Sunday, December 04, 2011

Remember November 2011

November is always a memorable month and this year is not an exception!

All Souls Day. Nothing beats eating breakfast with the entire family at Cabiao then the traditional visit at the cemetery - where time is so slow. It was a great bonding time minus the stress from the "puppy" and the expected NLEX holiday traffic.

Ironic. Im usually a morning person but when I'm required to be early, its an automatic snoozefest.

Single Girl. Taken Prospect. I want a "real" lovelife!

Vouchers. Its time to claim the vouchers! Batangas getaway for my parents, a new watch for me and my sister plus paper guitars for inaanaks!

One Thing. It was a fun way to get to know each other through the "tell us something that people don't know about you" game.

Movies! This month, I watched 3 blockbuster films, "No other woman", "Praybeyt Benjamin" and finally, "Breaking Dawn"! Still on the vampire theme, I watched "Interview With the Vampire" and the live action movie for Beck!

Fail Whales. The day I decided to wash my clothes, it rained real hard. Then the horror experience to get a Cignal Cable.:(

Lee Min Ho!! I'm hooked to "City Hunter", the 3rd Lee Min Ho series that I've watched.

Docu. I've watched Shark docus to snipers and Steve Jobs life.

Yey! Christmas commitee = free lunch.

Cuebs. It was great to catch up with Cuebs, even if it meant going home at 11pm after his dinner treat with so much wedding preparation/condo stories.

Its the hair. Hello again nice hair! Kevin's cut is the best hahaha

Birthdays. This month we celebrated my mom and sibbling's birthday. We finally tried dining at Yakimix, it was a sulit food trip. We paid 750 per pax for a wide selection of Japanese food and desserts. We also had a "cake" fest day for Lou bear!

Bucket List. I can now check watching a musical!

Nomnom. Sinangag express is the best place for cheap but yummy tapsilog meal but be sure to beat the lunch time! A great find is the Omurice from Kim'n'Chi at G4. For 10pesos per pax we had a fun pancit canton party.

Sweet. Got a pasalubong from Joni's Korea trip and random sweet gift from Jobelle.

Hoarding. Bought 4 Korean starbucks planner for myself and my cousins! <3

Art attack for the room design contest!

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