Saturday, June 09, 2012

Thailand Experience: Siam Square, Tuktuk & Pattaya

Day 2:
Were still on Bangkok and our goal is to shop before transferring to Pattaya city!  We had a big breakfast to prepare for the fun day ahead.

We found a nearby morning market which I fell in love with. I was so happy with the clothes' quality and  price that I went missing for about an hour. :P When Sarie and Patty found me, I had 2 dress and 4 tops for less than 2000baht.

By 9AM, we headed to the mall! Our tour guide Pita warned us about the scheming ways of Tuktuk drivers,  but we still want to try this kind mash up of taxi and tricycle. As expected manong Tuktuk driver scammed us by agreeing to drive us to Siam Paragon, then after dropping us to the mall, that's the time that he informed us that it wont open until 10AM. He even offered to drive us to a jewelry shop, I think he has a commission or something. Hmmm, charge that to experience.

We stayed on a nearby coffee shop to kill time and ironically, I tried an ice cream instead of coffee LOL. By 10AM Siam Paragon opened and it was a shopping heaven for Sarie & Patty because its filled with high end designer stuff. We went inside Mango where I found the perfect bag pasalubong for my nanay! I was also happy to see a $3000baht lace dress thats almost similar to the $250baht lace dress I bought on the morning market.
We learned a hard lesson on Thailand--> Leave "Filipino time" on Philippines! So, we really enjoyed shopping at Siam Paragon that we got delayed by 10 minutes. Our our van will fetch us at 11:30am, and when we arrived  10 minutes late, we received a note. Its the worst note that a tourist can receive - sorry, we cannot wait for you and we cant refund your money! :( We got no one else to blame so we just called our tour guide on what arrangement can we do since we already checked out of our hotel and the rest of our itinerary is in Pattaya :( Fortunately, Pita came to the rescue, we paid additional 600baht each for the cab. The distance of Bangkok to Pattaya is 3 hours, it felt like going from Makati to Batangas.. I really like the infrastructure in Thailand, its very tourist-friendly, they have several "Skyways".
By 3PM, after checking in to Pattaya Centre Hotel, we walked around the area and looked for authentic Thai food. We found it at Pbhok market, I ordered Seafood Sukiyaki and its beyond delicious for 40baht!
We checked out the beach then decided to buy pasalubong instead. Sarie & Patty was looking for this tamarind delicacy, we walked until its almost sunset but they couldnt find it on the otherhand I went ended up with a big plastic of pasalubongs.  Pattaya beach is nice but just as good as any beach in Batangas. The main difference is, Pattaya is made for tourists, it has the big hotels and establishments to make it a tourist destination. 
Actually, no hotel has direct access to the shore, you need to cross the road. After some creepy guy began talking to us, we decided to go back to Pattaya Centre and used the pool instead. The water is nice and its very private, maybe because we broke the rule of no swimming after 7PM 0.0
It was only the 2nd day but we already missed our burgers and fries! We went to old reliable Burger King for dinner :P So much for cultural/food immersion. We also found a custom Thai McDonalds!

After loading carbs, we have enough energy again to go on a night market! More souvenir shopping for Saria & Patty!

We're supposed to go on bar hopping but we dont want to be misinterpreted as girls looking for fun so we walked around and found a safe mobile bar. Vans are parked on the sidewalk and they setup tables and chairs and viola! Instant mobile bar for girls who want clean fun ;) I enjoyed my "Hello Siam" cocktail mix for only 80baht!

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