Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Heart Halloween Parties

I enjoy Halloween parties simply because you can dress and glam up to pretend as someone for a a night! Last year, I dressed up as "meisha", a modern geisha. Witty no? I rented the entire geisha costume with knife and bamboo sandals from my friend, Tyni Bebols. This year, the theme is for group costumes. We were supposed to be the navy themed, dangkal shorts clad KPop group"Girls Generation".

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Unfortunately, we had a hard time contacting cosplayers who would allow us to rent their costumes. Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise because we super enjoyed dressing up as angels of death and my pasa from paintball wouldn't fit that costume!

Actually, I already bought a white trench coat out of excitement so when we changed our theme my goal is to have a "Less than PHP500 budget for DIY Angel of Death Costume".
my peg!
PHP150.00 - Black dress from UkayUkay
PHP170.00- White wings
PHP50.00 - black paint and brush
PHP40.00 - Christmas ornament turned hair accessory

Goal completed! =) As for my white trench coat, I'll use it on my HK trip <3

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