Saturday, August 04, 2012

J-Drama Review: Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life is the nth Kimura Takuya series that I've watched. It aired in 2000 but its storyline is timeless, just like most Japanese series, IMO.

Hmm Kimura's role often smokes, and this series was not an exception.
It is a tragic love story between, Kyoko, a young woman who do not limit herself while being physically bound to a wheelchair due to illness, and Shuji, a talented and driven hair stylist. Its kind of weird but Kimura pulled it of.

Kyoko is a librarian and one day while driving to work, he accidentally met Shuji.  They ended up meeting on the parking lot of the same library, Kyoko asked him to move his motorcycle. He thought she was being arrogant but it was only when Kyoko was about to get out of her car when he realized that she's on a wheelchair. He felt bad and that was the beginning of their love and hate friendship then relationship.

As a friends, then as couple, her situation has become an unconscious hindrance. They can only go to certain restaurants (it made me think how hard it is for disabled people here in the country. ), she has an overprotective brother (he thinks that Shuji doesn't know what he's getting into) and girls flock Shuji because of the nature of his job.

It also didn't help that Shuji is focused on advancing on his career while Kyoko wants to be independent but sometimes become too sensitive because of her situation. 
This series made me crave for Ramen because they often have a date on this Ramen place :)

Just when Shuji was willing to give up his career and vowed to being committed to Kyoko, that's when her health condition worsen. I wasnt prepared for the ending, it felt abrupt that SPOILER ALERT--> Kyoko will suddenly die. She was on the wheelchair but they never showed any signs of serious health problems :(
Watching the sunset together. This scene never gets old.

But the good thing was Shuji was able to make their dream come true. During his stylist stint at Hot Lip, we was excelling but he's not entirely happy. Finally, he moves into a house near the beach and had his own styling salon just as how he planned with Kyoko. I cried a lot on this heartwarming series, very beautiful story indeed.

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