Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Single girl on Valentines Day

Valentines is also known as the biggest single awareness day! Even if personally, I'm fine with being single for now, with people and the environment constantly reminding me of my status, i cant help but feel the unneeded pressure. But no this is not a bitter single girl post LOL

My fondest memory of Valentines was in 2010, two years ago I was in a tent setup on a friend's garden with my boyfriend. Sorry mommy & daddy. We slept with literally the sky as our ceiling.

Fast forward February 2012, I woke up late and rushed to a meeting. Fortunately, I arrived before the Zer, as he setup his laptop he asked me about my plans for today. Before i got to answer, he said that he's taking his wife to a fancy dinner. I then said i don't have anything special planned for Valentines day. I think I failed to say it in a nonchalant way because he ranted that Valentines is just a marketing ploy by chocolates and flower industry. I laughed and shut my mouth, i didn't want him to feel guilty about the girl who doesn't have any plan for today. I'm actually A-ok!

After the meeting, i went back to my place and got chocolate and candies from friends.

I really loved the baked chocolate covered goodie from Lou & A. So yummy!

We even had a Valentines contest, all of us picked a heart shape styrofoam. I thought we had to find our pair or have a dating game but it turned out that there was a posted heart styro on the wall and we had to put it together to see if it matches. It was kinda anti climatic because the third one to try, Gem, was the perfect match, leaving everyone with nothing else to do but eat the ever present Amber's pancit and spaghetti!

Yesterday, my friend Roxy asked me if I have a date and i said i don't, so she volunteered to be my date and we'll have the best girl friends bonding on Valentines day. Sounds like a plan!! Although it turned out that her boyfriend had to tag along, i was apprehensive at first but it was a great dinner. I didn't feel like a third wheel so props to them but I hope that next time it will be a double date :)

When i got home, i had a box of chocolate waiting for me. Its from my dad :)

With loving family and friends, today didn't turn out to be that bad after all!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Retro Ginebra 2012 Edition

The end of Ginebra Kings' last campaign was bittersweet as the young team of Rain Or Shine eliminated them from the All Filipino Cup's quarter finals. Jayjay even had a walkout before the game's final buzzer.

Tonight, the kings and Jayjay Helterbrand started their Commissioner's Cup campaign with a big bang!

from pba.ph

It was the debut of new recruits Kerby Raymundo and Dylan Ababou who both had a good game. Chris Alexander is back as their import, he scored 19points in the first half, nevermind the lackluster second half. Mark Caguioa was his usual scoring machine self. Rudy Hatfield is on his third (or fourth!?) ferocious PBA comeback. Ginebra led as much as 22 points and as expected they almost lost it until Jayjay Helterbrand happened. Once again Mr Fast played the role of a hero for the 84-82 win against Petron (San Miguel). Suddenly, it felt like 2008 again.

3o minutes after the game, Helterbrand begun a trending topic on Twitter

For non-Ginebra fanatics, 2008 was the last year that Ginebra won a championship with the same core team members coach Siot, Helterbrand-Caguioa-Menk-Hatfield and import Chris Alexander. I know that they are not getting any younger, some have considered retiring, so I really cross my fingers that this could be their batch last hurrah!