Monday, July 30, 2012

Brownie in a Mug, yay!

There's a reason why a lot of people love tumblr, tagging, easy sharing, nice interface, etc. 

Although I belong on the blogger generation, here's 1 reason why I also enjoy the easy sharing on tumblr
My own brownie in a mug is not so photogenic but its delish!!
Yum!! too bad it was too late to go out and buy ice cream!

MC47: People's MVP, now PBA MVP

I originally wanted to have a long post on how I felt like I was part of this long overdue MVP award for Mark Caguioa but I think I've talked about that for so long -->the conspiracy, his comeback and my post Leo awards entry last year about him being the people's MVP. No need for bad vibes, I'll just enjoy his victory!

If fan votes count, he'll have a landslide victory for 10 consecutive seasons.

People's MVP since 2001. Poll from
There's a reason this is a sweet victory, there were several times that he came so close to winning his 1st MVP award before the media votes happened. After fist bumping with Jawo and winning 2 BPCs this season, its feels like the stars  - statistical points, media, players and PBA ManCom votes - aligned. He can now be officially removed from the list of  great PBA players without an MVP award.
 Credits to
It could've been a perfect sports film plot or MMK episode entitled "ang fist bump". The living legend Jaworski, fist bumps with his heir, he wins an MVP + ring! Oh well, the ring can follow next conference :) PLEASE!
11 years in the making. MC47 is MVP. Its long overdue AND you deserve it!

I think it's a sweet victory because he got this after overcoming a knee injury he suffered in 2009 and an eye injury that he had during the same season he won the award.
"With MVP in my hands, I have to train harder. I don’t want to feel the same experience of former MVPs na aftr manalo, nawala" - MC47

Yes please, win another championship for Ginebra ASAP and who knows another MVP on top of it!

Friday, July 27, 2012

My Luncheon Meat Musubi Recipe

The original recipe is for Spam musubi and I just used luncheon meat instead.

*Luncheon meat or Spam
*Rice -  1 cup per slice of meat
*Soy sauce
*Nori sheets

1. Slice the luncheon meat into 8 even pieces - its upto you if you want thin or heavy slices of meat.
2. Mix soy sauce and sugar - no definite amount, adjust to taste if you prefer it salty or sweet.
3. Fry the luncheon meat for 1 -2 minutes
4. Pour the soy sauce - sugar combo over the spam. Let each equally absorb the liquid.
5. Fry until its crispy
Crispy like this :)

6. Make sure to assemble Nori on top of wooden sushi shaper, scoop a cup of rice then lay the meat on top.
7. Use the sushi shaper to wrap the nori around the rice.
8. Munch away!
Tada! My luncheon meat musubi <3

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Not To Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here's the reason why I fail in baking, --> I cant follow instructions.
Its not that I dont want to, its because I have equipment limitations (for now) and I tend to improvise with what I currently have

The text in black font are the original instructions from Tyni and the text in red are what I actually did a.k.a what you shouldn't do. You've been warned, feel free to learn from my mistake!

Chocolate chip cookies ala Tyni

-1/2 kg pack of chocolate chips - I cant find chocolate chips so I bought Goya and chopped it :)
-1 whole butter (room temperature; Buttercup ginamit ko pero masarap din daw Anchor at Magnolia) - I  whole butter is too expensive for my experiment so I bought 1/2 butter hihi 
-2 1/2 cup white sugar  - 1 1/4 cup white sugar
-2 eggs (room temperature)  - I egg
-2 & 3/4 cup All Purpose Flour - I 1/2 cup All purpose flour
-1 teaspoon vanilla extract - I teaspoon vanilla extract
-1 teaspoon salt - I teaspoon salt
-1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder - 3/4  teaspoon baking powder

1. Preheat oven until 350 degrees Celsius.  - I just used our oven, no option for pre heating so I skipped this part
2. Dice butter into 8 pcs para di mahirapan mag mix. Cream butter and sugar in a bowl. Add eggs, one at a time. Make sure to crack in a separate small bowl first to ensure na hindi bulok ang itlog hehe Add vanilla extract and mix well.
Add flour, salt, baking powder and mix until ingredients are well incorporated. Don't overmix para di matigas ang cookies  Add chocolate chips.. Pwede din add nuts, raisins, sprinkles, etc. Spoon 1 tbsp of cookie dough to baking tray. 

Use baking wax paper on baking tray.  On glassware, no available baking tray and wax :( At least 2 inches apart ang cookies. Bake for 15 minutes or until light brown ang edges ng cookies. Enjoy!   - I cant figure out our complicated microwave so I baked it for 2:30 minutes, 5 times = 12 minutes!

Uhmm, it looks like brownies but tastes like cookies AND you need to eat it quickly because it gets hard easily (that's what she said!) as in rock hard! That's what microwave oven does so I really need to have a proper oven  and learn to follow instructions to have edible baked goodies without time limit.

The Robotars Custom Show 2 Experience

Last night, I went to an exhibit to support my friend Lou bear! I think its  my first time to go to an exhibit which involves someone I personally know. I often look around the painting exhibits at the Philippine Heart Center lobby when I accompany my nanay to her monthly check-up.  It helped that Robotars Custom Show 2 was held on Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, located at The Collective Malugay St., just steps away from the office. Hmm maybe a solid 100 steps so we had to dig in for shoyu ramen and asado buns at Wabi Sabi, perfect for the rainy night!

Shoyu Ramen and Asado bun from Wabi Sabi, The Collective

So..Robotars huh? According to their Facebook page
"Robotars is a designer toy by Architect Jomike Tejido (
The robotic tarsier or Robotar is created by Dr. Honeyjar and his son Pulot in a future land called Sitsiryum Island. They were invaded by evil the Robo-Kaiju, that made kaiju monsters out of the peaceful creatures of the island. That is why Robotars was invented. Initially programmed to destroy, Robotars learns to love, and starts to replant flowers to make Sitsiryum island beautiful once more."

The talented, Lou bear with her robotar hihi
Cool backstory. For a simpleton like me, I knew that Lou has been working for this project and I like the Robotars because you can customize it to make it your own!

The crowd at Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, The Collective, Malugay St.
photo credit:

On the Robotars Custom Show 2, several visual artists showcased their own Robotars figures. These are the ones that caught my eye. I like anything Asian inspired, cutesy, colorful and yummy? haha

They also have fun side events like the on the spot Robotars Design Contest, I gladly showcased my inner artist :P
On the spot Robotars design contest and live show.
I think as early as July, I now have the perfect gift idea for my artsy cousin Joyce :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Memoirs of an Underdog Team's Fan

underdog |ˈəndərˌdôg; -ˌdäg|
a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.
a person who has little status in society.
(source: Macbook dictionary)

Why would anyone choose to root for an underdog team? Is it because they want uncertainty? They believe in going against the norm? They are Pinoy? They were inspired by the movie 300?

In my case, because its a family tradition - I've rooted for Ginebra Kings since grade school because my family religiously watch their games - and UST Growling Tigers is my alma mater's team.

Saturday.  Although I've graduated 6 years ago, I try to follow UAAP basketball/ UST Tiger's games when I can. Once again, the UST Tigers are dubbed as the wild card for the 75th Season of UAAP Senior Men's basketball. I have to emphasize that because some people, usually those who dont come from any UAAP school, think that UAAP=basketball. UAAP is composed of several sporting events and UST has been the overall champ for UAAP even when I was in college back in 2002. This year, Coach Pido Jarencio will rely on the veterans Jeric Fortuna, Jeric Teng, Clark Bautista and the new force on the center Karim Abdul. This sounds like a solid lineup but the team can only be considered as a possible final four contender because of the strong lineups of NU, Ateneo, FEU and DLSU.

On their first game for the season, the tigers showed their shooting prowess and led from 1st quarter to the last 30 seconds of the 4th quarter. Due to end game mistakes, they lost by 1 point. Ouch!

Sunday. Ginebra kings wanted to secure their finals stint by sweeping their semis games. They won 3 out of 5, unfortunately, their 4th assignment, B-Meg, has other plans. Not a good basketball weekend in the life of Mei.

Wednesday. Its a do or die game between Talk'n'Text and Ginebra.  Once again they showed that they invented the "never say die" phrase and attitude in the PBA via a 1 point win. They got the 4/5 won games incentive which allows them to have another chance for a finals stint. They have to go through another knockout game against, surprise... B-Meg!

Thursday. "Twatching" is an act of monitoring a game thru Twitter and it can be a pain especially when you're a Globe subscriber. Amidst the unreliable 3G connection, I was on the LRT when I read about tweets on how the Tigers overcame a 19point lead powered by Aljon Mariano's offense. He's a come-backing junior who sat out last year because of injury. Refresh, refresh. It was an amazing 30-11 run in the 3rd quarter but its too good to be true! The last time that the Tigers won over the Eagles was on 2007, since then Ateneo won 4 straight championships. UST led by as much as 7 or 9 points but of course you cant expect a champion team to give up just like that. But before I got off the train, the Tigers won by 1 point.

Friday. I was on a weird timezone for two days and  I knew I can still catch the replay so I chose sleep over a do or die game of the kings. BUT, NO!! My internal body clock woke me up just in time for the last 2 minutes of the game. It was a close fight, BMEG led by 2 points then Kerby Raymundo got the ball. twice. and missed a 3 point attempt. twice. The kings lost by 2 points, the finals stint was so close yet so far. Plus it could've ended Mark Caguioa's MVP campaign. Double whammy. Ouch! 

The UST Tiger's current standing is 1-1. Anything can happen but I hope their win over Ateneo can give them confidence on their next games and throughout the season.

As for Ginebra, the loss stings but oh well. The title drought continues, for now I have to stop lurking on PinoyExchange' thread, I have to unfollow Ginebra related twitter accounts. But come September 30, its a new season and new hope for my underdog team.

26th Year: Ticked Boxes

On my 26th year, I was able to cross off several items on my personal bucket list.
1) The Disneyland Experience. Now I know why people call it the happiest place on Earth! Honestly, I cried a little while watching the parade because it took me 26 years to experience it and it was  truly magical.

2) I was able to see a panda up close at HongKong Ocean Park! Its the cutest thing ever!! I even bought a Panda stuffed toy as a souvenir but I decided to give it to my cousin since I'm too old for it *sniff

3) In Thailand, I became a traveller rather than a tourist. Although we managed to go to the must see places, I felt that my friends and I have immersed ourselves on Thai culture and food. We even literally shopped til we dropped on the most expensive mall (Siam Paragon) upto the morning and night markets.

4) Para-sailing - check! I cant wait to do it again.

5) White Water Rafting  - check! Once is enough for this one, this is actually my second life.

6) Paintball - check! I had a big bruise for 3 weeks to prove that it was fun!

7) Laser Tag - check! The longest 15 minutes ever.

8) Threw mugs/plates and shouted "Tacsiapo ^*#(&$^#&^$#!!!"

9) Rode a jeep and entered a Tiger Safari with the whole family

10) Got over my voucher addiction.

11) Watched a musical!
>>Next on my list, watch an orchestra!

12) Full bangs come with great responsibility

13) Be independent. For 2 months, I was able to experience living in a teeny weeny apartment where I bought my own groceries, washed my clothes and cooked my own food (sometimes). I also commuted a mini ref from Caloocan to Makati, I think this deserves a special mention.

14) Went snorkeling thrice at the same place and lovin' it every single time.

15) I watched the NBA vs PBA all stars game! Yay Derrick Rose! Kobe! Mark Caguioa! Durant! hahahaha that was the order or starstruck level =)

16) I ate a small portion of crocodile barbeque! Plus, come to think of it I've been to 3 different crocodile farms!

17) I love completing DIY Scrapbook and travel itineraries.

18)  Zero unpaid balance on my credit card after maxing it out for Christmas shopping..then my birthday month happened.

19) Beach bumming at 12noon

20) Enjoyed badtrip, badboy, badgirl with my cousins

21) Officially became Fatima's mare :)

23) Finished a yucky cocktail drink from Chilis on Powerboys and gels long overdue reunion!!

24) Butterflies in my stomach.. again hihi

25) My Thursday Group friends and I have tried 11 out of the 13 current cafe/restos on Ayala Triangle.

26) My friend Romela called it "Leap of faith", soon I'll have a place to call my own!