Monday, January 02, 2012

My December 2011

December is the month to be jolly and chubby that's why its my favorite month =)

HongKong! I spent the first days of the month in HongKong with my family. It was great to share the Disneyland & Ocean Park experience plus the happiness of being on a foreign country for the first time with them! We are very lucky to have parents like them, I hope someday my siblings will appreciate this.

The joy of giving! Christmas is the perfect excuse to shop hahaha I spent the entire month shopping and wrapping gifts for family and friends!

Something New.
I still squeezed some time to for my K and JDrama fix. I finally finished Lee Min Ho's "City Hunter", Kenichi Matsuyama's "Gantz 1 & 2" and "Paradise Kiss".

Game on! I'm very happy to be a part of a nonprofit organization to help foster the game industry \m/

Christmas with competitive spirit! Its inspiring to be around with creative and competitive group of people. Go team Brazil, cant wait to spend our cash prize!

Something blue.
I'm renewing my love for reading books! I finally finished Emily Griffin's "Something Blue" and another Rachel Gibson chicklit <3 I hope to find "Hunger Games" soon!

Friends and Weddings.
In 1 month a geek friend successfully executed his wedding proposal and I also attended a magical, lavish but fun wedding ceremony of a friend that made me want my own "match made in heaven" ;)

Love, love, love!
Christmas is a great time to catch up with friends and family whether by having a quick meal together, watching movie or a long overdue sms catch up!

After 3 long years, the Zuniga family - my aunt, uncle and cousins who live in LA - comes home for the holidays :) My baby cousin, Kenny, spent the night at our house and I became Santa Ate Mei for a day :)

December and 2011 has been awesome - except on the lovelife part - and I hope that 2012 will be the same or better! =)

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