Saturday, May 12, 2012

24 Hours Well Spent, bow

A day in the life of the girl who works hard and party harder (..and eats a lot along the way)

Friday, 5:30AM - After the usual "snoozefest" with my phone, I remembered the traffic waiting for me if I delayed it more. Most of the time, its not what time did you wake up but when did you actually got up! 

7:30AM - Touchdown, FG Studio. My breakfast for today is Red Ribbon's ensaymada and I even managed to get my iced coffee from MiniStop. I've been alternating that and McDonald's iced coffee for my daily caffeine fix.

8:45AM - I'm done with the 1st client call and I've delegated tasks and double checked the deliverables. 
I need to play these as part of research!

11:00AM - The trailer video's storyboard is approved - internally.

12:00PM - A well deserved break from the revenue forecast and app monetization brainstorming sessions. I munched my rice + lechon paksiw meal while laughing out loud with my lunch group.

1:00PM - Yay, the storyboard was approved! Next phase starts next week. 1:30PM - Its time for our birthday surprise for Gem! Dessert time--> DQ's ice cream cake

2:00PM - Upload photos to Facebook LOL 4:00PM - Skype meeting for mobile marketing plan - lotsa research work due next week.

5:00PM - Internal meeting to ensure that we hit the deadlines and targets. Go team!!!

7:30PM - A well deserved dinner break after being buried from app analytics and download stats! Paotsin's hainanese rice + crab wanton + buko juice, momentarily saved me from information overload. 

9:00PM - I decided to call it a night! Its time to remove my makeup that I applied ages ago LOL. Thank goodness for wet tissue! Time to shift to party mode by chit chatting while waiting for everyone who'll join Gem's party

10:00PM -Touchdown Isla Bar! Good thing its just a jeep ride away so we arrived after 10 minutes. Surprisingly, the place wasnt full, considering its a Friday night. Last year, I celebrated my birthday at the same bar. A year later, we are still entertained by the same live band playing new tunes. The boys got their old reliable SanMig Light while Joni and I shared the pitcher of Lemon Margarita while munching on fries!

Gem instantly completed her goal of singing with the live band - I was forced to do it last year! After 4 hours plus of work and non work chitchats, several drunk photos and painful jaw for excessive talking & laughing, Joni & I had another phrase to live by "When life gives you lemons..make lemon margarita!" 

Saturday, 3:00AM - TouchDown TopGrill! This set of friends really nurtured my inner Videoke skills hahaha. We ended up on this sulit place in Jupiter St where you pay PHP280 per pax for 2 hours but it can be consumed for drinks and food as well. Good deal huh! I ordered a tapsilog meal and coffee because I know that I'll just sleep until I can when I get home. As usual it was super fun sing off time and we had an overload of food! With 45 minutes remaining on our Videoke time, a staff informed us that we can still consume PHP1000 worth of food! Whew, we had pizza, chicken wings, fries overload! we had to takeout most of it because were so full!

5:45AM - Im in save up mode so I opted to go back to the studio and wait until 5:30 so that I can ride the LRT instead of another PHP300 cab ride

7:15AM - Touchdown - my room and I'm off to dreamland!