Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Persian Food Addition Phase

Ok, this Persian food phase is on going for more than 2 months now but I'm not complaining :)

It started when a "Persian" something stall opened on the lobby of my building. I cant believe I dont remember their name! There was a week that ate there 4 times straight. I love their beef wrap and the Kebab rice meal that I eat for meryenda. Yes, rice for meryenda :)

Good thing I have many set of friends who can join me with my Persian craving! I tried "Mr Kebab" at Timog and I loved the Chelo Chicken Kebab. I loved their garlic sauce and that they use Basmati rice. I even had Ferny for dessert but its consistency and taste is too weird for me.

 My friend Karen and I tried, Shomal Kebabs and Curries at Trinoma. I had Chelo Chicken Kebab  with Saffron rice this time. It was kinda pricey but I love the ambiance of the place. And the end of the meal, we told each other that next time we should be eating with our dates at Shomal! 

Hmm, the Persia Grill in SM North was a let down. Just look at the photo to compare the serving of Chicken Kebab plus unlike to what's shown on the photo, the only Basmati rice was the yellow toppings :( I hope to update this post with more satisfied Persian food trip!


Kriska Marie said...

I also tried Persia Grill once and never came back! I never tried Persian food since then. :(

Mei G. said...

awww Persian food deserves a second chance, wag lang sa Persia Grill :P