Friday, July 27, 2012

My Luncheon Meat Musubi Recipe

The original recipe is for Spam musubi and I just used luncheon meat instead.

*Luncheon meat or Spam
*Rice -  1 cup per slice of meat
*Soy sauce
*Nori sheets

1. Slice the luncheon meat into 8 even pieces - its upto you if you want thin or heavy slices of meat.
2. Mix soy sauce and sugar - no definite amount, adjust to taste if you prefer it salty or sweet.
3. Fry the luncheon meat for 1 -2 minutes
4. Pour the soy sauce - sugar combo over the spam. Let each equally absorb the liquid.
5. Fry until its crispy
Crispy like this :)

6. Make sure to assemble Nori on top of wooden sushi shaper, scoop a cup of rice then lay the meat on top.
7. Use the sushi shaper to wrap the nori around the rice.
8. Munch away!
Tada! My luncheon meat musubi <3

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