Sunday, September 18, 2011

Japanese Drama: Mr Brain

Kimura Takuya plays Tsukumo Ryusuke, the brain of IPS. He has a weird background, he was a gigolo who had a freak accident that suppressed his sexual urges. That triggered him to study Brain Science because he wants to know the complexity of the human brain and understand what happened to him. Meanwhile, on IPS he was viewed as weird "Mr Brain" with the maniac laugh and banana obsession, who uses different experiments to help solve a crime.
This series had some gruesome and scary scenes that made me sleep with lights on. =) Beneath all the bloody scenes, Mr Brain is entertaining and educational. I rarely watch police or mystery based tv series but I enjoyed this one. This is also educational because they touched on complicated matters of the brains but used cartoons to simplify the explanation. Did you know that Kimura gave my limbic system a happy time ;)

Mr Brain focused on the crime solving process thus leaving no in depth development on the character's. It was an eye candy because of the eleborate IPS lab, cool gadgets, CGI effects, etc but it left me hanging for some reason. Mr Brain's assistant and love interest (?), Yuri was played by Ayase Haruka is confusing. How did she even pass as assistant if she's totally clueless most of the time?
Overall, Mr Brain is not an iconic drama for Kimura Takuya but it would be fun to watch him play a weird science nerd guy solving crimes with all the flashy effects!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yay! Unli Coffee & Cake at TCB

My baby sister was in a sad mood because she just got her class cards, so when she told me about a coffee and cake "buffet" for only P150.00 I gladly offered to treat her. Coincidentally, it was featured at "Kapuso Mo: Jessica Soho" on the same night. So, its a date!
Fortunately, there's a branch near us so the next day we went to TCB at West Ave.
On the TV feature and on the menu there was a wide variety of cakes to choose from but on that TCB branch, they only offer 3 but who am I to complain, we got more than what we paid for ;)
My first order was iced coffee and Double Chocolate cake, while my sister had iced coffee and Ube Sans Rival. Both cakes are to die for!

After 10 minutes, we finished the first set so we pretended to read the magazines for few minutes LOL. On our next order I had my second serving of decaf iced coffee & Devil's cake (chocolate, caramel and icing) while my sister had Cafe Americano and our second serving of Double Chocolate!

Cake and coffee lovers must try this amazing SULIT deal on a TCB near you!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Oh August 2011!

Celebrations and blessings. Every month or day, there's a reason to celebrate and August is not an exception. This month is a roller coaster ride and started a new milestone in my life!

Ironic but sweet. Our friend Brian, whose on a diet, spoils us with different desserts! Thanks to him, we tasted the best chocolate ever =)

Number 38. Deej is equals to Jack Daniels. Jack Daniels on a Thursday night is equals to Friday Zombie mode.

Thursday is living life to fullest day! Thursdays is scheduled for GDAP meeting, streetdance or pilates class and One More Chance barkada dinner. For this month we tried out chicken and unlimited rice at ChickBoy and another round of Vietnamese delights at Pho24.

Kimura Takuya. I watched another Kimura series' Love Generation and I got my hand on Engine and Mr Brain series too! I have to say there's a reason why he's Japan's drama king.

Cabiao. We went home to Cabiao for 2 Sundays this month for my aunt and uncle's birthdays. I really love family time and Lechon!

Mini Ref Adventure. Not many people can say that they commuted a small ref from Caloocan to Dian. I did!

Technology. Its really amazing how Skype can bring people closer despite the distance. My aunt and nanay can spend hours talking about how they spent their days, what they ate and other random stuff for hours minus the big phone bills.

A different friday. Instead of the usual binge drinking night out, I had a relaxing body scrub and facial at Suay Thai which turned out to be a good stress reliever. The only downside is commuting with drunk people on the way home.

Intervention. I dont know if its because they trust me as a friend or because Im the lone girl in the group that they confide their heart problems with me, the single girl. Kinda ironic but Im glad to help.

Time Marches On. Wow, I cant believe Miguelle, who continuosly grows up in front of my eyes is already 12 years old! Plus, Haley, my inaanak from my bff Jel just turned 4 years old. Im proud to say that I have a complete attendance on my inaanak's birthday parties.

First time. I would like to congratulate myself because at last I was able to watch a 3D movie - Smurfs aka Barney of HIMYM in a film.

Movies. I had my chick flicks fix this month - Monte Carlo, Prada to Nada, Friends with Benifits, Bad Teacher, Water for Elephants, Bridesmaids and Revenge of the Bridesmaids.

MC47MVP. People's MVP!

TV! I finished the 6 seasons of How I Met Your Mother and 4 seasons of Big Bang Theory and now off to watch Modern Family!

Pranks! We're never too old to stage a harmless prank, from changing the wallpaper to stuffing bottles of water to someone's bag!

Hooked. I was challenged to play Empires and Allies and now Im hooked.

2013 <3. Because of an unfortunate incident that happened to my housemate, I had to move back from the apartment back to our house but I thank God because this opened for a new opportunity.