytay
*Positive in defeat. Ginebra kings lost in the finals but the good thing is we saw the future in John Wilson and JC Intal!

Something blue
*I will always find my inner peace through yoga, I'll travel to Intercon anyday.
*Life is short, a reminder when I attended the wake patty's bro
*I love Cafe Briton.
*Hooked. Secret Garden marathon, Hanamizuki and Lovely complex ;)

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