Saturday, August 13, 2011

Water for Elephants

The story started with the "old" Jacob Jankowski, who escaped from the elderly home because his 71-year-old son forgets his weekend visit. He decided to visit the circus alone, good thing the workers who found him were good enough to accomodate him. Along their conversation, Jacob mentioned that he was part of the Benzini Circus in 1931..

Jacob (Robert Pattinson) got everything figured out, he just needs to pass the final exam and then he'll be a vet. Although it was set during the time of depression, his parents raised him with the belief that if you work hard, you wont get hungry.

Then it all came crumbling down. Before taking his final exam, Jacob was informed that his parents died in a car accident. Uh, cant they choose a better time to say that, like after the life changing test? And to make the situation worse, nothing was left to him. Their house and business was loaned from the bank.

Jacob, who lived a sheltered life, chose to walk away from everything and start anew.

Jacob literally jumped on board the train that he saw. It turned out to be a train for the Benizi Brothers travelling circus. He started doing odd jobs but when he met the owner August, he banked on what he knew best, animals!

Jacob was then tagged as "Cornell", the Ivy league vet of the Benizi Brothers Circus. The movie is a visual experience, aside from Rob Pattinson =), it was amazing to watch what goes in and out of the circus. It was interesting to see how people live on their tiny bunks on the train. And the circus acts of course..
Malena (Reese Witherspoon) was the star of the show and August's wife. She shares the same love for animals with Jacob..
"Rosie" the 50 year old elephant is the star of the movie. She's so adorable. It was fun to see his chemistry with Jacob and her fun circus acts with Malena. I think Rosie stole the show and August-Malena-Jacob love triangle is just a sub plot.

I havent read the book but I enjoyed watching "Water for Elephants". It was indeed a visual experience.

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