Saturday, July 30, 2011

Movie Review: Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

Spoiler Alert!!!

When Naomi Sukuse (Maki Horikita) woke up after her accident, Yuji Miwa (Kenichi Matsuyama) was on her side. Yuji claims that he is Naomi's boyfriend but later on he admitted that they're just schoolmates. He rushed her to the hospital after he saw her fell from the stairs. She almost believed him because it turned out that Naomi lost her memory.

With the help of her supportive father and her own optimism, Naomi realized 2 important things. First, she have to resolve her family issues because her step mom and step sisters are not so bad after all. And second, her boyfriend Ace Zuckerman(Anton Yelchin) is a jerk and pervent plus "tennis" is the only good thing that share!

After fixing those 2 important issues, Naomi was ready to start a new life. She quit the "yearbook" project that she used to do with her bestfriend Mirai Hasegawa (Yuya Tegoshi). She tried acting, photography and enjoyed exploring everything possible for a high school student with her new boyfriend Yuji.
Although "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac" broke the usual scenarios of "amnesia" themed movies, it sucks that Naomi had to end up with the "bestfriend" who was there all along.
Yuji was the dream boyfriend.. if only he's mentally stable. As Yuji said, he wish he met her at a different time because she was good for him but he was bad for her!
I particularly love the camera scene and the memories montage of Yuji and Naomi, hopefully there will be a sequel where they would end up together ;)

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