Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Mike, Sorry i didn't mean to stood you up

She was dancing like crazy with her friends, oblivious to her surroundings because they were on their own stage, the little space on their corner table. They didn't bother to join the club's dancefloor, after 1 bailey's and 1 tequila sunrise each, they were happy on their own.

"Call me maybe" was playing, if they were in Manila, they will be annoyed. But they were in Boracay and they were meant to go crazy while singing and dancing to this tune.

She heard a male voice so she turned to her right. He smiled. She raised her eyebrows. Her friends were on alert mode, lets just say that they don't like boys, period. "I'm harmless", he said. He introduced himself as "Mike", she said her name is Mei/May and then looked at her friends direction. They went back to dancing as if saying you're on your own.

"You seem to be the only one who's friendly around here", he said in a good natured voice and she couldn't help but laugh. "I'm used to meeting new people because of my job plus they literally don't like boys", she explained.

He poured half of his beer on her empty cup. Then he told her, she have 3 chances to guess from which country is he from. "US? Canada?" 2 wrong guesses then she shook her head. She gave up, she's too lazy to try. "UK, but Im an english teacher in China."

She have 1 English friend so that became their common ground. They talked about her work, she just mentioned that her company makes mobile app games in Makati/Manila. At one point he excused himself to get beer, her friends scoffed her for entertaining him. But she argued that they were just talking.

Surprisingly, he came back with more questions and they had interesting conversations about their family, the places they've been to, their fear of rollercoaster..

Then it was past 4am, they were talking about the leap of faith and taking chances. She noticed that her friends were ready to go so with a heavy heart she excused herself. He then asked her if he could see her again, "lunch" she suggested. "dinner? Same place at 7pm", he said after explaining that he already have plans for the afternoon. They agreed and they did an English handshake sorta like a pinky swear to say that you really meant what you said. He kissed the back of her hand then after the reminders about their dinner, she walked out of the bar. She felt sad because he's a really nice guy, he was a gentleman.

While walking back to their room, her friends was teasing her non stop. At first she tried to explain that they were just talking and they saw that nothing else happened. But they wont hear it, they already judged her. She just kept quiet because although they went to the same exclusive for girls school from elementary to high school, she's been an IT student then professional for 10 years now. Being in the IT industry in the Philippines will make you comfortable with 1girl to 4 boys ratio environment. Maybe they are not exposed to coexisting with multinationals everyday (like her) so she kept her mouth shut. She swallowed the strong words of almost being called a whore, easy girl - for talking to an English guy, only 5 yrs older, on the same table with them!

The next day, she looked on the clock as it nears 7pm. She wondered if he will really show up, she felt guilty because she stood him up. She just wished that their paths wont cross, its her last night in Boracay and she's been successful for the whole day.

By 10pm, she saw him on a bar across their hotel's street. What are the odds! She kept that to herself because she didn't want to make her friends uncomfortable again. She just asked them to go to the direction far from him. They finished walking upto Station 3 but unfortunately her friends didn't find a bar that they fancy. So they walked back to Station 1, it was inevitable that he will see her. When she walked past him, she tried to catch his eye but he looked away or he was busy and didn't even recognize her. She wasn't sure.

After sometime, they ended up on Epic bar. She already downed several coke rum when she saw him enter the bar. His friend, whom he introduced to her last night, recognized her and said hello! She tried to catch his eyes but he was just impatiently waiting for his friend.

She didn't plan to talk to him to say sorry or anything because her friends were whispering "o there's your boylet". She didn't want to be bashed again especially for something that she didn't do.

At some point they coexisted, she concentrated on her 3rd rum coke and her friends who were on party mode. Then she saw him dancing and making out with a girl near her table. "Ok" she rolled her eyes and excused herself. She felt dizzy and confused on what he's trying to prove. Or maybe he's not even trying to prove anything, it was just another random night with a new girl he met on Boracay.

After 2 hours of sleep, she went ahead for her solo flight back to Manila. By 12noon, she finished unpacking her luggage. She was supposed to catch some sleep but she was restless because she still felt like a jerk. Maybe he didn't even remember that they were supposed to have dinner, maybe it wasn't his first time to be stood up. But she still felt guilty because either way he treated her well. Too bad she cant say sorry and explain that she didn't mean to treat him that way :(

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