Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Want A Filipino Beck!!

I wasnt a big anime fan but back in the days, I watched "Beck" from AXN because my college days crush Yael Yuzon of SpongeCola, along with Rico Blanco dubbed the rock themed anime.

When I learned about Beck Live Action, I made sure to watch it ASAP and it was a blast! It was funny, entertaining and inspiring all at the same time, and I should mention that the actors spoke English very well. I really hope to have a Filipino "Beck" in terms of talent and passion.

Spoiler Alert: My favorite Beck Moments

As Ray said, great bands dont just need skilled members. Chemistry is also important. It was by chance that their band was formed and together they explored where music can take them.

Of course, every band needs a name. They got their name from Ray's "pet"..Beck!

Koyuki was an ordinary teenager but his life changed when he met Ryusuke
and his sister Maho

to be continued

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Suessical the Musical" Experience

Another voucher claimed for a new experience - Repertory Children Theater's Suessical the Musical.

Its on my bucket list to watch a musical and/or a play. I was happy to stumble upon - hmm actually, I check my voucher sites everyday - a P180 instead of P300 balcony seats deal for the 2:30pm show at OnStage Greenbelt.

Why Suessical? The musical by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty is based from Dr. Suess' books. According to the booklet, which I bought separately for P60, he wrote 46 books for children but Suessical is an adaptation of "Horton Hatches the Egg" and "Horton Hears a Who".

"Seussical begins with a little kid (Jojo) discovering a strange hat which has been left on the empty stage. He wonders about the hat, picks it up, an up pops a cat wearing the hat (the Cat) who convinces him that it is wonderful to think. The two of them proceed to think up characters and create a story. The characters and the story cone alive onstage."
Certainly its a play for the kids and the kids at heart, like me. The characters the stood out are
Jojo the imaginative kid, The cat in the hat, who encourages Jojo to create and to dream, Horton the elephant, Gertrude the bird with one feather tail, Mayzie la bird, Mr & Mrs Mayor and the people of Whoville.

Although the characters are supposed to be animals, the costumes are not literal. Instead , they used representations on their costumes and the corresponding animal gesture. It was very lively and colorful, such a wonderful experience. My other favorite part is the surprise representations for "Solla Sollew".

Experience it yourself, Suessical the Musical will run until December 2011. =)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lego's Christmas City - Landmarks

My sister and I was way too early for the Breaking Dawn screening, fortunately we saw Lego's Christmas City exhibit at SM North EDSA's The Block. My favorite set are the famous landmarks made from, guess what, Lego blocks!

The Eiffel Tower! I hope I can see the real tower within this lifetime =)
The real Petronas Twin Tower doesn't have the "Please do not touch" sign =P

Thailand's Bank of Asia
Our very own Luneta Park

China's Tienanmen's Square
Taipei 101
Japan's Tokyo Tower

The Great Wall of China!
Singapore's Merlion

If you're in my past, please stay there!

I don't know what's with this month but for some reason I received a drunk call and unwanted SMS from people from my past. I don't want to sound so bitter but there's a reason why they are in my past and they should just stay there.

#NowListening to Eraserheads' With a Smile to bring back the good vibes=)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Love-Hate Relationship with Vouchers


I love discounts!!!

So I am the perfect "target market" of these online coupon/voucher sites. Its so easy to do, I can browse the deal sites on my phone and in a minute I can be on the checkout page, entering my credit card details.

I've pampered myself in a considerable budget as I used discounted coupons for "diamond peel", "body scrub", and "hair treatments!" I've experienced budget "Gold's gym membership",
"paintball" and "musical play".
I've started my online Christmas shopping last September, I've completed my gifts for my godsons and goddaughters. I just need to wait for the claim date.

I've bought birthday gifts for my mom and siblings. After a very satisfactory Davao experience from Metrodeal, I've bought several travel deals for the family, a HongKong trip and Boracay vacation for March 2012. If you are the type of person who can "wait" for the claim date, then these promos are also for you=)


I don't like having debts and I plan to be debt free by January 2012!

I really need to swipe wisely!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Octoberfest 2011

I've spent the first two days of this month in lovely Davao and it was a big sign that a great month is coming up!

Pampered myself! "There are no ugly girls just lazy" and "I want to dress up how I imagined myself to look like at 26!" These are my two motto for October.

Simple Joys. Sometimes we can get so caught up with life but we need to catch up with family and friends. I'm happy to be there for them thru text and skype, small meaningful chitchat about their storm experience, or shared stories over dinner or booze night!

Surprise! Its always great to throw surprise birthday and send off parties for friends!

Love & Hate relationships.
Vouchers and Empires & Allies. Enough said!

Sports fan! 2 amazing games from Ginebra and the best is yet to come because it could be the Fast and the Furious' final conference together. I'm so happy to watch Dylan Ababou play great in the PBA. Also, what a final game of the year(?) for the Azkals!

Something new.
I'm hooked to Pitz' Guyabano Tanduay Ice, if only I could remember to drink it moderately.
I tried paintball with friends and I got 2 remarkable pasa! What a remembrance =)
I love the new update, IOS5 is worth it!
We dressed up as the angels of death for Halloween \m/

Something blue.
Hello again, Lee Min Ho! City Hunter <3
1 dark chocolate a day, makes the sleepiness go away =)
I heart tumblr!
Whew, Heart of Mine is a good read! Its been six months since I last finished a book!

Nomnom. Yema cake, Indian snacks, panda candies, pancit canton, countless pizza and Amber's feeding program! Thank you Lord for my fast metabolism.

DIY projects. Worked on my Scrapbook again and the endless DIY HK itinerary!

It was a very productive month indeed.