Sunday, July 31, 2011

All Grown Up - July 2011

Ms. Independent. This month, I got to do a lot of grown up stuff =). Thanks to Tyni's (a.k.a the housemate) persistence, I finally moved out. On the first day of July, we paid for our rent and signed the contract for our lease. The next days were spent buying -endless- things for our humble abode and eating fastfood take out for dinner LOL.

My new inaanak! I attended Bea's baptism and first birthday. It was also a perfect time to catch up with my mid friends.

Balls. July had one of the best sports weekend ever! UAAP basketball, NBA-PBA game, Azkal's and Ginebra's semis run. Wow MC47 is having an MVP season, but of course media peeps wont let him get the award hmpf!

Friends and their SOs. I've learned in the past that I should be careful on what i say when friends break up because it will haunt you when they get back. Yes, even if its the truth! ;)

This Loud Morning! After 1 1/2 years, David Cook released his second album! I'll post my review soon\m/

Celebrations! We celebrated teammate's beerdays at Isla and Gilidans! The only downside of drinking and videoke sessions til the next morning is having the pimple that reminds me, I stayed up too late!

We had a family get together for Tatay's birthday, he was gone but never forgotten =)

Cakes! After drinking at Isla bar, we decided to pig out at Banchetto. It was almost a bad plan because I didnt know that it was moved to another location. When we finally found the new location I bought 4 cakes for only P200, walking on the streets of Ortigas Center and Meralco at 3AM was worth it!

It was Jessie's post birthday celebration and we ate out at BFast Ayala Triangle. We had so much room for desserts and shared 3 delicious cakes after the meal! Although Bannaple is still the frontrunner in terms of cake's price and taste =)

Azul App FTW! Since we dont have television on our humble abode, I filled up my iPhone with a month worth of How I Met Your Mother, Hero movie and Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. It was a dream movie to have Maki Horikita and Kenichi Matsuyama playing versatile roles!

Going Offline. Im so happy and proud of this one ;)

Love and Hate Vouchers. I love vouchers! I just redeemed 1 out of 3 Bioessence coffee body scrub voucher and bought Laser Tag & Massage vouchers as gifts.

I hate vouchers because its so easy to purchase. Choose, add to cart, pay and print :( There should be a message like, "Are you sure you need this? Are you really really sure?" Aside from the 2 glorious coffee body scrubs(P200 instead of P800), I still have the hair rebonding (P999 instead of P3700), Davao trip (P3500 instead of P10,000) and Gold's gym (P1,000 instead of P5,000) coupons.

Wow, I cant believe its halfway through 2011. I hope I can accomplish my goals for this year ;)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Movie Review: Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

Spoiler Alert!!!

When Naomi Sukuse (Maki Horikita) woke up after her accident, Yuji Miwa (Kenichi Matsuyama) was on her side. Yuji claims that he is Naomi's boyfriend but later on he admitted that they're just schoolmates. He rushed her to the hospital after he saw her fell from the stairs. She almost believed him because it turned out that Naomi lost her memory.

With the help of her supportive father and her own optimism, Naomi realized 2 important things. First, she have to resolve her family issues because her step mom and step sisters are not so bad after all. And second, her boyfriend Ace Zuckerman(Anton Yelchin) is a jerk and pervent plus "tennis" is the only good thing that share!

After fixing those 2 important issues, Naomi was ready to start a new life. She quit the "yearbook" project that she used to do with her bestfriend Mirai Hasegawa (Yuya Tegoshi). She tried acting, photography and enjoyed exploring everything possible for a high school student with her new boyfriend Yuji.
Although "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac" broke the usual scenarios of "amnesia" themed movies, it sucks that Naomi had to end up with the "bestfriend" who was there all along.
Yuji was the dream boyfriend.. if only he's mentally stable. As Yuji said, he wish he met her at a different time because she was good for him but he was bad for her!
I particularly love the camera scene and the memories montage of Yuji and Naomi, hopefully there will be a sequel where they would end up together ;)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The NBA-PBA Experience

The NBA-PBA game hype started early last week. At that time, it seems impossible for Kobe, Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant to play against a PBA selection or Smart Gilas. Usually, the retired players come here for exhibition games but not the current MVP, not the guy who almost led his team on the recent finals. Then it was confirmed on a press conference last friday, MVP will make it happen! The tickets were instantly the "hot tickets", too bad it took me until Wednesday this week to finally decide to go, and viola! The only available tickets are those in General Admission.

My dad, brother, aunt and uncle decided to go early because we anticipated the long line. We arrived by 4:30pm and we came equipped with snacks, Kobe shirts and comfy shoes. They made me wore a Kobe jersey but Im actually rooting for D-Rose and Caguioa hahaha. Anyway, we spotted these 4 cute kids - Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant's mini me's. =)
A TV crew interviewed those cute kids and my aunt! With my dad lurking on the side lol. By 6:30pm, the line finally started moving. I can say that going inside the big dome is already an experience. And the best fans are those from the general admission section! Since the guard wont let us in (I dont understand why, it was almost 7pm then), people were doing the Gi-ne-bra, gi-ne-bra chant, just for fun! When the gate was finally opened, everyone then chanted de-fense! De-fense! (Against pickpockets lol). I love the random chants, it is very Pinoy to make every situation light!
Somewhere in this picture are Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Mark Caguioa, James Yap, JC Intal and the rest of the Smart All Star and PBA Selection! It was fun seeing everyone starstrucked. James Yap even said "Alam namin, idol natin silang lahat pero sana naman suportahan nyo din kame" LOL. Before, on half time break and after the game the local players took the chance to take souvineer photos and signatures of the NBA stars. As expected, the NBA selection won and we're treated to a lot of fun highlights, my favorite is D. Rose' dunk from Kobe's assist. My only reklamo was Caguioa did not play on the second half, hello Caguioa is greater than Castro! Im looking at you Coach Chot!
After the NBA selection did every kind of dunk, we saw a bonus plank from McGee hahaha. Photo credit:
I indulged to a Tenderloin steak after a fun but tiring day! =)

It may sound cheesy but as a basketball fan, today was an unreal experience. Falling in line for 2+ hours was worth it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

UAAP Super Rookies and Ginebra Kings

This weekend, i had my basketball fix!

FTW.After a glorious sleep, I watched the previous FTW episodes. It is a webcast anchored by Mico Halili, Jason Webb, Richard del Rosario, Miakka Lim and other sports analyst where they casually but with hint of expertise share their thoughts about current sports news. The episodes that I watched covered the latest in UAAP, PBA, Kobe's Manila trip but the funniest was this..

For more FTW videos, visit GMANews.TV FTW

UAAP Super rookies. On the 2nd week of UAAP Season74, Ateneo's Kieffer Ravena scored 22 points on the first half of Ateneo-DLSU game. On Sunday, Parks had a breakout game for NU, on the main game Kevin Ferrer sparked for the UST Tiger's second win. Its great to see new talents shine on their rookie year =)

Ginebra, 4wins-3losses. Ginebra won 2 consecitive games without an import( Read as: with Mark Caguioa acting as import). It was like a flashback of 2004 Ginebra with Caguioa, Menk and Helterbrand playing great basketball together. Last saturday they had a new import, Sloan, but sadly I think he still suffers from jetlag. Oh well, at least they entered the semis but every win still counts because of the carryover system of Governor's Cup. The next game versus Rain Or Shine is a must win for the team so that they wont end up tied with BMeg for the last semis slot. I think placing last means facing the current #1 TalkNText which sadly have a solid chance on the grandslam. I'm hoping for the best =)

I'm planning to watch the NBA-PBA showdown, but Im keeping my fingers crossed on getting the much coveted tickets! I bet it will be an awesome experience.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Friday Night

It feels great to party hard after working hard! :)

Last night, we celebrated K-9's birthday at Isla, Pasong Tamo's best kept secret;) Gilbey's Premium, we met again..
Then we decided to go to Banchetto at Ortigas Center, I was raving about its chill atmosphere and wide range of food selections. But to our surprise it was moved to another area. We had to ask around and go for a long walk before finding the night food bazaar at MegaTent along Meralco Avenue. The sweetest thing about Banchetto is buying 4 cakes for only P220! I bought carrot and banana cakes for my parents and Coffee Kahlua for me
And Mango merengue (something that melts in your mouth, yum!) for my sister

Actually, I ended up eating half of each =) Sweets can really cure my hangover!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Busy Bee - June 2011

What a tiring but productive month!

If I have to describe the 2 most significant emotions that I felt during theentire month of June it would be cranky but fulfilled.

Parties! It was a busy month, I had my post birthday celebration with my college friends then I had my hands full with so many social events (Garett, A and Eric's birthday, Team's anniversary, Joni's despedida, Tatay's death anniversarry and father's day!) Life is for the living! =)

Inner Peace. Thank goodness I discovered yoga, its a great way to find peace after a physically and emotionally tiring day.

Thursdays with Tupi. It's nice to consistently continue the Thursday dinner with friends to catch up with each other, rant about life and try out amazing food! We finally had a chance to try Banapple and Pho24!

Marathon. My JDorama fix for this month - Hotaru Hikari and Hero! Kimura Takuya's series are classics! In addition to the Big Bang Theory, I'm now hooked to How I Met Your Mother, awesome series =)

Oh no! Rainy days are here and shit happens what it rains like being stuck in a bus for 3 hours and flood all over. I miss the sun!

Something new. I attempted to have a curly hair - it was a semi-fail.

Ms Independent. So I decided to move out - on weekdays! Traffic and long commute finally took a toll on me and the adventure and misadventures of Ms Independent deserve a separate post!